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Britney Spears Gets Court-Ordered Revenge On Osama Lutfi

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Britney Spears Gets Court-Ordered Revenge On Osama Lutfi

Kids, this is why you don't stalk a celeb. Even Especially if you used to be pals!

FINALLY Sam "Osama" Lufti, Britney Spears' notorious ex-manager/BFF-turned-stalker, is gonna have to pay up for all some of the damage he has caused the pop princess!

A judge just ordered Osama to pay the Spears estate $92,845 for all the attorneys fees she accrued while trying to keep him away from her!

Now Lutfi has a restraining order against him aaaaand he has to flip the bill for it! LOL!

Sammy has to pay for this on top of pricy cost of taking Brit's parents to trial for assault and defamation. The poor guy! LOL!

Word to the wise Lufti: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!

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Osama Lufti Sinks His Claws Into Courtney Love Even Further!

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No, No, NO! This does NOT look good for Courtney Love!

Last month, sources close to Courtney said Sam "Osama" Lufti was increasingly spreading his influence over the rocker.

Now, Britney's former manager has Courtney wrapped around his finger!

Courtney has stated on Twitter that she and Lufti are just friends, but sources close to the pair say that their relationship is WAAAY more than that.

A source says the following about the relationship:

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Britney Spears Not Getting Married Yet, Thanks To Sam Lufti! Boo!

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britney wedding will have to wait due to sam lufti

This guy continues to create new reasons for us to dislike him!

We've been hearing all about Britney Spears' plans to get married to fiance Jason Trawick for a while…but now we're hearing that their wedding will have to be delayed due to Sam Lufti! Ugh.

Britney's attorneys have recommended that she waits until her lawsuit with former manager Sam gets settled before she walks down the aisle.

Why, you might ask? Here's what a source had to say about it:

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Uh-Oh. Osama Lufti Is Working His Way Into Courtney Love's Life!

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Oh, we do NOT like the sound of this at all.

According to sources close to Courtney Love, the singer has been dismissing longtime staffers and handlers for quite some time, and in her isolation, has taken on the notorious Sam "Osama" Lufti, with whom everyone is familiar for stalking Britney Spears during her 2007 meltdown, to manager her day-to-day affairs!

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Leave Britney Alone! Osama Lutfi Speaks!

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Reporters caught up with Britney Spears' former "manager", Osama Lutfi, and - as per usual - he spewed a bunch of BS about Brit Brit and her much-needed conservatorship, which he is adamantly against.

He even goes so far as to say that Britney is more "miserable" now than she was during her meltdown last year!

“She’s not entitled to talk to whatever friends she wants to hang out with, or have a cell phone, or go where ever she wants. I just think it’s quite sad.”

Osama obviously can't say when the last time he talked to her was because of the restraining order against him, but he does say: “She knows I miss her and I’ll see her again soon. I think all this will come to an end and she’ll have her freedom.”

You just need to stay the hell away from Britney!

CLICK HERE to watch the clip of the douchebag in action!

[Image via WENN.]

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Osama Still Beefing With The Spears'

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Britney Spears and Company are life-ruiners, according to Osama Lutfi.

Forgot about him for a minute, didn't you? Well, here's a refresher!

The tool was Brit-Brit's former buddy and manager, until her 'rents kicked his ass to the curb. Now, the genius is trying to sue the pop star and her parents for defamation.

Osama's newest addition to the lawsuit is a claim against Lynne Spears' book about her famous daughter, insisting it's a bunch of bull, in particular the section in which Sam had told her privately that "he secretly ground up pills and put them in Britney's food."

So now, Osama says he "fears" for his life as he was constantly "harassed and cajoled by the public" and is pushing right ahead with this suit.

Oh, and if you needed anymore proof that the guy is a loser, guess who he presented as one of his character witnesses: Adnan Ghalib.



Gives him something to do, we guess.

[Image via WENN.]

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Osama Trial Postponed For A Year

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As we mentioned earlier this year, Britney Spears' former "manager", Osama Lutfi, is suing Brit Brit's parents for defamation!

Cuz, you know, his good character got ruined by those two.

However, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge decided yesterday that the lawsuit will not go to trial until next year.

Guess he didn't find it that important to start the trial right away!

The case has now been scheduled for March 8th, 2010

As for BritBrit's parents, they're fighting back. An attorney for Lynne Spears is reportedly seeking to dismiss the defamation claim against her since they say it impedes her free-speech rights.

Jamie Spears, attorneys for him are considering a countersuit.

Attorneys on both sides, however, have already told the judge they're willing to have the case resolved with a private mediator.

Thankfully, the restraining order on Lutfi to stay away from Britney is still in place until 2012.

[Image via WENN.]

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