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Lindsay Lohan Could Go To JAIL Cause There Is NO SUCH THING As "Locked" Rehab In NY!

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lindsay lohan jail no such think lockdown rehab nyc mark heller


Sorry, it's just… KARMA is sometimes the best kind of BITCH!

So Lindsay Lohan's totally competent lawyer Mark Heller might have made a MAJOR booboo during Monday's court hearing that could actually land the troubled starlet in jail instead of the previously agreed upon "locked" rehab facillity…

Because as it turns out, recent research shows "locked" treatment centers DO NOT EXIST in New York, and NY is the state where Lindsay has chosen to serve her 90 days of confinement.

The prosecution apparently only accepted the last minute plea deal in the first place because they made the mistake of assuming that Mark Heller knew what he was talking about (HA).

But no worries, cause Lindsay's deal doesn't actually stipulate that she must serve her 90 days in locked REHAB, it just states she must be kept in CUSTODY for 90 days…

So if Lindsay's team can't find a sufficient "locked" rehab center, then it's reportedly straight off to jail for that ass!

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Octo-Mom Getting Probed For Alleged Welfare Fraud

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Uh oh.

Octo-Mom may be in trouble!

The mama with a lot of kiddies is being investigated by the guv'ment after someone snitched on her and said she's getting welfare and food stamps - even though she doesn't qualify.

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Beth Ditto's Boozy Arrest: All Deets On The Diva's Drunken Debauchery HERE!

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beth ditto arrest oregon details drunk

As we reported yesterday, Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto was arrested this past weekend for disorderly conduct AKA getting SO drunk at a bar in Portland, Oregon that people felt compelled to call the cops…

And besides supposedly getting "blackout" and running into the street yelling "Obama, Obama," the Gossip Goddess was ALSO apparently throwing a DIVA-style fit and seemed enraged when people didn't know who she was!

One witness describes:

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Lindsay Lohan WILL Be Late For Trial & Could Be ARRESTED If She Doesn't Turn Up!

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lindsay lohan late court trial private plane

It's official folks!

Unless Lindsay Lohan has a time-turner, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that she will show up to TODAY's decisive court hearing on time, and if she fails to attend, the Judge might just issue a bench warrant for her arrest!!

We already knew that Lilo was running ridiculously late after missing her first flight Sunday night from JFK AND because she decided to get off her rescheduled flight in favor of a private jet…

But it seems her $50,000 private flight is scheduled to land in Van Nuys at

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Lindsay Lohan BAILS On Rescheduled Flight Plans & Scrambles To Find Last Minute Jet To LA! Will She Make It To Court?!

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lindsay lohan misses flight oil leak la trial

Scrambling for a flight HOURS before facing a potentially devastating court hearing?!

Just a normal night in the life of Lindsay Lohan!

The fun-loving redhead who doesn't seem to know when to QUIT is required to attend court TODAY in Los Angeles for her lying-to-cops/probation-violation case…

Yet after reportedly MISSING her first scheduled flight out of JFK last night to party at some concert, girl apparently decided to get OFF her rescheduled flight, and was left searching for ANY other flight out of NYC!!

But WHY did Lilo get off the plane?!

One source claims that she

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