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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Accused Of Beating Up Two Of His Workers "Breaking Bad" Style After Jewelry Goes Missing! Get The Brutal Deets HERE!

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floyd mayweather jr accused assault kidnapping two employees

As a boxer, this wouldn't be the first time Floyd Mayweather Jr. beat the living crap out of someone! However, this time it could end up costing him BIG time!!

Sources close to the famed fighter say two of his employees were brutally beaten after he suspected them of

Lindsay Lohan: Casino Wants Its Money Back For Halloween Appearance!

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lindsay lohan casino wants money back halloween appearance

Remember when we told you that Lindsay Lohan was partying on Halloween? Well, it turns out she’s a terrible hostess.

The Foxwoods Casino reportedly paid LiLo $50,000 to host their Halloween party, starting at 10pm. Well, in classic Lindsay style, she didn’t get there until

Lindsay Lohan & Floyd Mayweather Jr. Scare Up Halloween In Blood-Curdling Pic! Read The Deets Of Their Night Together HERE!

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floyd mayweather lindsay lohan freddy kruger carrie costumes

Cue screaming now!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was at the frighteningly great Foxwoods Halloween party in Connecticut on Thursday night, and he ran into Lindsay Lohan!

Or should we say that Freddy Kruger ran into Carrie!

The two took a HIGHlarious picture, where the champ appeared to be slashing the actress, but it was all in good fun. Floyd posted this pic (above) and said:

Floyd May Weather Jr. Takes His Winning Ways To Staples Center To Watch The Lakers!

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floyd mayweather goes to los angeles lakers season opener

For a lot of Los Angeles Lakers fans, winning a championship is pretty much out of the question this season!

But if there's anyone who knows a thing or two or seven about winning titles, it's Floyd Mayweather Jr.!!

The undefeated boxing champ made his way to Staples Center as the Lakers took on the Los Angeles Clippers in the season opener!!

Needless to says, fans are hoping that Floyd's championship ways will rub off on the purple and gold, and considering they kicked things off with an impressive win, we'd say their off to a good start!

Now if they can just get 81 more wins and stay undefeated, they'll be just like Floyd! LOLz!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

Justin Bieber BEAT Floyd Mayweather Jr. … At Arcade Basketball

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justin bieber beats floyd mayweather jr at arcade basketball game 2

These two are definitely besties at this point!

Justin Bieber has been hanging out with Floyd Mayweather Jr., and their bromance recently led them to play some basketball.

But not real basketball; the kind you play in an arcade. Since both of these guys are rich though, we’re guessing this was set up in one of their houses somewhere. Ha!

Believe it or not, the champ let the Biebs get the best of him!

In the pic, you can see the score was 188 to 182; close but no cigar, Floyd!

And we're very impressed with Justin! Maybe he can try to beat Drake next time. From the looks of this video, he’s pretty great too!

[Image via Instagram.]

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Wants Miley Cyrus To Escort Him To The Ring! Bye Bye Biebs!

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floyd mayweather miley cyrus justin bieber boxing escort

Miley Cyrus and her butt clapping twerking are a hot commodity right now, and nobody knows that better than boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.!

Wait, what??

It's true! Floyd seems to be done having Justin Bieber escort him to the ring for no reason, and now he totally wants Miley Cyrus to fill in his spot — also for no reason!

Here's what he said during an interview during iHeart this past weekend:

Floyd Mayweather Sorry For Crazy Insensitive Pic About Oscar De La Hoya's Substance Struggles

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floyd mayweather jr oscar de la hoya addiction picture

People just don't think before they do things!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is now attempting damage control with a full apology for posting a pic to Instagram that makes light of Oscar De La Hoya's substance abuse addiction, claiming he never approved the photo to go up.

Which means someone should probably be fired for being so insensitive and YOU SHOULD RUN YOUR OWN SOCIAL MEDIA SHIZZZ!

Fans want to interact with the real you anyway — why not give it to them?? But we digress: the main issue here is that something awful was posted, and now Floyd is saying he's super sorry about it.

The photo was posted after he beat Canelo Alvarez, who is a part of Oscar's boxing promotion company. The picture showed a crying De La Hoya along with the caption:

"Meanwhile Back In Rehab." & "Oscar: I gave Canelo the wrong blueprint I was high."

What a disgusting thing to say, whether or not it was intended to go up!

Here's Floyd's apology (after the fallout, of course):

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