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This Puts Amy Poehler's Character In Mean Girls TO SHAME!

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Nothing strengthens the bonds of family like a mother, son daughter, a dog staring on, confused and disturbed, and the vocal stylingz of KHIA!

All we could think of while watching this:

Wow. Courtney Stodden's mom must be furious she did not think of this FIRST!

We'll leave to enjoy the rest for yourself (above)! Just wait for the "We should be STRIPPERS!"

It's pure gold.

P.S. Is that Luke Worrall?!

P.P.S. Apparently, Luke Worrall is a girl. Our bad.

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Kelly Osbourne's Male Model Ex Cheated On Her With A Transexual!

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If you were surprised by the fact that Kelly Osbourne’s ex fiance cheated on her, you’re really going to be shocked now.

Turns out Luke Worrall cheated on Kels with a man. Well, a man who became a woman.

Apparently, Luke had been shacking up with Elle Schneider, a pre-op transsexual, who was born Reynaldo Gonzalez.

Elle, who’s 21 and living in Miami, revealed a lot of juicy gossip in a recent interview where she also claims not to have known Luke was dating Kelly.

Check out the HIGHlights below:

"I was open with Luke that I was born a boy. He didn't mind - in fact it turned him on more. He told me that it turned him on knowing I was once a boy. Luke is very different to most guys ­sexually.

He always insisted to me he was single and I had no idea he was engaged to Kelly ­Osbourne.

From the moment I met him, he was telling me he loved me and he wanted us to get ­married. But now I ­realise it was all lies. At the same time as he was professing his love to me, he was doing the same to Kelly.

I think the way he has ­treated her is ­terrible and I only hope she can ­finally move on. The way Luke lives his life is ­completely toxic."

The two met over a year ago at a New York night club. And the classy Worrall didn’t mind hooking up on the same night. Elle goes on to reveal:

"I've never had the heart to tell Kelly this because I did not want to upset her, but Luke and I were intimate that night.

It was only when I took my clothes off he saw I had a penis. He wasn't fazed by it - he was very ­complimentary. He was drunk.

He stayed the night and did not leave my hotel room until 11am the next day. Back then, I had no idea he was engaged. He repeatedly insisted he was single."

The two didn’t get in touch again until last November when Elle found him on Twitter. At that time he was living in London so the two got reacquainted.

She adds:

“In no time at all we were being very flirty with each other - and before long Luke started ­using Skype to have video sex with me."

He then paid for her to fly to London to watch him DJ in December. Elle got intimate with him again that night and he reportedly begged her to stay.

Kelly found out shortly after which led to her very public breakup and Twitter rant against Luke.

So sad.

And if you'd like to see what Elle looks like, check her out after the jump!

[Image via WENN.]

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Luke Worrall Exposed!

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He should know better.

Pictures of a naked Luke Worrall have hit the web and while they're too scandalous to show here, you can see them on UnratedPerez.com.

CLICK HERE to see Luke reveal all!!!
CLICK HERE to see Luke reveal all!!!
CLICK HERE to see Luke reveal all!!!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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Exclusive! Kelly Osbourne's Got A New Man!

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Hooray! Let's just hope he knows he's got a good thing going - and doesn't eff it up!

Sources are reporting to us EXCLUSIVELY that Kelly Osbourne has finally moved on from her ex-fiancee, Luke Worrall and has met someone new!

Our sources dished to us that Kelly was overseas for the holidays, visiting with friends and her family. Apparently, her recent outburst at Luke on Twitter was taking its toll on her, so as her friends dragged her out to club, she remained sullen in a corner. Then, fate stepped in! We hear that out of nowhere, a handsome, young Brit spotted her standing alone across the room and decided to chat her up a bit.

Cue a "happy and glowing" Kelly O! Yes, our source explains that from that moment on, the pair were "pretty inseparable" and it was like a weight had been lifted on Kelly's disposition. Apparently, back on the set of her new movie So Undercover, it was evident to everyone that she was "back to her old self again" and the lot is crediting this new nam as the reason for Kelly's new and improved attitude.

So who is this mystery man????

Sources confirm that his name is Rob Damiani, the leader singer for a band called Don Broco.

Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! Nice choice, Kelly girl! He's a total cuttie! And so far, he sounds like a total upgrade from that other dude, old what's-his-name!

We're happy for you, bb! We love to hear that you're getting back to your happy, more positive self!

[Image via WENN.]

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