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Cameron Diaz Recharges After The Gym With A Smoothie

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Cameron Diaz post gym smoothie

Cameron Diaz re-energized her body with an organic smoothie after leaving her West Hollywood gym on Sunday.

The actress showed off her shapely legs in black spandex and her toned arms in a sleeveless tee.

At 38-years-old, Cameron still looks just as good as she did when she played HAWT detective Natalie Cook in Charlie's Angels!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Prince Charles Advocates Organic Farming In DC

| Filed under: Barack ObamaFoodOrganic

Prince Charles Advocates Organic Farming In DC

Prince Charles has moved passed the champagne royal wedding toasts and onto matters involving the environment.

He spoke to the students of Georgetown University on Wednesday about the importance of organic and sustainable farming for almost an hour.

In his speech he called for the government to stop subsidizing large-scale farming and support organic and environmentally-friendly food production.

Charles visited a small farm while in DC, and also had a meeting with President Obama about the issue.

We totally support this. Prince Charles is the King of organic!

[Image via Zak Hussein/WENN.com.]

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Study Reveals Consumer Bias In Favor Of Organic Labels

| Filed under: FoodOrganic

Organic labels mislead consumer taste

A study by Cornell University graduate student Jenny Wan-chen has revealed that people have a bias in favor of foods with the organic label, which she calls the "healthy halo".

She offered 144 mall shoppers 2 samples of yogurt, chips and chocolate sandwich cookies — one organic and one "regular" — then asked them to rate the samples for qualities including taste and fat content.

The results?

Shoppers consistently found "organic" to be not only better tasting, but estimated that the organic foods had more fiber, less fat and fewer calories.

Heck, they even admitted to be willing to pay more for them!

What the shoppers weren't aware of is that both samples were organic, so their judgement was simply swayed by the "organic" label.

While this does make customers sound a little stupid, at least it shows a growing interest in purchasing the "healthier" option over any other option.

Of course, cookies aren't healthy no matter how organic they are if you eat too many of them. In the case of obesity, quantity is often more dangerous than quality.

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5 Items That DON'T Need To Be Organic

| Filed under: FoodHealthOrganic

Avacado pic

With our nation becoming increasingly focused on enriching our bodies every possible way we can, organic food has become a staple in American food culture.

However, organic sometimes means more expensive, so here are a 6 foods that DON'T need to be organic and are very unlikely to be affected by those dangerous chemicals we're so afraid of.

Avacados: Thick skinned fruits and vegetables like avacados are pretty safe from being affected by any chemicals. To be safe, just wash the skin before cutting to get rid of any residue.

Eggs: Research has shown that factory eggs don't have higher quantities of contaminants than organic eggs.

Frozen Food: The chance of ingesting harmful chemicals from frozen food in plastic bags is pretty low since the risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals is heightened by heat.

Spices: According to experts, when using spices we consume such small amounts of the actual root vegetable, that the risk of any chemical exposure is very small.

Clothing: Organic cotton is great for the enviroment, but the benefits to your personal health are unclear because it is unlikely that pesticides remain in clothing in quantities large enough to seep into our bodies.

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Megan Fox Plays Mom While Keeping It Organic

| Filed under: Megan FoxFoodOrganic

Megan Fox Plays Mom While Keeping It Organic

Megan Fox is growing up fast.

She took her stepson Kassius Lijah Green and her husband Brian Austin to Sun Power Natural Organic Cafe in Sutdio City yesterday.

They ate quickly but seemed to be in a good mood.

Buying organic is almost always a better option if you can afford it!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Chipotle Brings LOLs And A Message

| Filed under: FoodJamie OliverOrganicFast Food


Chipotle is a chain of Mexican grill restaurants that offers for the same price as another restaurant, a massive burrito or salad.

They're nationwide and damn good may we add, but they pride themselves through their ingredients.

Chipotle serves antibiotic-free, free range pork, "naturally raised" chicken, and beef endorsed by the Animal Welfare Institute in their tacos and burritos. They guarantee that their cheese is made with vegetarian vegetable rennet and rGBH-free milk. Forty percent of the beans they serve are organic.

Sounding better than McDonalds yet?

To support their stance on sustainable food practices, this month Chipotle is offering a deal in which customers can get a burrito or salad for only $2! There is one catch though…you have to come in dressed like a scary processed food.

Can you look like a demonic french fry!? Take a photo of yourself dressed as one of these foods at the restaurant, and you can enter Chipotle's scary food Halloween costume contest online — the winner will take home $2,500.

Proceeds from Chipotle's Halloween event will benefit Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution's, a movement to put healthier, fresher food in children's schools.

What a FABULOUS idea! We love the sustainable food practice, healthy eating, and of course the costumes! How wonderful!

Healthy food that tastes great and preserves the planet? We're in!

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