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Bernie Mac Street: A Space Of Community Inspiration

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Bernie Mac Street Naming Ceremony 2012

Bernie Mac now has his own street, and we couldn't be happier!

The City of Chicago honored the late Kings of Comedy legend Tuesday by naming a one-block section of West 69th street Bernie Mac Street. The area in Englewood is near where Bernie grew up and attended school.

Mac’s widow, Rhonda McCullough, his daughter Je’Niece, and Jesse Jackson were among the 200 or so to attend the dedication ceremony.

Cheerleaders from his elementary school performed a routine, and Chicago comedians Reggie Reg and Tony Sculfield shared their memories of Mac and his work.

His daughter very poignantly stated:

10 Year Old Boy Survives 20 Story Fall In Beijing!

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10 year old boy survives 20 story fall in beijing

Words like "WOW" don't even properly describe how shocking this is!

In Beijing, a 10 year old boy fell 20 stories from an apartment window, landed on a parked car…and SURVIVED!

A doctor at the People's Hospital of Guizhou in southern China has said that the boy suffered skull fractures, as well as bleeding on the brain.

The boy is currently under close observation.

Amazing that he survived!

Our thoughts are with the boy and his family.

We'll be crossing our fingers and all other crossable body parts that he is able to make a recovery!

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Hope-ful And Lovely!

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Check out this lovely acoustic version of Hope's lovely song Love Love Love (above)!

Love Love Love

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As we previously posted, we love this song!

Now, check out the just-released music video by Hope and Jason Mraz (above)!

Listen To This: Love x 3

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So nice to hear from her again!

We posted about Hope way back in December of 2007 in this entry, where we shared her exquisite song Who Am I To Say, which reminded us of Eva Cassidy.

Well, she's back, signed to a major label, collaborating with someone we think is awesome and just as lovely as ever!

Staying true to her "easy listening" ways, Hope is back with a sweet new song - featuring Jason Mraz - that reminds us a lot of Colbie Callait.

Check out Hope's Love Love Love (above).

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Hope!

Listen To This: Your Future Wedding Song

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If you know and like Eva Cassidy, then you will love Hope.

Some people think "easy listening" is lame, but not us. We love pretty songs, and Hope does pretty very well.

Her blend of folk and soul is enchanting and her voice has a warmth to it that is so soothing and familiar.

Who Am I To Say will be playing on repeat in your iPod.

Enjoy it below and then CLICK HERE to listen to other pretty pretty pretty songs from Hope!