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Jude Law Pays Over $250,000 A Year In Child Support! You Won’t Believe Who Gets The Biggest Share!

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Jude Law pays over $250,000 a year in child support

Child custody situations are never an easy thing to deal with, especially when courts and child support are involved.

And it seems like Jude Law may have gotten the short end of that stick. The actor reportedly pays out over $250,000 a year in child support!

His baby momma Samantha Burke gets $9,000 a month for their daughter Sophia, which will increase every few years. However, his other three kids with ex-wife Sadie Frost gets over $13,000 a month, for three kids! That is about $4,500 for each kid!

The reason is

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Jude Law: "My Children Keep Me Sane In A Mad World"

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Even the most amazing of people need to stay a little grounded in this world.

And Jude Law is NO exception!

The actor, who is starring in a West End production of Henry V, recently declared his children to be the reason he has gone so far without going off the deep end!

Here's what he said:

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Jude Law & His Kids Get Ready To Catch A Flight!

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Jude Law just returned from Hawaii this week, and now he's back off to London!

On Thursday, the Anna Karenina actor was spotted at LAX with his kiddies Iris and Rudy, and the group was looking extra tan.

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Jude Law Shows Off Hawt Bod & Bodyboards With Son On NYE!

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New Year's Eve was nothing short of a warm beach for Jude Law, as he rang in the new year bodyboarding in Hawaii with his handsome son Rudy.

But before 2013 hit, the Hamlet actor made sure to give 2012 one last look at his hunky pecks, which definitely gave us something to remember!! LOLz

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Jude Law Banned From Kids School… For Hair??

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Jude Law Banned From Kids School

We've heard of being expelled for bad behavior, but for bad hair??

That's why Jude Law says he was banned from his kids' school.

For his latest role in the big screen adaptation of Anna Karenina, the ever dashing Jude had to wear a gnarly beard and balding hairstyle to play the cuckolded husband of Keira Knightley.

And Jude says his babies were not amused!

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Jude Law & Kids Do The Walk & Talk

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We fought Jude Law's kids and…they won!

Just kidding!

We didn't actually fight his kids, but they were acting a bit rambunctious.

While walking through London, Jude Law's son Rudy actually ran ahead of his dad and sis Iris, and then the lovable punk bent down and mooned the paparazzi!

How rude slash awesome!!!

The adult side of us disapproved of the little tyke's behavior, but the kid side of us wanted to join him!

Which side will win?

Tune in next time and find out!!!

P.S. Check out some more pictures of Law and his little ones (below) !

[Image via WENN.]

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Jude Law Has London Lunch With His Little Ones

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Actually, they're not quite so little anymore.

But, we're sure they're still just babies to Jude Law.

The father of four went to lunch in Londontown with two of his kiddies Iris, 11, and Rudy, 9.

Later, their older brother Rafferty, 15, joined them at the eatery.

Recently, Jude talked about fatherhood and his youngest daughter Sophia:

"I think women like bad boys. That's been my experience - I just think it's kind of a given. You know, at a certain age, you figure out what works for you, and being a good boy never worked for me. Eventually you have to grow up and realize relationships are hard work. It's like cultivating anything. They need attention. Being a daddy is what counts. My new daughter made me realize that if there's anything that makes a man of you, it's having your will broke by a little girl."

Seems like Jude has done some growing up himself.

His children are lovely, BTW. They have good genes so we see the resemblance. Glad he's taking some time out to bond with his precious cuties.

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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