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Octo-Mom News Archive

Despite Bankruptcy, Octo-Mom Is Paying $500 A Year For Gym Membership

| Filed under: Legal MattersOcto-MomGym Time

Octo-Mom gym membership

It looks like someone didn't pay attention in elementary school when they learned about the difference between a need and a want.

Octo-Mom filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Monday, which is the most serious form of bankruptcy and basically means she is flat broke. The same day, however, she was seen strolling to the Total Woman Gym & Day Spa — a membership that costs her over $500 a year!

Listen, we understand the importance of working out, but not at the expense of your children's well being! Even with a monthly check for $2,000 from the the state of California, Nadya Suleman is about to lose the house that she and her 14 kids call home.

Exercise is essential for a healthy life, but there is no need to spend money you don't have on a fancy gym.

Go for a run outside, do push-ups in your living room or crunches on the floor. Whatever you do, don't spend your next mortgage payment on a gym membership!

Octo-Mom may not have a home next week, but at least her gym has a daycare center. They keep kids overnight, right?

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Octomom Beats Amy Fisher In Boxing Match

| Filed under: Octo-MomFitnessBoxing

Nadya Suleman Boxing

During a celebrity boxing match last night, Octomom Nadya Suleman beat her opponent Amy Fisher with ease.

Amy Fisher, you might remember, gained controversial fame as the Long Island Lolita — for having shot and wounded Mary Jo Buttafuoco, Joey's wife. Because she and Joey were lovers.

Not surprisingly, the crowd

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Adriana Lima Is A Boxing Beauty!

| Filed under: Adriana LimaOcto-MomFitnessBoxing

Adrianna Lima Boxing

It's no secret that supermodel Adriana Lima is drop dead gorgeous, but she might be drop dead dangerous too!

The Victoria's Secret model was spotted delivering a few left and rights to her trainer during a boxing session in Miami on Wednesday.

She doesn't look like she's new to the sport either and was working up quite a sweat.

If Octo-Mom is still looking for opponents, Adriana is one famous face we'd love to see in the celebrity boxing ring! LOLz!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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Octo-Mom's Birth Scars

| Filed under: Octo-MomBodyBoxing

Octo-mom 1
Octo-mom baby body

We love kids, but here is one more reason NOT to have 8 of them at once!

After winning a "celebrity" boxing match in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Saturday, Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman showed off her battle birth scars.

Those are definitely there for life!

Would U permanently sacrifice your midsection to pop out 8 children?

[Image via WENN/Pacific Coast News.]

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Octo-Mom Wins Her Boxing Match!

| Filed under: Michael LohanOcto-MomBoxing

Octo-mom boxing

Congratulations are in order for Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octo-Mom, who won her "celebrity" boxing match against a bartender in Florida over the weekend!

The 36-year-old was matched up against 25-year-old bartender Cassandra Andersen in Fort Lauderdale Saturday night.

A whopping 3 DOZEN spectators filled the crowd, including A-List star (of the celebrity boxing world) Michael Lohan! Ha!

The bell rang and both ladies came out swinging, but it sounds like Cassandra swung a little harder!

Sources say that Octo-Mom actually RAN AWAY back to her hotel room after only a few minutes into the ring!

What!? LOL!

"I think she was mad ’cause she was getting beat up," her opponent told sources.

She used that anger to her advantage and came back to the ring to finish the bout, of which judges awarded her the winner!

We're pretty sure leaving the ring in the middle of a match warrants a surrender, but we guess the only rule in "celebrity" boxing is…the "celebrity" always wins"!

[Image via WENN.]

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Porn/Reality Star Erica Lynne Wants To Wrestle Octo-Mom!

| Filed under: Octo-MomFitnessWrestlingReality TV

Bad Girl Club Octo-Mom

Earlier this week, we wrote about Nadaya Suleyman (aka Octo-Mom) reaching out for an opponent to wrestle in the Female Celebrity Wrestling match on June 29.

We're happy to report Nadaya may have gotten her wish!

Bad Girls Club and porn star, Erica Lynne, who's name has been Google searched by thousands of men too cheap to buy her recently released Vivid sex tape, Erica Lynn is Badd: The XXX Home Movies, has stepped up to answer the call!

In fact, she hasn't just stepped up to answer, she's RE-CHALLENGED Octo-mom by saying she’ll win and beat her in three rounds or less, any time and anywhere!

Adding to her confidence, the reality and porn star (reality porn star?) said:

“She’s a worn out wuss! I’ve got the energy, the strength and the stamina to whip her easily. I work out regularly, and even though I probably don’t have to, I might even step up my training schedule for a match against Nadya.”

If she's as hardcore as her sex tape, we have no doubt Octo-Mom could be in trouble! LOLz!

Can't wait to see this one!

[Octomom image via WENN / Erica image viaVivid.]

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Octo-Mom Looking For Opponent In Celebrity Boxing Match

| Filed under: Octo-MomBoxingWrestling

Octo-Mom Looking For Opponent In Celebrity Boxing Match

Nadaya Suleyman (aka Octo-Mom) is looking for someone to beat up (or get beat up by) in the Female Celebrity Wrestling match on Wednesday, June 29.

The match will be three rounds, one minute each.

Nadya has been training months for the event.

We must admit, we’re looking forward to Nadya fighting. With that many kids you KNOW he’s got some aggression built up!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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