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New Imogen Heap & DeadMau5 Song Doesn't Sound Diff From Regular Imogen Heap!

| Filed under: Music MinuteImogen Heap

Imogen Heap is incredible, so when we heard she was releasing a new song with DeadMau5, we expected new and exciting things!

The only issue is, when we watch the video (above), it sounds a lot like normal Imogen Heap — we don't get DeadMau5 vibes at all! It's hard to explain. We suppose that it feels like it was building to an awesome electronic beat drop, but it never happens!

We guess that's not really an issue, because we've always loved Imogen's usual sound!

Check out the video and see for yourselves! You'll know EXACTLY what we mean!

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MORE New Tunes From Imogen Heap!

| Filed under: Music MinuteImogen Heap

As you may or may not know, Imogen Heap has been hard at work on a brand new concept album since March, which samples 900 everyday sounds sent in by fans, and with one new track from it released every three months!

Well, for whatever reason, the singer has dropped TWO new tracks from the project that pretty much couldn't be more aesthetically different from each another, but are both equally FANTASTIC!

Check out the music video for Minds Without Fear, which is a collaboration with Indian composer Vishal Shekhar, as well as the other new single, Neglected Space (above)!

So innovative, right?

She seriously is one of the most creatively fearless musicians out there, while all the while still managing to put so many layers of heart and emotion into her material!

We love these! How about U??

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Andrew Lloyd Webber Sells Picasso Painting For Charity

| Filed under: Music MinuteImogen Heap


This…this is pretty spectacular.

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber has done such much for the arts, creatively and otherwise, but as of this week, he's taken his involvement a step further with a generous donation to art inspired charities.

The famed composer auctioned off one of his Pablo Picasso paintings last year to raise funds for the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation. The money from that sale went directly to organizations that offer special services in art and culture, such as the youth theatre company Chickenshed and the music charity Nordoff Robbins, which specializes in music therapy.

So, how much money did these fine charities make from the sale. Drum roll please….

$51 million!!!

Wowza! Incredible! Such a generous thing to do!

Got anymore Picasso paintings lying around? A few more sales like that and we might save art programs across the whole country!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Imogen Heap To Release New Song March 28th And Needs Your Help!!

| Filed under: Music MinuteImogen Heap

Imogen Heap Releasing New Song

We LOVE Imogen Heap!

So, nothing gets us more excited than the prospect of new music from her. But it won't be just from her, because you guys are going to help too!

In an inneresting experimental format, she will be asking fans and the public to submit content (like pictures, words, and video) to special sites built for this, and she will write and incorporate the most popular of it as she's writing the song!

This sounds wonderful!

She's not planning on just compiling a bunch of songs all at once and releasing an album, either. She wants to release a new track every three months until she has enough for an album release, to be able to better capture the period in which it was written!

Does it interest U to help out??

Instructions after the jump!

[Image via WENN.]

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This Almost Slipped Through The Cracks!

| Filed under: AnglophiliaImogen Heap


This was too good not to post!

CLICK HERE to check out Imogen Heap's amazeballs performance of First Train Home on The Late Show with David Letterman!

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New Imogen Heap!

| Filed under: Imogen Heap

Check out her just-released video for Canvas (above)!

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New Imogen Heap!!!!!!!!

| Filed under: AnglophiliaListen To ThisImogen Heap


She's one of our favoritest artists!!! And, she took her sweet ass time making her new album!


It's finally coming out!

And the new single is HERE! And it is exquisite!!!!

Check out First Train Home (below), a slice of sweet electro alterna-pop heaven off Imogen Heap's new album, Ellipse, out late August.


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