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Lindsay Lohan's Assistant Gave Her Up To The Cops!

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This is gettin’ juicy!

Lindsay Lohan has been sticking to her guns that she was so totally NOT driving her Porsche when it crashed in June on PCH, but now a credible witness says otherwise.

It turns out the snitch was her very own assistant!!!

Gavin Doyle was chillin’ in the passenger seat when LiLo hit the big rig, which is what the truck driver reported as well!

At the hospital, Gavin spilled his guts to the cops, which is why the actress is now potentially in a world of trouble with the PoPo.

We’ll keep on keepin’ track of this dramz, because if we know LiLo like we think we do, there’s bound to be more twists!

[Image via Ai-Wire/WENN.]

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[Images via Ramey Pix.]

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One Direction's Harry Styles Got A Girl Pregnant His First Time… Almost!

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Harry Styles Pregnancy Scare First Time 2

Even a pro cougar catcher like Harry Styles hasn’t always been so smooth!

While the One Direction heartthrob has been linked to everyone from models to singers and a plethora of ladiez in their 30s, his first time was anything BUT ideal!

In a recent interview, Harry confessed:

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Lindsay Lohan Facing "Significant Jail Time" For Lying To Cops!!

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OH sh*t!! Lindsay Lohan really might get put in the slammer for REALZ!!!

Earlier today, we heard that Santa Monica authorities are thisclose to filing charges against the controversial starlet concerning her car accident in June.

The charges claim Lindsay LIED to police — which is a misdemeanor crime — when she said she was not driving the vehicle, when, in fact, multiple sources reveal she WAS.

Now it seems, not only will the charges get filed, but the LA city attorney's office is hoping Linds will serve the MAX amount of jail time for violating her jewelry theft probation by telling untruths!

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Soulja Boy Accidentally Thrusts Dick Pic In Your Face Via Tumblr!

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Oh dear boy…

It seems Crank That rapper Soulja Boy doesn't quite yet understand how to use social media, as dude apparently 'accidentally' posted a picture of his penis to his Tumblr account (above)!!

The self taken snap has since been taken down and Soulja has posted an apology on his Tumblr, which states:

"I apologize to ever seen that, accident."

Holy one eyed snake!

It is quite an aggressive pic! It practically looks like his peen is about to poke your eye out!

If you are feelig brave, haven't eaten yet, and are sitting down, you should totes take a gander at the NSFW uncensored image …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Lindsay Lohan Off To Jail For Car Crash LIES?!

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Lindsay Lohan's loose, lying lips may finally land her in jail!!!

Back in June, Lilo managed to smash her rented porsche into an 18-wheeler truck on the Pacific Coast Highway, however, girl claimed she was NOT the one driving the vehicle…

Unfortunately for Mz. Lindz, multiple sources - including her assistant who was IN the car with the redhead - say otherwise, and now it seems she will be charged with

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