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Lindsay Lohan's Boob Spills Out Of Her Dress In Brazil!

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lindsay lohan almost shows boob getting out of helicopter in brazil

Whoa whoa whoa!

Lindsay Lohan was thisclose to having a major nip slip this weekend.

While stepping out of a helicopter, the rehab-bound actress' assets were almost too much for her slinky dress to handle, but by some miracle it didn't pop out.

God works in mysterious ways, y'all!

In case you forgot, LiLo's been in the country pAArtying at nightclubs doing "promotional" work for John John Denim and it seems like she's really taken on the South American vibe! As in, she's letting it ALL hang out!

Srsly, a couple more centimeters and the right girl would have been on display!

Erm, Lindsay? You might want to think about using a bra or covering up!

[Image via BUDA/AKM-GSI Media.]

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Jourdan Dunn Reveals Her AWKWARD Encounter With Justin Bieber At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

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jourdan dunn on bieber

Oh boy!

While Selena Gomez may have been furious with her now-ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber over his possible dalliance with Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin behind-the-scenes of his performance at the 2012 fashion show, it may not have been just HER with whom pint-sized pop sensation was trying to get his mack on!

In fact, according to Jourdan Dunn, she had more than an awkward experience with him during the runway rehearsals…because she accidentally flashed he and his posse her tittays…and he had no problem telling her how much he enjoyed them!

The model recently revealed:

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Khloe Kardashian Is A Victim Of Mother Nature! Wind Blows Up Her Skirt & Exposes Her Spanx!

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Khloe Kardashian exposes her Spanx in Los Angeles Khloe Kardashian exposes her Spanx in Los Angeles

It's just not her day.

Khloe Kardashian was the unfortunate victim of Mother Nature on Friday and it all went down outside of mom Kris Jenner's El Lay office!

While chatting with her sisters, an overzealous gust of wind blew up her printed Thakoon dress and exposed her spankalicious Spanx for all the world to see!

Just moments after the tragic mishap, Khloe tweeted:

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Lauren Conrad Accidentally Dyes Her Hair Pink While On Holi-Day!

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lauren conrad india holi festival pink hair 1 lauren conrad india holi festival pink hair 4(1)

Her hairdresser is in for another seven hour session!!!

Lauren Conrad is rocking pink hair again, but not because she wanted to!

The Paper Crown designer was in India for the Holi Festival, which celebrates the coming of spring by throwing around colored water, powder and paint, and the effects will be with her for a while.

LC posted pics to her Instagram of her pink and green face and hair, but even after she washed it out, the color stayed!!!

But being the California girl that she is, Lauren's going with the flow, saying:

"So apparently it doesn't wash out…Looks like I'm sporting pink locks for the rest of this trip."

We wouldn't be too worried Lauren. It looks good on you!

[Image via Instagram.]

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Khloe Kardashian Outshines Her Camel Toe In Hollywood

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khloe kardashian mcdonalds premium mcwrap launch party hollywood2 khloe kardashian mcdonalds premium mcwrap launch party hollywood


It looks like Khloe Kardashian could have used a pair of Camelflage undies last night at the McDonald's Premium McWrap Launch Party in Hollywood.

Mrs. Odom, who is no stranger to these kinds of things, arrived at Paramount Studios in a pair of tight blue leather leggings, a sheer black top, black blazer and black Louboutin pumps.

Luckily Khloe looked so fab, what with her luscious hot pink lips and wavy ombre locks, we're sure nobody noticed what was goin' on in her crotchal region.


[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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Nicki Minaj Steals Mariah Carey's Birthday Thunder & Style On American Idol!

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mariah carey nicki minaj same color dress american idol

GASP!!! This is a fashion faux pas of diva proportions!

Mariah Carey, being the true professional she is, celebrated her birthday on the set of American Idol last night.

The birthday princess was all smiles in a bright orange flared party dress, that is until Nicki Minaj sat down wearing a curve-hugging frock that was practically the same color!!!

It's like Mariah and Whitney at the 1998 VMAs 2.0!!!

Unfortunately Luckily both dresses escaped the taping unharmed and fully intact, as did their weaves.

We have a feeling Mariah's glam squad is firing off rapid texts to Her Minajesty's peeps to make sure this never happens again.

Who Was More Original In Orange???

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Who Was More Original In Orange???

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[Image via Getty Images.]

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Demi Moore Exposes Hairy Legs For All The World To See!

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demi moore has hairy legs demi moore hairy legs close up weho

Demi Moore is going around town acting like hairy legs are the new hairy armpits!

We really don't want to be exposed to either of those things, but the fact that it's spring time in El Lay, Demi should know better than to wear short shorts on such a sunny day when she hasn't shaved or waxed in a while.

The actress was seen picking up a healthy smoothie in West Hollywood on Monday wearing short black shorts, a gray sweatshirt and a big black overcoat.

We might not have really noticed, but her studded black boots stood out so much, we couldn't help but spot the prickly bristles glistening in the sun.

Next time a little sweep of the Schick across your stems will do ya wonders!

[Image via Owen Beiny/WENN & AKM-GSI..]

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