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Ready For A Horrible Sequel???

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horrible bosses may get a sequel

And no, we're not talking about Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance! JK!

After Horrible Bosses' strong opening weekend, we're not surprised to hear that a sequel MAY happen.


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EXCLUSIVE! Colin Farrell And Jessica Biel On Set Of Total Recall

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Sweet ride, boo! LOLz!

A Perezilicious reader was kind enough to send these cool shots our way of Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel on the set of their new movie, Total Recall. The flick is shooting up in Canada and from the looks of it, Colin and Jess seem to be getting along just fine.

Until our sneaky photographer showed up! Then Colin got busy with figuring out the answer for six across : ten letter word for irritated!

Lighten up! It comes with the territory, pal!

Check out more pics from the set in the gallery (below).

Is it just us or does it seem to be a really tight squeeeeeze in that there hovercraft? Do they not enjoy spacious seating in the future???

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How Jessica Biel's Trainer Transformed Her Body

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Jessica Biel transformation

Over the years, Jessica Biel has transformed from a tomboy jock in 7th Heaven to a gorgeous leading lady who demonstrated her ability to make men drool in movies like I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and The A-Team.

Now looking better than ever, she's busy filming another seksi role as Colin Farrell's love interest in Total Recall.

Back in El Lay, her personal trainer of 4 years, Jason Walsh, recently sat down and shared how he managed to make Jessica's body one of the best Hollywood has to offer!

Before coming to him, Jason says she stuck to machines and basic cardio, but he needed to get creative to re-proportion her body, explaining:

"Before Jessica came to me, she very much did ‘old school’ training with machines. It tended to lead to disproportioning in her shape. I began doing full body movement exercises, so that her body moved ‘in concert’. Her body changed in three months. Now, she’s very much in proportion. Her waist, legs, arms and shoulders fit nicely together and look better."

Working out with the actress two or three times a week, Jason helps her tackle every muscle in her body with HUNDREDS of different exercises, sharing:

"We do things like bicep curls using a low weight, followed by pull-ups. We also flattened the stomach doing twists and hanging leg raises…I incorporate lunges, crunches, squats and core work with light weights and high repetitions. We also do plenty of walking lunges, which stretch the larger leg and glute muscles so there’s no bulk up, and then Russian twists with the ball."

Although athletic, Jessica's gotta eat right to keep her body tight. Jason encourages her to eat smaller meals throughout the day, which are lower in fat and carbohydrates as she gets closer to bed time, saying:

"Clients like Jessica might eat small meals five times a day, which consist of lean meats and vegetables. Sometimes for a snack I’d suggest a protein shake with berries. Jessica might have oatmeal when she wakes up, a chicken salad for lunch, fruits as snack and then dinner might be something like fish, vegetables and rice. I always suggest Kale to her because it’s packed with anti-oxidants."

He may work with some of the biggest celebrities in the world, but Jason has some tips that you can use too!

- Try All Pro Science recovery shakes, they are the best protein supplement on the market.
- Do sled pulls and pushes with Sorinex sleds.
- Stop long distance running and start sprinting 20, 30 or 45 seconds followed by that amount of rest.
- Start working out without shoes for stronger feet and better foot performance.
- Its not about weight loss, its about feeling and looking fit and healthy, and in proportion.
- Eat organic and drinks lots of water
- Have your treats. It’s about not over eating. We do tend to eat way too much!

[Image via WENN.]

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Completely Gratuitous.

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Hot damn! The only vampires we're used to salivating over in the summer are Bill and Eric!

Check out this exclusive image of a very shirtless Colin Farrell from the upcoming remake of the horror flick Fright Night, which hits theaters August 19th (above)!

We know he's supposed to be the film's villain and all…but looking like that, we're pretty sure that we'd let him do a whole lot more than just bite us!

Yum and YUM!

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First Image Released From Total Recall Remake!

| Filed under: Film FlickersColin FarrellArnold SchwarzeneggerPhotos!

first image released from total recall remake

Where's John Cho in this pic? Searching for a futuristic White Castle??? LOlz.

Check out the first image (above) from the Total Recall remake, starring Colin Farrell as Douglas Quaid.

Lookin' good, Colin! Hopefully you'll be able to bring in some solid numbers with this one like you did with Horrible Bosses.

Are U excited for the new Total Recall? Do U think Colin will be a good Arnold replacement?

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A New Man: Colin Farrell Stops Smoking And Starts Working Out

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Colin Farrell in style magazine

While Colin Farrell still LOOKS like the same Hollywood hottie we've known since he hit the movie mainstream in 2002, he SOUNDS like a completely new man.

In an interview in August's issue of InStyle magazine, the actor shares he's finally stopped smoking (Yay!) and started working out!

We're SO happy to hear Colin has decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle because that means his hotness will be around for years and years to come! The former 40-cigarette-a-day smoker discussed his decision to quit with the style mag by saying:

"It was time. I was a 40-cigarette-a-day smoker, but I wasn’t enjoying it. So on my 34th birthday last year, I spent a day with a pack and consciously looked at every single puff until I smoked the last one at 11:55 that night. I did a whole ritual thing by writing a letter to tobacco, giving it as much significance as I possibly could. I’m done with it."

We didn't think it was possible, but this man just became even MORE attractive now that his lungs are smoke free. He's even opened his mind about exercise too.

Farrell, who once said his only source of nutrition was the Carlsberg Beer Company, admitted he's become a bit of a "flip-flopper", sharing:

"I've gone completely to the other extreme. I don't get a release of seratonin anymore by filling my body with alcohol and drugs and communing with people late into the night at Chateau Marmont, bon vivant that I once was. I take vitamins and supplements, and I'm LOVING working out now. I'm a complete flip-flopper!"

Colin Farrell can currently be seen in theaters being a horrible person in the comedy Horrible Bosses. As the summer continues, the actor will go from horrible to evil when he appears as the seksi vampire next door (trying to kill your girlfriend) in Fright Night.

Being scared never felt so good! Ha!

[Image via InStyle.]

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The Battle Between Bots, Bosses, And Bears!

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So, which movie won at the box office this weekend??

In its second weekend, Transformers: Dark of the Moon came in first place with $47 million, a good number, but a 52% decline from last week's explosive weekend. Don't feel too bad for the producers though because the movie so far has racked up a crazy impressive 12-day total of $261 million. Holy Optimus Prime!

The HIGHlariously funny comedy Horrible Bosses starring Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Spacey finished the weekend in second place with a strong start with $28.1 million.

And looks like the kiddies dragged their parents to see Kevin James' Zookeeper, which came in at the third spot with $21 million. Guess kids can't say no to cute CG animals!

Here's this weekend's top five box office:

1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon — $47.0 mil
2. Horrible Bosses — $28.1 mil
3. Zookeeper — $21.0 mil
4. Cars 2 — $15.2 mil
5. Bad Teacher — $9.0 mil
6. Larry Crowne — $6.3 mil

So, what did U see this weekend?

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