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Momma Perez News Archive

It's Grandparent's Day! Celebrating This Great One!

| Filed under: Personally PerezYouTubePerezTVMomma PerezJ.R. Hilton

A bit somber.

Keeping our loved ones in Florida in our thoughts!

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2 Year Old Counting Until 10 - Or Trying To!!

| Filed under: Personally PerezLatinoliciousYouTubePerezTVMomma PerezMia Hilton

Cutest thing you will see today!


1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣6️⃣7️⃣8️⃣9️⃣🔟 🌟🌟🌟

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Her Eating Habits Are Insane!

| Filed under: Personally PerezYouTubePerezTVMomma Perez

Chow down!!! With Momma Perez!

One of her wildest meals yet!

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Perez Gives Himself A Mustache! AND…

| Filed under: Personally PerezYouTubePerezTVMomma PerezJ.R. HiltonMia Hilton

Surprise reveal at the end to my Momma Perez, Mia Hilton and J.R. Hilton!

Two out of the three loved it. One, however, hated it - strongly!

All their faces, though, were hilarious!

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How Kim Kardashian Can Fix Her Problem With Her Daughter ASAP!

| Filed under: Kanye WestKim KardashianYouTubePerezTVMomma PerezKUWTK

Made from a place of love.

Genuinely trying to help!

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Leaping For Love!

| Filed under: Personally PerezYouTubePerezTVMomma PerezJ.R. HiltonMia Hilton

Family time before the VMAs!

Saw the Leap movie and it was SO LOVELY!!! Beautiful. Inspiring. Exciting. Great messages!

Like Cinderella meets Flashdance for kids.

Enjoyed it so much AND now gonna download the soundtrack!!

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Our Happy Place!

| Filed under: Personally PerezLatinoliciousYouTubePerezTVMomma PerezJ.R. HiltonMia Hilton

Ending the week lit af!!


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