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Charice News Archive

Charice Releases Statement Regarding Father's Death.

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Our heart really goes out to her right now.

We can't even begin to imagine how difficult this whole thing must be for she and her family.

In light of the news that her estranged father, Ricky Pempengco, was murdered last night in The Philipines, Charice has canceled the remainder of her South East Asian tour dates to return home and be with her family.

She says in a statement:

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Charice's Father Brutally Stabbed To Death!

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charices father has been stabbed to death

Such a tragedy!

We are absolutely devastated to announce that Charice's father Ricky Pempengco passed away last night, following a stabbing incident.

Police say that

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Get Loud For Charice's Video For Louder!

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Gurlfriend is such a superstar! Oprah is never wrong!!!

If you've been missing Sunshine on Glee, then its time you get to know the real girl and her very real talents as Charice!

Check out this new video just released for her first single off her new album, Louder! (above)

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Did Lea Michele Get Charice Axed From Glee?!

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Frankly, we wouldn't be surprised!

Everyone knows that there's only room for one DIVA STAR on set, and her name is Lea Michele!

Many fans were left equal parts confused and disappointed when Charice only appeared briefly as Sunshine Corazon in three episodes of Glee last season, despite being reportedly scheduled for five, and according to a source from the show, this snub was not due to shiteous writing, but because producers were afraid to ruffle a certain someone's feathers!

The insider explains:

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New Charice! Check Out The Music Video For One Day HERE!

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Such a nice, inspirational message here!

Check out the just-released music video for the latest single by Charice, called One Day, which was written by Nick Jonas and features a variety of the singer's fans, who won trips to El Lay to be a part of filming (above)!

Well, that certainly adds a layer of authenticity to the track!

We love it!

Well done, gurl! Keep it up!

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Glee Creator Defends Discusses The Finale - And Season Three

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We won't lie to you - we had our issues with the season finale of Glee. Don't get us wrong, there were some wonderful, memorable show moments, but if we're being honest, we felt like the whole episode was rushed, with some story lines too easily wrapped up and others left out to dry with no indication of a resolution.

That's why we were pleased to hear from Brad Falchuck, one of the creators of the show and the writer/director of the episode, who explained in more detail how the episode was constructed and why certain plots played out like they did. He reveals that the episode - which coincidentally was 20 minutes longer in the director's cut (DVD EXTRA PLEASE!!!!) - is just the starting point to next season, which he's promising will be the "best season yet." But first, the finale…

Ok, huge qualm #1 - Quinn cutting her hair. We were under the assumption going into the episode that she had some diabolical, Sue Sylvester-esque scheme to sabotage the team's chances at winning Nationals, thus setting her up to be the baddie for next season (and giving her character some development.) So…why didn't that happen? Brad suggests we were looking at it all wrong. He explains:

"[Her anger over her breakup with Finn] was all in her hair, man. It really was. All the bad juju was in her hair and she cut it all off and everything got better. It wasn’t that she got over it all but I think she’s just grown up. Every culture has a ritual like that where you make some sort of physical change and it transforms you inside too."

Ummm, okay. If you say so! (We like our scenario better.)

Brad then went on to talk about why the kids lost at Nationals, and this explanation we liked and agreed with. He explained:

"Yeah. They’re not ready yet. I think there’s something about them winning that deflates things oddly. We knew what was going to happen. It’s not even that they lost but they didn’t even make that top 10. That’s how unprepared they were. That’s how unfocused they were. I kinda liked that. To me, if they make it to the top 10 after they’re so clearly not focused, they’re clearly not invested because they all have other things going on — it would have been a little disingenuous."

Agreed! When you're traveling to a national competition and you wait to write your songs until the day before, you deserve to lose. It's like a kid getting a 200 on their SATs and saying, "But wait! I took a practice test on the way over!" Please!

While getting some clarification on the finale was great, what we found more interesting was Brad's thoughts on season three and who may or may not make it to season four. Click the jump to check out some HIGHlights from the rest of his interview to see what we mean:

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Listen To ALL Of The Songs From The Glee Season Finale HERE!

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Oh em Gleek!

We can't believe that the last episode of the season is almost upon us!

Feast your ears on the brand new tunes featured in the upcoming second season finale of Glee, most notably our personal favorite, a mash-up of New York, New York and Madonna's I Love New York, sung by the New Directions crew (above)!

And check out Rachel and Kurt belting out For Good from the musical Wicked; a competing show choir's rendition of Usher's Yeah!; Puck, Artie, Sam, and Mike Chang singing Bella Notte; Sunshine Corazon performing the original song As Long As You're There; and Mr. Schue performing Still Got Tonight, from Matthew Morrison's debut album…AFTER THE JUMP!

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