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Dov Charney News Archive

House Condemns US Olympic Committee In Scathing Letter

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American's tax paying dollars are hard at work on Capitol Hill and it's all thanks to Ralph Lauren!

A group of 59 bipartisan House members fired off a letter to Scott Blackmun, CEO of the U.S. Olympic Committee, on Tuesday expressing their outrage over the Made in China uniform snafu and demand they adopt a Made in the USA policy, NOW.

The strongly worded letter read

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American Apparel To Produce Russia's Olympic Wear In The USA

| Filed under: Fashion SmashionBusiness BlitzDov CharneyAmerican ApparelRalph Lauren


Just when Ralph Lauren seemed to have staved off detractors of his Olympic uniforms, American Apparel is making him look even worse!

On the heels of Ralph Lauren pledging to make the Olympic team's uniforms in the USA for the 2014 winter games, Dov Charney revealed he'll be doing the same thing — for Russia.

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Dov Charney's Sex Slave Lawsuit Heads To Arbitration

| Filed under: Legal MattersDov CharneyAmerican Apparel


Finally some good news for Dov Charney.

A Brooklyn judge ruled on Tuesday the $250+ million sex slave lawsuit brought on by former American Apparel employee Irene Morales will be handled in arbitration, rather than open court.

The case has been on hold since March of last year when the judge ordered a hearing to decide whether or not it can go on since Morales signed an arbitration agreement when she quit in 2010.

Charney's lawyer Stuart Slotnick said of the ruling:

"The court granted our motion in its entirety and we expect the case to be dismissed in arbitration. The claims are bogus and frivolous and we expect they will be dealt with accordingly."

Morales' lawyers haven't decided whether or not they're going to appeal the decision, but if you ask Dov he thinks "it speaks for itself".

[Image via Getty Images.]

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A Dov Charney Tell-All In The Works???

| Filed under: BookzDov CharneyAmerican Apparel


The internet and publishing world is buzzing about a possible Dov Charney tell-all written by American Apparel's marketing director Ryan Holiday.

The 24 year old is said to have banked at least $500,000 from Penguin Group's business division Portfolio, which is pretty major considering he's a first-time author.

However, it should be known that Ryan describes himself as a media manipulator and has some people thinking this is one giant publicity stunt.

The New York Observer received a copy of Holiday's proposal from a book publisher that outlines his "strategy".

The Press Release
The press release announcing the sale of this book is the perfect opportunity to create a compelling yet fake spectacle about the book. Relying on the fact that blogs and media outlets simply take for granted whatever is stated in a release, we will state in the press release that the advance given for this book was a spectacular sum. Blogs covering publishing and media will instantly pick up on the fact that a first time author was paid such an exorbitant amount. Combined with Ryan’s experience working with bestselling authors, this will immediately put the book on the radar of the media elites. That the information is all fake and part of a social experiment will be revealed later in the book itself—as evidence of the gullibility of the web and proof of concept.

Fake Leaked Chapters
Once the market is seeded with the “newsworthiness” of the project, we will begin a whisper campaign that Confessions of a Media Hit Man is actually a tell-all about tabloid targets Dov Charney and Tucker Max. This can be accomplished through a combination of anonymous and unnamed tips to gossip blogs with which Ryan already has relationships. Having created the impression that this book is both high profile—Implied by the dazzling advance—and full of insider secrets, we will leak entirely fabricated excerpts and chapters to various blogs claiming they were “too controversial” for the publisher to allow for publication. Again, this will be revealed later as proof of concept to the media outlet of our choice. The revelation will be a bombshell and cement Confessions of a Media Hit Man as a media sensation.

Inneresting, but now it makes us wonder if this whole strategy is a fake too.

Either way, bravo for getting the media world talking. That is the whole point, right?

What do U think???

[Image via Getty Images.]

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American Apparel Ads: Wear Our Clothes, Get Laid

| Filed under: Ad CampaignsDov CharneyAmerican ApparelSpread 'Em

American Apparel Spread Eagle Legs Sex Ad

American Apparel is no stranger to controversy!

But this time, it isn't about a nasty letter to a contest winner or an alleged pervert of a CEO.

This time it's simply about their newest, racy ad campaign.

Up above you'll see our favorite — a man with a woman's legs spread eagle as he holds them up.

And down below you'll find two other scandalous ads. Feel free to peruse.

Clearly, the message American Apparel wants to get across is this: If you wear their, you're getting laid.

But will these sexual encounters be of consent or not, Dov Charney?

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American Apparel Teams Up With eBay

| Filed under: Fashion SmashionBusiness BlitzDov CharneyAmerican Apparel


Shopping for American Apparel online is about to get easier.

The hipster retailer is teaming up with eBay to launch their own storefront on the auction website starting in September.

When asked about the reasoning behind the new partnership, CEO Dov Charney explained:

"There are more than 30,000 searches for American Apparel on eBay each month and right now those customers are not buying from us directly. I’m excited to connect that demand with our vertically integrated production and distribution platform to create a new revenue channel for American Apparel."

Is it really that difficult for people to go their actual website AmericanApparel.net???

Besides, we all know the real reason why people are browsing eBay for American Apparel: to get it for less.

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Former American Apparel Employees Sue Dov Charney AGAIN

| Filed under: Icky Icky PooLegal MattersPhotos!Dov CharneyAmerican Apparel


Another day, another lawsuit for Dov Charney.

Three former American Apparel employees, who are suing the CEO for sexual harassment, filed another lawsuit alleging defamation against Charney and company photographer Kyung Chung.

The lawsuit filed on Tuesday said Irene Morales, Alyssa Ferguson and Tesa Lubans-Dehaven suffered "emotional distress, invasion of privacy and impersonation online" after three fake blogs were created in their names.

The NSFW sites (which are still live) feature nude photos of the accusers, emails and text messages allegedly sent to Dov as well as admissions of extortion.

We viewed the sites a while ago and couldn't help but notice some of the emails look really shady and/or fake.

All three are seeking damages.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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