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Osama Lutfi News Archive

Osama Lutfi Won't Take STAY AWAY For An Answer!

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Osama Lutfi refuses to let go of Brit Brit's weave tracks!

He'd be living in that rat's nest if it was possible!

Lutfi filed an appeal Thursday morning against the restraining order he was slapped with earlier this week!

The restraining order states that Lutfi must keep at least 100 yards away from Spears at all times and cannot have contact with Britney or her immediate family until 2012.

Says a lawyer for Osama, "Never before in the history of the world has a restraining order been granted as a result of someone answering someone else's cries for help. The evidence showed it was Britney Spears reaching out to Mr. Lutfi and all he did was help her get a lawyer."

Good thing Daddy Spears revoked Brit's cell phone privileges!

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Osama Lutfi Ordered To Stay Away From Brit Brit Until 2012!

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The pink wig will never make a comeback now!

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has slapped Osama Lutfi with a three year restraining order from Britney Spears!!!!

It all went down on Tuesday afternoon afternoon where the judge granted the temporary order against Lutfi as well as attorney Jon Eardley to stay in place until 2012!

The two will have to remain at least 100 yards from Brit Brit as well as Tater Tot and Small Fry or run the risk of being arrested.

Legal papers filed by Daddy Spears claimed that the two were "working in concert to disrupt the conservatorship, with an utter disregard for Ms. Spears' health and well being."

Eardley, who was said to be in cahoots with Spears to bring the conservatorship down, plans to appeal the court's decision because Brit Brit never testified, y'all!

"It's a misapplication of the law. We will appeal," Eardley's attorney says.

"It's a misuse of the statute primarily because Britney Spears never testified she suffered substantial emotional distress, nor did she even file a declaration to that effect. It was never disputed that she authorized Mr. Eardley to take the action that he took on her behalf."

Lutfi also plans to appeal the restraining order, according to his lawyer: “We will absolutely, unequivocally, appeal the ruling… There was not a shred of evidence to substantiate emotional distress on the part of Britney Spears. It’s clear to me that an appellate court will overturn this ruling.”

Don't U guys know you're dealing with the power of Daddy Spears???

Nothing can top that!!

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Britney Spears Tired of Living Life in "Prison"

| Filed under: Britney SpearsLegal MattersOsama LutfiAdnan Ghalib


What's it like to be a 27-year-old mother of two kids who has to have her cell phone use monitored by her father?

It's like major ass suckage!

Britney is struggling to free herself of her father's control. In a Los Angeles court on Wednesday, Osama Lutfi's little sister, Christina, testified that she snuck a cell phone to Britney so she could communicate with Sam…and that the cell phone plan was hatched by Spears herself.

Christina said that "[Britney] told me she wanted to get a hold of Sam. She wanted him [Sam] to help her find a lawyer, and wanted someone to get a prepaid cell phone to her. She was scared because her father was blackmailing her with visitation rights over her kids."

Spears allegedly arranged for Christina to meet her in the sauna at the gym at a hotel.

The phone was later confiscated by Brit's security team.

Jamie Spears, however, insists that Osama and Adnan Ghalib have been harassing BritBrit, and that an established restraining order against them needs to be extended.

Jamie's lawyer, Blair Berk, said that Britney "was in such fear [of Sam], she asked if I could get him arrested, to keep him away from her," and that the alleged recording of Britney calling for help is inauthentic.

The plot thickens!

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Osama Puts The Blame On Adnan!

| Filed under: Britney SpearsLegal MattersOsama LutfiAdnan Ghalib


As we've mentioned before, several people from Britney Spears' camp have testified that Osama Lutfi has been contacting Brit Brit through text messages.

But leave it to a douchebag to place the blame on everyone else!

In a declaration filed by Lutfi with the court, he states that he never had any direct contact with Spears. But he does say that Brit Brit messaged HIM!!! He adds that he never contacted her directly, instead doing it through her former loser of an ex, Adnan Ghalib and a few others.

