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Larry Birkhead News Archive

Larry Birkhead Testifies In Anna Nicole Case

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The most anticipated testimony in the recent Anna Nicole Smith hearing finally began on Friday as Larry Birkhead, father of Anna Nicole's young daughter, took the stand against Howard K. Stern, Dr.Khristine Eroshevich and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor

Unlike Anna Nicole's former bodyguard, Maurice Brighthaupt, who took the stand before Larry and hashed out all the information he could, Larry surprisingly attempted to stay dignified and polite, answering questions as honestly and as straightforward as possible.

When asked about the drugs he could recall Anna Nicole indulging in, he replied with a list: “Topamax, Klonopin, Lasix, Valium and some sort of potassium pill. Methadone was a regular medication. I didn’t see Dilaudid. Vicodin was used throughout the relationship.”

He continued to explain that he suspected that Anna Nicole was taking extra prescriptions from two different doctors very early on in their two year relationship. He informed Dr. Kapoor of this theory, but nothing ever came of it.

He also divulged into the "working relationship" he now finds himself in with Howard K. Stern, though he recalls the times in which Anna Nicole was still alive, where things were "icy".

But mainly, Larry focused on the terrible quality of life that Anna Nicole endured during her detox from the massive amounts of drugs:

“She’d get up ‘to feed the dogs,’” Birkhead said of one of Smith’s middle-of-the-night awakenings during a detox visit, in which she imagined she was back at home. “The IV cart was still attached to her and I yelled, ‘Anna!’”

Larry will take the stand again today.

We have a feeling this will definitely go to trial, which will probably mean another year of this craziness.

So sad.

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Larry Birkhead Heads To Reality TV?

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To be honest, we're surprised it took him this long.

Larry Birkhead seems to be having issues finding some companionship, so the only logical step was to call the Millionaire Matchmaker! Larry is in talks to star in the Bravo reality hit show that follows matchmaker Patti Stanger as she finds the perfect woman for unlucky-in-love millionaires.

We didn't know Larry had THAT much money. We know little Dannielynn probably does, but him?

Last night, Patti spilled the news at the Really Awards, saying that the deal was in the works and that she really hopes it goes through, for Danielynn's sake:

"I knew Anna Nicole. I fixed her up back in the day and I want that child to have a great mom."

Us too, but we can't see any of the gold-digging broads you tend to bring around doing the trick. Prove us wrong, though, Patti.

See if you can find someone with half a brain, some sense of genuine emotion, and a liking for kids who's also willing to also have her relationship taped for all of America to watch in their living rooms. Good luck!

Update: PerezHilton.com has confirmed with Larry Birkhead that the single dad will NOT be doing the show. Contrary to Patti's hopes that he will join, Larry told them he was not interested months ago.

[Image via WENN.]

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Back To Court! Anna Nicole Haunts Seattle

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Somethings just won't die, even when some people do.

Though Anna Nicole Smith passed away 2 years ago, her demand for her much much much much older husband's millions lives on.

Back when she was breathing, Anna Nicole had her lawyers fighting all the way to the Supreme Court to gain her half of the riches left solely to her dead husband's son, Pierce Marshall.

And the battle rages on!!!

With both parties deceased, (Pierce died in 2006, a year before Anna Nicole) the war is now left to the heir's of Pierce Marshall and Anna Nicole's 2-year-old daughter, Dannielynn and her daddy, Larry Birkhead.

Now, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is convening today, Thursday, at the old federal courthouse in downtown Seattle to continue this freak-show of a court case. It is expected that Anna Nicole's survivors, lover Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead will show up in Seattle for the hearing.

Well, of course, they want their slice of the pie as much as Anna Nicole did!

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Larry Birkhead Is $crewed!

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Larry Birkhead's cheap ass has come back to haunt him!

Debra Opri, the attorney who worked her butt off to have custody of his and Anna Nicole's daughter (Dannielynn) awarded to Birkhead, says Larry never forked over the cash for her services!!

After two years of battling the baby daddy for her fee, the issue is finally going to court!

Opri is so over Larry's excuses for not footing the bill and the attorney has stated that "all dirty laundry will be aired" during the trial!!

She believes that time has proven that "America no longer sees the fair haired country boy they once did" in Larry!

Spill it, Debbie!

[Image via WENN.]

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Anna Nicole's Boys, Together Again - And Suing Mad!

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Anna Nicole Smith's former attorney and "alleged" lover, Howard K. Stern, has sued a guy named Mark Speer (who used to work for the ex-lawyer of Anna Nicole's sperm donor, Larry Birkhead) for allegedly feeding Anna Nicole biographer, Rita Cosby, a shit storm of lies.

Guess who has come to Howard K.'s aid in his lawsuit against Speer?

None other than former rival Larry B. himself!

According to reports, Larry just filed a sworn declaration taking issue with stuff Speer supposedly told the biographer:

- Birkhead says he never told Bahamian cops Stern stole millions of bucks from Anna Nicole.
- Birkhead denies he was on a "mission" to get Stern investigated for the death of Daniel.
- Birkhead denies he and Stern horse-traded Dannielynn in return for Howard becoming executor.

We smell something fishy!

[Image via WENN.]

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Call Him Gay and He'll Make You Pay

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Anna Nicole Smith's former lawyer and alleged lover, Howard K. Stern, is suing mad!

Remember the gay 'claims' hurled at Stern in that Anna Nicole tell-all book?

Well, he says he knows who concocted the homo lies.

He blames the sister of Anna Nicole's ex-boyfriend, Jackie Hatten, and Larry Birkhead's former bodyguard, Mark Speer.

Stern has just filed a suit against the two for defamation and is asking for unspecified damages.

Too bad he wasn't proven to be Danni Lynne's poppa.

Bet it kills him to see Larry Birkhead enjoying the little one's inheritance!

[Image via WENN.]

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Larry Birkhead was at Marilyn Monroe auction in Las Vegas this past weekend.

Anna Nicole's babydaddy spent nearly nearly $3,000 on lingerie once worn by Marilyn.

Birkhead said he was picking up mementos for his daughter, Dannielynn.


Why does little Dannielynn need fucking lingerie???? She's not even two years old!!!!!!

And it wasn't even her mom's lingerie!

[Image via WENN.]

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