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Kerry Katona News Archive

Kerry Needs More Blow Dough

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Kerry Katona is pretty desperate…for work.

Reports are saying that the U.K. reality celeb is rolling broke and is willing to take any kind of work in the TV biz. Having lost her profitable promoter's gig with the supermarket Iceland (they weren't too keen on the fact that she snorts "white powder"), Kerry is hoping to return to the jungles of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here and is "begging TV bosses to put her back."

If we could offer her some helpful advice, we think she should concentrate more on how to not lose her children!

From what we hear, social services are up her ass watching to make sure she is suitable mother, as some suggest that Kerry snorted the white powder while the kids were in the house. Following right behind them are the detectives investigating her alleged drug use. They are expected to interrogate her today.

So while you might need to make bank, Kerry, we'd focus more on staying out of prison first.

[Image via News of the World.]

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Kerry Katona Gets A Slap On The Wrist

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The police finally caught up with hard-pAArtying Kerry Katona on Monday!

And how'd they punish the mother of four who was caught on camera snorting a load of cocaine up her nose????

They didn't!

Katona was accompanied by her on-again/off-again husband, former cabbie and rumored drug dealer Mark Croft, to the Cheshire police station on Monday morning, but the reality star only received a "warning" from police!

Says a spokesperson for the Cheshire police: "Following a police investigation, today at Wilmslow police station a 28-year old woman has been cautioned by police for possession of a controlled drug."

Lucky bitch!

Don't fuck up again, though!

[Image via News of the World.]

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Coke-Loving Katona Apologizes For Drug Use!

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Sorry isn't gonna get custody of the childrenz!

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, Kerry Katona speaks out about her recent drug use and what she deems important.

Here are some HIGHlights:

On mistakes:
"I'm so sorry and so ashamed of my actions. I know I let everyone down. It was a moment of weakness and stupidity and I regret it terribly."

On priorities:
"The biggest fear I could ever have is losing my children. But I'm not aware that Brian wants custody of the girls."

On being fired as a spokeswoman for supermarket, Iceland:
"I wasn't shocked by the decision. I understood that I'd given them no choice… they have stood by me through thick and thin and this is how I repaid them. I'm sorry I let them down."

On taking precautions:
"I'm not a drug addict. I don't wake up and think I need drugs. But I know that I have to get some help to make sure I never take drugs again."

Someone is having a problem looking in the mirror unless she's sorting coke off of it!

Katona will be facing charges as Cheshire Police may take further action if presented with additional evidence.

Rehab redux, anyone?!

[Image via News of the World.]

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Kerry's Not Home! Police Attempt To Visit Katona

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Hard pAArtying addict Kerry Katona has fled the UK!

Only "to clear her head," of course.

Police dropped by Katona's home on Tuesday to follow up on "a complaint about Kerry taking part in alleged illicit activities" - AKA the video posted all over the Internets this weekend of Katona snorting a load of cocaine up her nose while two of her daughters, Molly and Lilly Sue, were allegedly at home with her.

Instead, Katona is currently soaking up the sun and dodging her troubles in Tenerife, an isle in the Canaries, while her kids are at home with Gemma, Katona's nanny, who had to handle the drop-in from the police Tuesday.

"The officers came to the door and asked to speak to Kerry," an insider revealed. "Gemma was startled and explained that Kerry wasn't there."

The cops "seemed happy with the explanation" and let Gemma know they would be returning once Katona decides to head back home.

Katona could possibly face 7 years in prison if convicted of possession of cocaine, and her ex-husband Brian McFadden is actively pursuing for Kerry's custody rights to be stripped.

"Kerry's beside herself. She fears losing her kids, her livelihood and now her liberty," the source continued.

The longer Kerry waits, the worse the situation will get!!

[Image via News of the World.]

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Hurry Up & Take Those Kids Away From Kerry Katona

| Filed under: AnglophiliaDrugsKerry Katona


The bitch snorts heavy amounts of coke on camera! She should not have claim over her kids!

Brian McFadden agrees and has already called his lawyers to get custody of his two daughters away from Kerry Katona.

A source suggests:

"He is talking to his fiancée Delta Goodrem and is also consulting his lawyers to see what arrangement they can come to about his kids… he no longer wants them to stay with Kerry. He no longer feels that they are safe with her."

We hope he gets them! Clearly, this woman suffers from the inability to make good decisions.

So now she'll have no kids and no career. There's a PSA in the making!

[Image via News Of The World.]

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