Lutfi claims that "I did not initiate any direct communication with Britney Spears. Although I did receive text messages from her, all responses to those messages were conveyed to Britney through others, including … Adnan Ghalib."

Osama also claims that he never threatened "any act of violence against Britney or her family."

Threats don't have to be physical to hurt. Psychological damage is just as bad!

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Britney Spears' Hairdresser and Bodyguard Testify Against Osama Lutfi in Court! They Reveal….

| Filed under: Britney SpearsLegal MattersOsama Lutfi


The LA courts were busy with Britney Spears business on Wednesday!

In addition to Brit's former boytoy, Adnan Ghalib, facing off against the LA District Attorney, an LA court heard testimony today, Wednesday, from the pop tart's hairdresser, Roberta Romero, and bodyguard, Itamar Gelbman, in the Osama Lutfi restraining order case.

Lutfi is Brit's former "manager" and Daddy Spears is trying to get authorities to extend a restraining order they have out on him.

The hairdresser said that starting December 24th, 2008, Lutfi began phoning/texting her and asked her to relay messages to Britney on his behalf. When Britney found out about Lutfi's ploy she apparently wigged out.

Brit's bodyguard testified that once the hairdresser made him aware of Lutfi's calls/text, he got involved:

And then on Dec. 27, he began texting Roberta again with pleas to relay "the truth" to Britney.

"She can look at the court docs online," read one text. "I didn't do any of this to her."

Another text made the claim that Britney's hospitalization in February 2008 was all part of a conspiracy for her family to gain control over her.

"Her family put her into the hospital just to set up the conservatorship," read the text. "I've done everything I can to free her…. I'm very close to getting her free now."

Roberta testified that when Brit discovered the texts late in the evening on Dec. 27, she asked Roberta to text him back, asking him to stop trying to reach her. When that didn't stop, the pair went to speak to Britney's head of security, Itamar Gelbman, who also testified today.

After being made aware of the texts, Gelbman contacted Sam directly by phone and told him that if the attempts to contact Britney did not stop, he would notify the police.

The bodyguard also mentioned that Lutfi's reemergence jolted Britney so much so that she couldn't sleep. She also asked her security team to do extra patrols of her property because she was so frightened.

What the hellz is wrong with Osama?

Just leave her alone, psycho!

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Restraining Order Extended Against Adnan and Osama!

| Filed under: Britney SpearsLegal MattersOsama LutfiAdnan GhalibJamie Spears


Poppa Jamie Spears won this round!

Britney Spears' conservator has been trying to extend her current restraining order against shady former "manager" Osama Lutfi, her ex, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, and their attorney, John Eardley. Especially after finding out that Lutfi had given Brit Brit a pre-paid cellphone to chat with her secretly.

But good news for the Spears family.

A judge has now extended the restraining orders against the three idiots until the next hearing - on April 1st.

The Los Angeles Superior Court Judge has issued the extension in order to hear a few more testimonies in the case. Poppa Spears' attorneys will offer up more witness to prove Osama and his followers were trying to break up the conservatorship.

Those going to court in defense of Brit include her hairdresser, a security guard, and of course Poppa Spears.

The Spears' attorneys will also be showing how Lufti broke his previous restraining order restrictions and repeatedly tried to reach Brit Brit.

Let's hope they keep Lufti and Adnan far, far away from Britney!

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Britney's Been Sneaking Calls to Adnan and Osama on a Pre-Paid Cell They Gave Her!

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Britney Spears' dad, Jamie, took the stand on Monday in the ongoing Osama Lutfi/Adnan Ghalib restraining order case.

He revealed that the shady duo was somehow able to get a pre-paid cell phone to Brit as part of their plot to sabotage his conservatorship!

Daddy Spears told the court that he found out about the pre-paid cell phone via a nanny. Said nanny heard Brit chatting with shady Osama and Adnan in the early morning hours one day and ratted the pop tart out.

Apparently, if Sam did have any contact with Britney, it would have been in violation of a court order to stay away from her.

The more we hear the more we can see why Daddy Spears is trying to make the temporary restraining order against Osama and Adnan permanent!

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