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Fat Actress Heads Out To Dinner

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Do Kirstie Alley's kids never take her out for dinner or something?

The former hit star took to her Twitter account yesterday to let the world know it was her birthday and made sure to repeat how excited she was that her kids were actually taking her to dinner.

The current 59-year-old posted the following messages yesterday:

"MY SPAWNS ARE the most excellent people I know..I am one lucky mother…can't wait to go out with them!!!

GOTTA GO GET DOLLED UP to go to dinner with my amazing kids who are treating me to a LIMO and a special dinner….gotta love those kids

Damn gotta get dressed and look good. Make my chili peppers proud of me..we'll talk later. Again, thank you for all my great birthday wishes."

Turns out Alley and her kids ended up having dinner at Hollywood trend spot Mr. Chows restaurant in Beverly Hills.

By the looks of things, Alley's still looking pretty big. Though we'll give her some credit, she does look somewhat slimmer than a few months ago.

Hopefully this means her weight-loss type document/reality show is going well.

At least her hair was looking good. Well, except for those pesky little extensions sticking out. Or is that just dirty, greasy hair? Ewww.

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Gain Weight & Lose Wrinkles?

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Good new Kirstie Alley!

The Archives of Dermatology is claiming that if the more you weigh, the less wrinkles you'll have.

A study follwed the aging patterns on 65 pairs of identical twins and found that while weight made the heavier twin look older, it slowly reversed at age 54 making them look younger in the face.

The reason?

As we age, we begin to lose our natural spongy collagen that keeps our pretty little faces firm. Those who are heavier camouflage the loss with fat while those who are thin begin to look gaunt.

But don't go packing on the pounds just yet.

The more sugar you eat the quicker collagen will break down. Not to mention that those who weigh more, tend to have bigger problems than looking old.

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Kirstie Alley Weighs In, Breaks Bad Habits Not Scale

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She's ready to lose the tonnage!

According to her Twitter page, Kirstie Alley is ready to begin again with a whole new diet regiment and her new reality television show. The first step with both may have proven the hardest for her, as it required her to step onto the scale!

She called it a "nightmare." (We think we had that same dream last night, only we were the scale. Truly, we understand.)

Kirstie tweeted out the deets to readers, saying:

"The first weigh-in is always the worst. But, to make it EVEN worse, I HAD to weigh at NIGHT in front of a film crew!!! Lord help me.

It was HUMBLING. … I urge everyone to weigh in tonight and BEGIN this. 'Let's get our bodies the way we want em.' Game RIGHT NOW … make it fun."

Won't that be a pleasure to watch on her reality show? By the way, how much of the show will feature Twittering? We feel like you are on A LOT!

P.S. - CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter.

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And The Next Fatty Is…

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Sara Rue!

Meet the new face of Jenny Craig's diet plan! After losing her job on Eastwick due to its cancellation, Sarah Rue decided it was time to put down the Baby Ruth's and pick up a new lease on life!

The actress explains that her very public fluctuation of weight on television the last 20 years has prompted her to take on the task set forth by previous D-list stars trying to make comebacks.

Her predecessor, Valerie Bertinelli, couldn't be prouder of her new cohort, saying "She’s every woman who’s ever started a diet. … She’s real. She’s honest.'”

Rue’s initial weight loss goal is 30 pounds and while we wish her luck on shedding the pounds, we can't help but miss the days when Kirstie Alley undressed a seven tier cake with her eyes in commercials only to insist that she wouldn't be eating it.

So much for that!

When does the new reality show start, Kirstie?!?!

[Image via WENN.]

Wino's Dad Unveils His Own Talkshow

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Why do some celebrities have such fame-and-money-hungry parents? It's not enough to have their child in the spotlight, they need to join in as well?

Case in point, Mitch Winehouse!

Amy Whinehouse's cab driver father now has his own show. Well, it's an online chat show, but still.

The UK's Living channel will be hosting the show on their online channel Liv with Mitch set to interview "celebrities" in his cab.

To us, it kind of sounds similar to HBO's Taxicab Confessions. But Mitch's show is called Mitch Winehouse's Showbiz Rant.

The first "star" to appear on it will be Kirstie Alley David Hasselhoff. Seems like there's always someone out there desperate enough to do anything for publicity.

And in the first episode, the two even share some quality bonding time on air.

Mitch tells David about the douchebags "vampires" who prey on their daughters, to which Hasselhoff responds, "They're still little girls, no matter who old Amy is, she's still your little girl."

Oh, so touching. And yet quite boring!

Check out the short clip above.