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Pamela Anderson News Archive

Don't Expect A Pam & Tommy Reunion Sex Tape

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It's been over a decade since Pam Anderson divorced Tommy Lee, yet people are still waiting for the infamous couple to rekindle their rocky romance. As they have done many times!

You can all keep waiting! You are wasting your time as Pam has recently insisted that there is "no way" she will ever get back with Tommy, at least in any romantic context.

She explains:

"You can't get heartbroken any more over all the disappointments or how he is as a father or anything like that. He doesn't think he's doing anything wrong. I do tell him the truth, but it's been 10 years of suffering over him so I'm over it…Whatever it is, it is - as long as my kids are happy and we're happy and we're safe, let him run around the world. I support him."

When asked point blank if she would get back together with him, she said: "No. No way. I have no interest at all."

And adult video stores across the nation let out a sigh of sadness!

[Image via WENN.]

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Seriously Pam, Stop Doing This!

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gettyimages_92902918_e.jpg gettyimages_92903163_e.jpg

Those who attended the 15th Annual InterContinental Miami Make-A-Wish Ball got one hell of a surprise this past weekend. And not a good surprise either!

Once again Pamela Anderson traipsed down the runway at the end of Richie Rich's A*Muse presentation wearing what else? A dress that's way too short for 42 year old.

We don't think Pammy got the memo the first time we said it, so we'll say it again: no one wants to see your tan saggy butt cheeks jiggle down the runway!

But thanks for having the decency to put on underwear. We think.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Pam Anderson's Boys Are Trailer Park Terrors

| Filed under: Pamela Anderson


Oh, they just sure look like little troublemakers, don't they?

Pamela Anderson's sons with rocker Tommy Lee, Brandon, 13, and Dylan, 11, are said to be pretty wild, causing trouble in the trailer park where they are now living with their mom.

"Boy, they're so feisty," says Pammie. "When I get home and I'm not home for a couple days, they gotta be put back in their bodies immediately. They got in trouble because my children are riding their dirt bikes through the whole trailer park, going crazy, doing flips - and everyone's concerned for their safety. And mom's like, 'Oh, they've been riding the whole weekend, they're having a blast!' I was like, 'They're not allowed to ride their dirt bikes in the trailer park!' They terrorize the neighborhood the whole time."

And not only that, but oldest son Brandon is already getting into BIG trouble at school.

Pam explains:

"My son got in trouble at school for beating somebody up. Well, not really beating somebody up. Just one of the counsellors, who's 18 or 19, made a rude comment about me to him. Brandon threw his Red Bull (drink) on him and then went after him and they had to peel him off him.

"Now I'm getting called into school. But I think when somebody says something bad about your mother, what are you supposed to do? It is hard when other kids are like, 'I've seen your mom with her clothes off!' I've tried to teach my kids I have no problem with nudity. Violence isn't good but Brandon was really upset, he was shaking and crying and looking in my eyes. It's so sad."


Not that we condone violence, but it actually is probably really hard to have Pam and Tommy as parents. He's 13! All his friends have probably seen them doing the nasty at this point!

Better nip their behavior in the bud now, Pammie! Or we'll be hearing a lot more about these two in a few years time!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Pam Anderson Needs To Schedule A Botox Trip

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Seems PETA's favorite poster girl is starting to realize her looks are fading. But rather than deal with this fact of aging, she would rather inconvenience others at her own expense.

This weekend, Pamela Anderson attended the Make-A-Wish Ball and the launch of her fragrance in Miami, and both events required her to walk a red carpet. She forced her manager to demand the photographers only shoot her with a "ring flash", which eliminates imperfections and shadows. It's kind of an inconvenience to the photographers as the flash requires a hefty battery pack and slows down the job. Nevertheless, her manager insisted they use ring flashes, which eventually got him into a heated argument with Seth Browarnik, a top Miami celebrity photog.

The demand forced many photographers in the area to boycott the Make-A-Wish charity event. The foundation didn't seem to mind though, as Pam ordered "persuaded" her attorney James Ferraro to donate $500,000 on auction items including a Ferrari California.

Honestly, Pam. You were bound to get old some day. Either go to the doc and get something stuck, stuffed, or plumped or just accept your flaws!

[Image via WENN.]

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Pam Launches Her New Stank

| Filed under: Pamela AndersonFragranz!


This is the most covered we've seen her in a while!

Pamela Anderson was down in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday night to launch her two drugstore perfumes Malibu Day and Malibu Night.

We hate to admit it, but for once Pammy actually looks good.

[Image via Jeff Daly/WENN.]

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Pamela Does Malibu Day And Night

| Filed under: Pamela AndersonFragranz!


As previously reported, Pamela Anderson is diving into the lucrative world of drugstore fragrances.

We had originally heard that she was releasing her scent, Malibu, as a single debut perfume. Apparently, however, one smell wasn't enough and the Baywatch alum has opted to expand the endeavor, releasing two Malibu fragrances, one for day and one for night.

Malibu Day/Malibu Pink is fruty and floral with notes of berries, flowers, vanilla and ambered sandalwood. Malibu Night/Malibu Blue is a darker scent with notes of pomegranate, black orchid mahogany wood, lotus, patchouli and amber.

Pam said her goal is to "create a fun, sexy fragrance that really captured the beach with soft, gentle touches in a way that lingers."

The Malibu fragrances will be available later this month at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Nordstrom, Sears, and other similar department and drugstores, with prices ranging from $39 for 1.7 oz and $49 for 3.4 oz.

Will you spritz on some of Pammy's Malibu stank?

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Not Pregnant! Pamela Anderson Is Just Fat

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Earlier this week, Pamela Anderson was spotted out in London wearing a hideous outfit. But all attention was definitely on her stockings belly.

And with that bump showing, rumors began to circulate that she might be preggers.

Though at 42-years-old, that might be somewhat difficult to do. We kinda figured she might just be getting fat.

Well, Pam wants people to know she's not pregnant. So her pal, fashion designer Richie Rich, has told reporters: "She’s not pregnant, not broke and just happy."

We're not too sure about the whole "not broke" thing but we'll buy the not pregnant comment.

Rich added, "She doesn’t have to say anything because they’re not true. She actually gets upset because her kids go to school. Of course, she cares. She’s a human being. We’re all human. We just poop glitter that’s the only difference."

He goes on to say that "Pam is the real deal. She's an icon, and she lives her life, and people can say this or that - most of the time it's not true. I think Pamela represents a big responsibility in being a cool person. And that's why I like her. She's cool, and I’d want her to be my soccer mom!"

You can have her!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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