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Kelly Taylor Can't Even Properly Pretend To Like Brenda Walsh!

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Kelly Taylor, you aren't fooling anyone!

That awful tramp, who in real life is Jennie Garth and probably lovely, took to Twitter to 'lament' Shannen Doherty's devastating early exit from Dancing With The Stars, as if the two are actually friends! HA!

She tweets:

Just back from vacation with our family. Had a great time. Just found out my friend Shannon got eliminated from DWTS …BOO!!!

EXCUSE US? Shannon?

You two only ripped each other's hair out starred together on 90210 for HOW many years and you can't even spell her name correctly?


Watch your back, Kelly. A beat down of Brenda Walsh-epic proportions is coming your way when girlfriend gets wind of this bull shiz!

P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!

[Image via WENN.]

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Dr. Cullen Pens A Script For His Wifey!

| Filed under: TV NewsJennie Garth


90210's Jennie Garth will be starring in an upcoming Hallmark movie that her husband, Peter Facinelli (aka Dr. Cullen from Twilight), wrote!


"He's a wonderful writer and we're finally getting one of his projects off the ground. I'm going to be starring in it, so that's exciting," says Garth.

Jennie revealed the script is about "an actor inside the Barney suit - a giant stuffed animated kids character" who ends up meeting a woman who "changes his perspective on things."

Facinelli has brought up co-starring together in the TV movie, but if Jennie had her way, that would never happen!

"Peter really wants to be in it and I keep saying, 'No, we shouldn't work together!' It's still up in the air so we'll see," she revealed.


[Image via WENN.]

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Brenda Walsh To Overcome Her Phobia For Her Sick Dad!

| Filed under: TV NewsInspirationShannen Doherty90210Jennie Garth


This is actually very touching!!

For those of you who forgot that the the original bitch on 90210, Brenda Walsh, has a heart, we suggest you read why she agreed to be on Dancing With The Stars after years of declining offers!!

Walsh, who in real life is named Shannen Doherty, says her father suffered a stroke on Christmas and she was inspired by him to compete:

“He lost his speech, he wasn’t mobile. He was really struggling, and still is. When I mentioned this to him, he got really excited, and he wanted me to do it. I thought, if my dad can fight through having a stroke and the loss of being able to communicate, I think I can do this for him. So I figured I’m going to get over my fear for him. I’m going to get in great shape, and everyone who I know who’s been on the show has had a great time. It’s with hesitation and fear, but it’s going to be good to conquer a fear.”

What an unbelievably kind and brave gesture for her dad!!

Girlfriend apparently has a big fear of live audiences, so we're sure this is going to be a real challenge!!

We believe in you, Brenda!!

If that slut Kelly Taylor can do it, you TOTALLY can!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Kelly Taylor Wants To Write Children's Books?!

| Filed under: TV NewsTori SpellingShannen Doherty90210Jennie GarthRobert Pattinson


Now that shameless homewrecker Kelly Taylor is finally leaving 90210 behind, she's decided to become the author of children's books!!


Didn't Tori Spelling just announce she was doing the same thing??

The actress, who in real life is named Jennie Garth, says:

"I just signed a two-book deal to start my own children's books. So I’m really excited about that!"

The mother of three, who is married to R-Patz's vampire dad Peter Facinelli, will be writing books targeted at kids from ages 3-8, and will be released in February of 2011.

We think this is all well and good, but Brenda Walsh needs to get her ballpoint pen out and write some stories for the kids herself!!

Now SHE has some life lessons we think everyone could learn a thing or two from!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Original 90210 Actor Gets Engaged!!

| Filed under: Love LineShannen Doherty90210Jennie Garth


Steve Sanders is getting married!!

The star of 90210 back when it still had Beverly Hills in front of it and was infinitely less shiteous announced his engagement by changing his relationship status on facebook!

Boo, you whore! You announced it on facebook first? Nobody must have been taking his calls when he tried to get press!

And who is the mystery woman?

The actor, whose name in real life is Ian Ziering, says.

"Her name is Erin Kristine Ludwig. She's a nurse, we're planning a spring wedding and we've been together since Labor Day 09."


We're only really this excited because we're praying you invite Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor to the big day!! Every wedding reception needs a good throwdown!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jennie Garth's Garden Party

| Filed under: Jennie Garth


It's quite the departure from 90210!

Jennie Garth is hosting iVillage's original Web series called Garden Party which gives ideas on how families can incorporate vegetables into their diets.

"I saw this series as an opportunity to help inspire, educate and motivate families like mine," the actress says.

The show will have Jennie highlight a new vegetable each month while she meets different farmers, chefs, moms and kids doing veggie-related activities like planting cucumbers and home or visiting a kids' cooking school.

The series is produced by NBC Universal Digital Studios and Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.

Nothing makes a veggie more appealing than slapping some major calorie-infused ranch on it!

[Image via Rachel Worth / WENN.]

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Rob Estes Leaves 90210

| Filed under: 90210Jennie GarthMelrose PlaceAnnaLynne McCord


First Jennie Garth leaves and now Rob Estes!

They're dropping like flies in the 90210 zip code!

A source explains Rob's exit, who played Principal Harry Wilson, saying: "The producers, the studio and Rob came to the conclusion together that his role had ran its course. There just wasn’t enough for Rob to do because the show is more about the kids."

And apparently that's where the execs are putting all their money. The source continues:

"Rob’s an expensive actor and wants to be challenged and it became increasingly clear that most of the penny lifting was going to the younger cast members of the show, who Rob adores. He’s absolutely leaving the show on good terms."

But according to another source, that's not the case.

The second source reveals:

"Rob’s not happy about it all. Basically they couldn’t agree on money and that’s all it comes down to. Rob’s an experienced actor and feels he deserves to be compensated accordingly, but the CW just want to cut costs and they want to reward all these young, hot, up and coming, and therefore cheaper, actors and actresses instead."

Hear that AnnaLynne? You're cheap!

Continuing to take a dig at the actor, source #2 says Rob really needed the money.

Maybe he can go back to his roots and get a gig on Melrose Place. They did do some necessary house cleaning not too long ago.

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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