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Jade Goody News Archive

Jack Tweed Arrested After Bar Fight!

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Here he goes again…

Jade Goody's troubled widower, Jack Tweed, was arrested yesterday on suspicion of being linked to a nightclub brawl in London earlier this week, which left one man with a black eye and swollen face!

The fight, which occurred outside the Dueces Bar and Lounge in Chigwell late Monday night, also involved Tweed's friend Mark Wright, and his friend's brother Lewis.

Tweed cooperated with authorities and turned himself into authorities yesterday, and spent several hours inside before being released on bail until later this month.

A spokesman with the authorities said:

'A 23-year-old man attended an east London police station by appointment and was arrested on suspicion of affray.'

Not a good way to start 2011, bb.

But we're glad that you're at least cooperating!

Let's not make these fights a trend in your behavior, okay?!


[Image via WENN.]

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Creeper Writes Deplorable Things On Jade Goody Tribute Site!

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man arrested after he posted sick comments on jade goody tribute site among others

Just for shits and giggles! You know how fun it can be to make light of the DEAD!

A man in Manchester finds himself behind bars today after he was arrested for basically being an internet "troll." He's been charged with "leaving obscene messages " on tribute sites to deceased people, including Jade Goody!

The creep, Colm Coss, admitted to police that he found "amusement" from finding websites dedicated to tragedies and watching the "reactions" of people has he posted disgusting and sick comments. However, he was only finally caught by the authorities, after he sent out pictures to his neighbors, labeling himself an internet "troll."

Ugh! It makes it so much worse that he is boasting about it!

Sources say that Colm showed "no emotion" during his hearing and admitted to all his hideous crimes. He's out on bail now and show be back in court for his next hearing by the end of the month.

[Image via WENN.]

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Jade Goody's Mom Is Broke Again

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After collecting over £750,000 in compensation for injuries in a motocycle crash, as well as collecting thousands of pounds from her deceased daughter's will, her several magazine and TV interviews, and even winning the Lottery, Jade Goody's mom Jackiey Budden says that she has spent every last drop and is broke again.

And now she's living off £91.70 a week from government benefits.

But Budden does not regret a single thing, saying:

"Money is there to spend and that’s what I did.

From all the money I’ve earned and from what Jade gave me from I’m A Celebrity (sic) and whatever. Anything can happen to anyone and money is there to spend and that’s what I did. I was not on drugs or anything like that in them times."

Maybe she didn't use all her cash on drugs, however, she does talk about her frivolous spending:

"I had a motorbike accident. In the end I got three quarters of a million pounds for my accident. That just made life easier for me and Jade basically. It was really weird because me and her did not have a pint of milk in the house or a toilet roll. Then this big lump of money come.

I was so angry I screwed it up and threw it because we did not even have toilet roll and it takes nine days for the cheque to clear. There was no-one in the world we could borrow money from. We were just roasting for nine days then the first day we got the money, nutty mummy, we jumped on a plane and went to Nigeria for a year and then we went to Egypt and then we just never came back. We went everywhere. The money went everywhere, on clothes and a caravan and that was it. Every country but here."

At least Jade had some fun before she passed away, however it's unfortunate that Jackiey didn't save some for herself. We hope she will eventually get back on her feet.

[Image via WENN.]

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Go Away! Jack Tweed Tries To See Jade Goody's Children!

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We think he's done QUITE enough and should probably just go away! That man is a horrible influence on those two little boys!

Jade Goody's deadbeat ex-husband, Jack Tweed, is once again attempting to get press by publicly begging to see her sons with Jeff Brazier again!

He says:

"I know I'm not a good role model but please give me one last chance to tell them I love them. I promised Jade I'd stay in their lives and I know they haven't forgotten me. I'm not pretending to be a saint but I do love those boys. I don't think Jeff ever really wanted me in Bobby and Freddie's lives and I can't blame him for that, but I was with them at a really difficult time. I will never, ever forget them. I would give anything just to speak to them on the phone and tell them I love them. I don't want to be their dad because they've already got one. They used to call me their best mate and that's what I'd like to be, even if it's from a distance, just talking once a month on the telephone."

"Because of my behaviour in the past I knew everyone would assume I was guilty, even though I wasn't, and I knew I had let Jade down. I thought about hanging myself but I was too much of a coward. I'm not brave like Jade was. I have a lot of regrets but I am lucky that the truth finally came out and I was acquitted. Now I just want a chance to mend my ways and tell Jade's boys I'm not perfect but I will always love them."

We think this douchebag has a lot more growing up to do before he's around ANYONE, let alone children!

He's made quite the effing mess of his life at 23!

So gross.


[Image via WENN.]

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Jack Tweed Cleared Of Rape Charges.

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He's back on the loose!

The late Jade Goody's trainwreck of a husband, Jack Tweed, was found not guilty today in his rape trial!

As we all know, he was accused of raping a 19 year old back in September of last year, but apparently a jury at London's Snaresbrook Crown Court decided in 15 minutes that the girl had consented to sex with him.

He issued this statement:

‘I’d first like to thank my family and friends and everyone who stood by me. I'm relieved that the jury have taken a matter of minutes to see through these scurrilous and completely groundless allegations. I now want to put the last eight months behind me and rebuild my life as a 22-year-old young man.’

Wow, we wonder what kind of evidence was presented to warrant a fifteen minute decision in his favor!

He may be a deadbeat, but we're glad he's not a rapist.

Time to get your life together, bb!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jade Goody's Mom Snorts Cocaine On The Anniversary Of Daughter's Passing!

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That is one way to cope.

Jackiey Budden, mother to the late Jade Goody, admitted today, on the one year anniversary of the passing of her daughter, that she snorted cocaine last week. UK newspapers published pictures of the 52-year-old on Sunday on a 16 hour bender after being clean for the last nine years.

This morning, Jackiey told the press how "disgusted" she was with herself and assured everyone that she was not resorting to her old habits. She said:

"My new partner knows I don’t snort or anything, I’ve never ever done that in my life - yes, I was a crack head - but nine years clean, and I said, "Do you know what - I’ll just take two lines’… and it was the biggest mistake I’ve ever done."

We're sure it must be a difficult time for her, but this is not the answer. Jade wouldn't want that.

[Image via WENN.]

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Jade Goody's Death Was Preventable?

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That's what a former NHS doctor is saying!

Dr. Ann Coxon has said of Jade Goody's death that it was preventable had the NHS paid attention to the reality star's "glaringly obvious" symptoms. Coxon explains:

"She'd had abnormal smear tests since she was 16 so by the time she was 27 it didn't worry her much, because she didn't really know what it meant. It had never been properly explained to her.

"After she was diagnosed she said to me, in that typically Jade way, 'I'm not daft. If I'd known it was to do with cancer, I'd have been checked out every three months.' Jade realized she had been let down. She simply said, 'Sometimes people make mistakes.'"

Jade Goody died of cervical cancer one year ago today.

So sad.

[Image via AP Images.]

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