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Kerry Katona News Archive

Kerry Katona's Husband Decides To Do Some Work

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Is there no end to Kerry Katona's woes?

The former Atomic Kitten is going down in a blaze of tabloid fodder, starting with her infamous Morning Show appearance, followed by losing her job with OK! Magazine, her Iceland endorsement deal jeopardized by her alcoholism, and reposession of her Porsche.

The situation is so dire now that her gold-digger husband, Mark, has been forced to finally get up off his butt and work!

The former cabbie has reportedly purchased all the materials neccessary to start a car-cleaning service.

For $60 an hour Kerry Katona's husband will come clean your car! And you can ask him what it's like to be the British Kevin Federline!

Good luck with that one!

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Nanny Needed

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It sucks to be Kerry Katona!

It sucks to be her any time, but especially now.


The British trainwreck's nanny has just quit.

Perfect timing!

"No amount can compensate for the hassle she deals with," says a friend of the nanny.

Hey, it's recession time in America. If Kerry moves here, we're sure she'll find some help easily.

Britney's got a ton of discarded nannies out there!

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Times are tough, especially for our favorite British trainwrecks!

First, Jade Goody, whom is going through cancer treatment right now (sucky!), is losing her Bentley.

And, now, a similar fate befalls the even hotter mess known as Kerry Katona.

The former Atomic Kitten's car has been repossessed.

Sure, she drives a Porsche. Yes, it costs almost $150,000.

But she's merely steps away from the crack house. And we don't want that to happen, now do we????

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MTV Gives Kerry Katona the Pink Slip

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Fired again!

Kerry Katona's alcohol troubles have cost the Britwreck her MTV show, says the UK's Sun.

There are growing fears for her health so the show's been scrapped - for now.

MTV had planned to follow the former Atomic Kitten around Nashville, where she was going to attempt a music comeback. As a country music singer!

A network source told the tabloid, “Kerry is in no fit state to make a show. We have to wait and see how she fares in the immediate future. We want to see if she can start taking care of herself.”

Hope you're working with good professionals, Kerry.

Get it together!

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Kerry Katona Admits to Alcoholism

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Look what happens when a celeb doesn't have a good PR gal/guy!

So last week, it was announced that the PR-less Brit trainwreck, Kerry Katona, was set to undergo a test to prove/disprove alcoholism because her $400K endorsement deal with UK food giant, Iceland, was in jeopardy.

After appearing 'wasted' on a Brit TV show, Kerry's employers 'asked' her to take said test in what appeared to be an effort to quell the outcries expressed by insulted customers.

Katona's meddling husband, former cabbie/dealer Mark Croft, said the following about the testing, "Iceland sorted everything out for us. They said: "We're concerned about Kerry, and want to make sure everything is fine."

But, come this weekend, Katona revealed in an interview:

"Four years ago I was diagnosed as an alcoholic after a stay in The Priory clinic. This is not common knowledge as I've never admitted it before. But this is a battle I will face for the rest of my life. I can get through days without a drink but it's hard. I never promise myself or my family that I can beat this addiction but I'll try bloody hard."

Is Iceland pissed that Kerry just didn't come clean to them?

This all could have been handled so much better!

We hope Kerry is getting help to stay sober.

Good luck, girl.

It's for the better!

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Kerry Katona to Undergo Alcoholism Testing to Save $400K Endorsement Deal

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Britwreck Kerry Katona's future as the 'face' of UK frozen food giant Iceland rests on the results of an alcoholism test.

According to reports, the food company arranged for the test after they received a ton of angry complaints from customers about Katona's 'drunken', pathetic appearance on a live Brit morning show, which we talked about a few weeks ago.

Katona's meddling husband, former cabbie/dealer Mark Croft, revealed, "Iceland sorted everything out for us. They said: "We're concerned about Kerry, and want to make sure everything is fine."

An insider told the UK media, "Iceland have been shocked by the scale of the fall-out but are sticking by her for now - especially since she is appearing in a current series of ads."

Kerry's already lost one gig post the morning show debacle.

OK! Magazine dropped her highly paying weekly column just days after her controversial appearance.

If Iceland drops Kerry, does that mean Mark will go back to driving cabs to help make ends meet?

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Kerry Katona's career is taking a nose dive!

It started to fall on its own sword when Kerry made her wildly infamous appearance on This Morning with Phillip and Fern.

Yeah, you know the one.

Then, mere hours after Kerry fired her agent for opening his big fat mouth, OK! Magazine dropped her like a stone. And she may lose her Icelandic tv ad gig as well!

Katona got paid a sizable sum to "write" a weekly column for the mag. And she also appeared in a series of commercials for Iceland frozen foods.

A friend says, "She will be very worried. She relied on the magazine job for cash. She now only has hubby Mark to rely on."

We'd like to remind you that Mark was most recently employed as a taxi cab driver, and now he just drives Katona around!

And if that's not bad enough, social services has got its eye on Kerry's kids.

This is beginning to sound familiar.

[Image via WENN.]

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