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Solange's Elevator Attack On Jay Z Makes The Morning Papers! See The Truthful Headlines Describing The Incident HERE!

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jay z beyonce solange new york post daily news covers

Solange's anger towards her brother-in-law Jay Z boiled over on Met Gala Monday, resulting in one of the most brutal, one-sided brawls of all time!

And while the sheer shock value of the actual event was on a wondrous level — we couldn't help but wonder what creativity would be printed in the infamous New York papers the next day!

So today, our satirical sarcastic prayers have been answered…

Thanks to the New York Post and The Daily News!

Sorry Beyoncé and the Beygency, we can't help but give props to the minds behind the headlines!

Ch-ch-check out both covers and their take on the brawl in the gallery (below)!

[Image via New York Post/ The Daily News]

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Solange Is Deleting Beyoncé From Her Life (& Instagram) After The Met Gala After Party Elevator Brawl With Jay Z?!?

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solange deleting all pictures of beyonce on instagram proof

Well, this would certainly be innneresting… if only it were true!

Reports have been popping up following the Met Gala after party elevator brawl with Jay Z, that Solange took to her Instagram to delete all traces of her big sister Beyoncé!

And it TOTALLY seemed that way if you took a quick scan through her page!

However it's completely and totally FALSE!

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Solange's Reason For Attacking Jay Z Is Still A Mystery — But This New Information May Be One Step Closer To The Truth!

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jay z beyonce met gala solange fight cause

We know this trio "abruptly" left the official Met Gala after party — but now, we may be closer to knowing exactly why!

Solange went ballistic on poor Jay Z in an elevator while exiting The Standard Hotel in NYC on Monday…

And as Beyoncé calmly stood to the side, waiting for the kicking and screaming to be done, it all left us wondering why the violent outburst occurred in the first place.

Moments before the attack, we KNOW the sisters were having fun (except for the Rachel Roy scuffle), because an eyewitness revealed they were dancing with supermodel Naomi Campbell, while Jay looked on lovingly!

But then, some choice words set off Solange — and the insider confessed that she did not agree with whatever her brother-in-law said:

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Solange Got Into Another Fight BEFORE The Jay Z Elevator Brawl! No One Is Safe!

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solange rachel roy met gala fight

Oh geez, Solange!

It looks like she was all about starting trouble with ANYONE on Met Gala Monday!

After video of the singer's elevator attack on Jay Z surfaced yesterday, more details on the after party leading up to the fight have been released…

And Beyoncé's baby sis was apparently all about stirring the pot with every person she came into contact with!!

A source revealed that Solange yelled at adorable designer and one of Kim Kardashian's besties

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Beyoncé Posted A Subliminal Message About Her Relationship On Instagram In The Wake Of The Solange and Jay Z Fight!

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beyonce instagram about met gala fight solange

Shall we read between the lines, or the ACTUAL lines!!

Ever since the leaked security footage of Solange getting violent with Jay Z was released, everyone's been questioning the singer's behavioral motives…

While there are meme enthusiasts and conspiracy theorist on Twitter that have their own idea as to why the fight went down, we have no actual verbal window into the elevator incident.

But something that Beyoncé shared on social media two days after the Met Gala
fight could be VERY telling!

48 hours after the night of fashion and art, the Single Ladies singer shared the following prayer to her 12 million idolizers on Instagram:

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EXCLUSIVE! The Hotel That Hosted Jay Z & Solange's Bizarre Elevator Brawl Just Spoke To Us About The Leaked Video & They're PISSED!!!

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exclusive jay z solange elevator fight the standard nyc response

The world's collective mind was BLOWN this morning when video footage leaked showing Jay Z's and his sister-in-law Solange Knowles fighting in a hotel elevator after last week's Met Gala.

Most of us are still picking our jaws up off the floor, but we should keep in mind that the altercation occurred more than a few days ago!

It's probably safe to assume that management at The Standard, the fancy NYC hotel where Beyoncé's loved ones brawled, has been sitting on this tape for awhile!

So, how did they react the footage leaked this morning and quickly went viral?

Here's a hint: they are PISSED!!!!

In a statement EXCLUSIVE! to PerezHilton.com, a rep from The Standard confessed:

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