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Halle Berry Quitting Acting To Protect Her Daughter?

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Halle berry daughter nahla

This. Woman.

Halle Berry's young daughter has stood by as her parents tried to murder each other (legally and literally) since the moment she was born.

Now, to save her daughter from mental and emotional scaring, Halle has decided to

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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Grilled By Police After Gabriel Aubry's Brutal Beatdown

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olivier martinez gabriel aubry fight halle berry police detectives questioning fisticuffs

We might not yet know who started the fight, but, judging from the brutal photos we uncovered, we know who won it!

Unmarked cop cars visited Halle Berry's Beverly Hills home yesterday and they were not collecting money for the Fraternal Order of the Police.

Detectives grilled the Oscar-winning actress and her fiancé Olivier Martinez, hoping to determine how his scuffle with Gabriel Aubry broke out!

After seeing Gabe's mashed-up mug, we're surprised it took the coppers this long to investigate!!

The dude's face looks like it played catch with the business end of a sledgehammer! We heard putting a cold steak strip of Canadian bacon on that black eye keeps down swelling!

Whatever truths come to light, we feel TERRIBLE for poor Nahla Aubry.

Caught between two feuding parents, she will forever remember the horrible Thanksgiving when her step-dad beat the crap out of her biological father!

Why does no one ever think of the children?!

[Image via Apega/WENN & L.A. Superior Court.]

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Halle Berry's Bruised Ex Shows What's Left Of His Battered Face! See Pic HERE!

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Dayumm that shiner is so brilliantly blazing, we have to protect our peepers!

Halle Berry was in the midst of major baby daddy drama this Thanksgiving weekend when her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry started a fist fight with her current fiancé Olivier Martinez, which resulted in an arrest and a visit to the ER!

Well, the Canadian model obviously got the worse end of the stick fist, as Gabriel was spotted with a badly bruised left eye that seemed swollen shut (above)! That pretty face looks like

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Halle Berry's Ex Gabriel Aubry Claims Security Footage Will Prove His Innocence!

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Oh this whole Halle Berry Thanksgiving beat down is getting messier than gutting and stuffing a Turkey!

Initially, we were sure Halle's fiancé Olivier Martinez was NOT the first to throw punches during a nasty fight with Halle's baby daddy Gabriel Aubry last Thursday…

BUT Gabriel is claiming he was merely a victim of

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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Planned Gabriel Aubry Beat-Down!

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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Planned Gabriel Aubry Beat-Down!

And the Halle Berry family drama has taken a VERY interesting turn!

Thanksgiving cops arrested Halle's baby daddy / bane of her existence, Gabriel Aubry after he got involved in a beat-down with Halle's fiancé, Olivier Martinez.

NOW Gabe claims Berry and her new man provoked him to fighting in an attempt to get him deported, and out of there lives forever. And THAT isn't even the crazy part.

Halle's camps says

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Halle Berry's Baby Daddy Getting Deported??

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Halle Berry's Baby Daddy Getting Deported??

Good news for Halle Berry!

Her archenemy/baby daddy Gabriel Aubry may be getting deported from the country.

Gabe, who recently won his custody battle over his and Halle's daughter, Nahla, got into a bloody fist fight with Halle's fiancé, Olivier Martinez, which may cause authorities to ship him back to

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