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Mel B Jogs Out Of Chanel A La Sporty Spice!

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Mel B channels Sporty Spice as she runs out of the Chanel store in New York!

…As the lady behind her looks on maniacally!!

Mel B ditched her Scary Spice past in favor of a Sporty Spice present as she hurried out of the Chanel store in New York on Tuesday.

The former Spice Girl was in full work-out garb, from her bright blue tee to her short running shorts to her clean white tennies!

We bet she was listening to whatever music gets her amped up for America’s Got Talent — like Spice World!

Hey, we can dream, right?

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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Reese Witherspoon Finds Jogging Hilarious!

| Filed under: Reese WitherspoonFitnessRunningHealthJogger Mom

reese witherspoon jogging running laughing smiling happy healthy fitness body

We're not entirely sure what Reese Witherspoon finds so damn funny about running, but we have a few guesses!

Okay, really we only have one guess — and that would be that she's actually wearing clown shoes that honk every time they pound the cement!


It's not realistic, but hey, some people need to do what they gotta just to get through their workout! If Reese needs to run in clown shoes, we can't judge! She's staying healthy!

Ha! She's lookin' fab, though! It's working!

[Image via Stoianov/Pablo/FameFlynet Pictures.]

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Heidi Klum Gets Down With A Cute Puppy While Out On Daily Jog!

| Filed under: ModelsHeidi KlumCuteness!PuppyDogAwwwwwJogger MomModel Mothers


Now that's puppy love!

Heidi Klum and her bodyguard boyfriend Martin Kristen were spotted in NYC on their daily jog when Heidi just had to stop!

You see, she could not resist the adorableness of one cute little puppy!

So she did what any fans of puppies would do - she bent down and pet that pup to her heart's content!

We've never seen Heidi so happy!

Although we guess we shouldn't be too surprised - she did once say that dogs are a lot like children.

We love seeing Heidi and this puppy - can she please, please get a similar doggy like this one?

That way we can see a reincarnation of this amazing picture more often!!!

[Image via Splash News.]

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EXCLUSIVE: Carry That Baybay Right!

| Filed under: Exclusives!TipsJogger Mom

Carry That Baybay Right!

Babies are cute and all… but why can't they walk on their own!

Carrying your bundle of joy in your arms and shlepping around a stroller isn't always joyful. That's why you ned a baby carrier!

But with all the baby carries on the market, it's hard to chose the one that's right for you. Thankfully, Perezitos baby toting expert Jogger Mom has all the answer's for precious parents on the go, like Amy who asks:

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EXCLUSIVE: Best Stroller For Twinsies!

| Filed under: Exclusives!TipsWomb For TwoJogger Mom


Yay! A womb for two! Double the fun!

And also double the trouble.

Thankfully, Perezitos stroller expert Jogger Mom is here to answer a Perezcious reader's question about strollers for twins.

Help! I am having twins, what side by side stroller can I put infant seats into?

Jogger Mom says:

Congratulations! You will soon belong to a whole new group of women. Mothers of multiples that is! Having twins is exciting; it is best to figure out the big stuff like strollers and cribs now while you still can move around comfortably. For a side by side twin stroller that holds 2 infant seats you really are limited. There are 2 new stroller/adapters on the market though. Can you believe they were just released in the last few months?

The Bumbleride Indie Twin will hold 2 Maxi Cosi infant car seats. The adapters were just released last month. This is a great full function stroller that has an adjustable handlebar for you and a raised kick plate for your little ones.
The new Mountain Buggy Duet is proud to be one of the only side by side strollers on the market to hold 2 Graco infant seats. Because this stroller is just as wide as the Mountain Buggy Single Jungle it will fit comfortably in your trunk as well!

I hope this helps with your query. Finding the right stroller is never easy. Finding the right stroller for twins is a little tougher. The good news is you have choices!

Happy Strolling,

Want more strolling advice? Or ready to buy the stroller of your dreams? Check us out back here at Perezitos AND remember to follow Kelly @Joggermom on Twitter or Facebook!

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EXCLUSIVE: Strolling In The Snow

| Filed under: Exclusives!TipsPerezcious ParentingJogger Mom


It can be a little challenging to go strollin' when it's snowin'.

Luckily, in our latest Q&A, Perezitos.com's stroller expert, the Jogger Mom has a couple of great product recommendations that will help out moms who live in snowy areas.

Perezcious reader Jessica asks:

I live where it is snowy all winter. I have to be able to get out of the house with my little one. What stroller would you recommend?

Here's what Jogger Mom has to say:

Yes, hibernating inside is no fun for anyone. Although getting out in the snow can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Pushing a stroller in snow is similar to pushing a stroller in sand….both work against you.

Pushing a small plastic wheeled stroller would not be your best choice. I have heard of plastic wheels exploding in the cold temperatures.

What you want to push is a large air filled tire, something similar to a bike tire. I would look for a tire size that is 12” or 16”. The 16” tires tend to be on our sportier strollers like the BOB Revolution SE.

If you are looking for an everyday stroller with a large tire you might like the Bumbleride Indie Movement edition with a 12” tire. You can still run behind this stroller I just would not recommend long miles. I hope this makes your strolls thru winter a breeze!

Happy Strolling,


Want more strolling advice? Check us out back here at Perezitos AND remember to follow Kelly @Joggermom on Twitter or Facebook!

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EXCLUSIVE: The Best Way To Run With Two Kids

| Filed under: Exclusives!TipsPerezcious ParentingJogger Mom


Double it up!

One perecious mommy, Ava, wants to run with her two tots and have a great workout. She asks Perezitos stroller expert Jogger Mom:

“I love to run but, I have 2 young children. Is there such thing as a double tandem running stroller? I live in the city and need one to get thru tight spaces.”

Jogger mom's tip:

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