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Lance Armstrong News Archive

Lance Armstrong Goes For A Shirtless Run In Texas!

| Filed under: Legal MattersLance ArmstrongFitnessRunningBody

lance armstrong goes for a run(1)

While we think it's completely fine for Lance Armstrong to run to get his health up, we just hope that he's not running to try to compete again.

Earlier today, the biker hit the streets of Austin, TX to go for a shirtless run, and since he just found out that he's officially getting sued by the Justice Department, we're pretty sure he had a lot on his mind.

Running is sometimes the best remedy to burn off some steam, but in Lance's case, he may need to sprint for a very long time in order to forget about his troubles.

We're not sure if Armstrong is getting in shape in hopes to get into a competition, but whatever he's doing, we can only wish that he's doing it for himself — at this point we'd say that's for the best!

[Image via Splash News.]

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Lance Armstrong's Ex Wife Might Have To Testify AGAINST Him!

| Filed under: DrugsLegal MattersLove LineLance Armstrong

lance armstrong doping drugs justice department us postal service lawsuit damages sponsor 100 million cycling ex wife kristin

The U.S. Department of Justice's lawsuit that was looming in the distance has now crashed down on top of Lance Armstrong, and we're hearing that someone who used to love him might have to testify against him!

Lance better hope there's a little love left, which we wouldn't bet on, because Kristin Armstrong is his EX-WIFE!

The DoJ filed a 33 page court document, and brings about the possibility that she may be called as a witness in the trial.

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Lance Armstrong Is Officially Being Sued By The Justice Department!

| Filed under: DrugsLegal MattersLance Armstrong

lance armstrong doping drugs justice department us postal service lawsuit damages sponsor 100 million cycling

Did you think Lance Armstrong could come half-way clean and everyone would just forget about what he did??

NOPE! The U.S. Justice Department has officially filed a lawsuit against Lance (it was inevitable) and his company Tailwind Sports for the millions of dollars that the U.S. Postal Service used in sponsoring the cycling team! We'd say they have every right to, too!

So how much are they going for?

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Lance Armstrong Sells Texas Mansion BELOW Asking!

| Filed under: Lance ArmstrongFor Reals Estate

lance armstrong sells mansion texas austin under list real estate

If the walls at Lance Armstrong's spacious 1.7-acre estate in Austin, Tex. could talk, what secrets would they divulge??

Well, if the new owner can get inanimate objects to talk, we'll soon find out! LOLz!

The new owner took out a $3.1 million loan to purchase the Central Austin property. Originally the house was listed at $10 million; in 2012, the estate was listed for

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Lance Armstrong Can't Swim — But He Can Still Run!!!

| Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueLance ArmstrongTrainingCrazzzzy

lance armstrong is training(1)

Earlier this month, Lance Armstrong was denied the chance to swim in the Masters South Central Zone Swimming Championships, but just 'cuz he can't swim, doesn't mean that he can't run.

While we think it's great that the former biker is keeping in shape, we don't think he should be training, but from his tweet, it seems like that's exactly what he's doing.

Armstrong wrote:

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Lance Armstrong Can't Even Compete In A Swimming Competition!

| Filed under: DrugsLance ArmstrongCyclingSwimming

lance armstrong swimming competition doping agency banned sports cycling lie cheating

Hey Lance Armstrong!

We're sorry to hear that you're unable to take part in a swimming competition in Texas, but maybe you shouldn't have cheated in sports for all those years and then followed it all up with lies. You'd probably be able to compete in anything you wanted had you not done that! Just sayin'!


Armstrong wanted to compete at the Masters South Central Zone Swimming Championships in his home town of Austin this weekend. It has nothing to do with cycling, it isn't subjected to USA or World Anti-Doping Agency codes. No prob, right?


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Lance Armstrong Gets Out Of El Lay!

| Filed under: Lance ArmstrongCelebs At AirportsBike It

lance armstrong departs from lax

After all his dramz, we're not surprised that Lance Armstrong wants to get out of the limelight.

The cyclist was spotted at LAX yesterday getting ready to leave El Lay, and despite the fact that everyone and their mom is trying to gang up on him with lawsuits — he actually appeared kind of happy.

Armstrong strolled through the airport with a slight smirk on his face, which made us smile because we know everything that he's been going through is tough. We can only imagine how he's feeling, but we're hoping his life gets better soon.

Because at the end of the day, he's still human, and we all make mistakes.

Keep your head up Lance!

[Image via Boris Issaei/MRM/National Photo Group.]

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