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Pamela Anderson News Archive

Separated At Birth

| Filed under: Separated At BirthPamela Anderson


Left: Pamela Anderson. Right: Tammy Faye Baker.

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Just One More

| Filed under: Separated At BirthPamela Anderson


Left: Pamela Anderson: Right: Hatchet Face from Cry Baby.

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Completely Gratuitous

| Filed under: AustraliasticPamela Anderson


A close-up of Pamela Anderson's glorious face.

The blonde bimbo was photographed Tuesday (above) in Sydney.

Pambo is in Australia to promote her new reality show, Pam: Girl on the Loose.

Let's hope the ratings are better down under than they are back in America!

[Image via WENN.]

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The Prince Totally Trumps the Titty Model

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Pam Anderson has been quietly seeing a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family.

She reportedly calls her prince, Milk Sheik.

Aww. She already has a pet name for him!

The buxom blonde apparently met her new boy toy when she visited Abu Dhabi in June with the Make a Wish Foundation.

This is destined to fail, though.

We're assuming the royal family is pretty conservative, so we don't see this going anywhere!

Anyway, not to be outdone, a snitch from former hubby Tommy Lee's camp disclosed that the drummer is getting hot and heavy with a titty model named Daisy De La Hoya. Daisy was a contestant in the second season of Rock of Love. Tres trashy!

Sorry, Tommy. Pam's got you beat!

Princes are much harder to come by!

[Image via WENN.]

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Pam Has A New TV Show, Nobody Cares

| Filed under: TV NewsPamela Anderson


Poor Pamela Anderson.

Every day people are just liking her less and less it seems!

It turns out people like Lindsay Lohan's family and even Charlie Sheen's crazy ex more than they like Pam!

It's true. It's all in the numbers.

This past Sunday was the premier of Pamela new "reality" show, Pam: Girl on the Loose. But unfortunately for PamPam, no one was watching.

The ratings for Pam's show were 27% less than each of the May debuts of Living Lohan and Denise Richards: It's Complicated.

And we all know what type of reviews Living Lohan gets.

Overall, Anderson only raked in about 1.1 million viewers.

In fact, Pam's show was even lower than Season 2 of Sunset Tan. We didn't even know that was still on!

We've seen Pambo billboards everywhere, though.

Sunset Tan came on right after Pam's show and managed to get 200,000 more viewers.

Poor Pam. She's not pretty enough for Playboy anymore and not talented enough for TV.

What's a girl to do?

[Image via WENN.]

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A Woman Of Many Talents

| Filed under: Pamela Anderson


Former Baywatch "actress" Pamela Anderson is trying to do good.

The new reality TV star has decided to build an eco-friendly hotel in Abu Dhabi.

And by building, we're sure she means someone else is paying for it and she's just putting her name behind it.

Apparently, Anderson "fell in love" with the city when she recently visited for a charity trip.

While visiting, the royal family in Abu Dhabi asked her to become a HOtelier.

Anderson says, "I'm building a hotel there. It is environmentally friendly. I went there with the Make a Wish Foundation and met some great people there. The royal family was really friendly."

Pam insists the hotel will be super green.

Adding, "It's built with no fossil fuel at all in Abu Dhabi where they have all that oil."

Will the restaurant's in Anderson's HOtel serve meet???? What would PETA say????

[Image via WENN.]

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Pam vs. Jessica: An Update!

| Filed under: Celebrity FeudsJessica SimpsonPamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson must be in some need of media coverage.

The former Baywatch "actress" is speaking out about the incident that took place last month.

If you recall, Pam said about Jessica Simpson, "I think she is a bitch and whore. Actually, I don't know if she was talking about food or men."

Which was in response to Jess wearing a t-shirt which read "Real Girls Eat Meat," an obvious stupid stab at Carrie Underwood.

Now, Pam is speaking out about it again.

Pam adds that the t-shirt was most likely not referring to "actual cows and chickens, but was referring to, you know, men."

Then, yesterday, Pam appeared on the same show where she made her original comments.

And to the incident, all she had to say was that she was "kidding." Especially since they were all "having a fun conversation."

As for apologizing to Simpson, that won't happen any time soon she said.

Pam adds, "I think people know my sense of humor too."

We agree. Pam shouldn't apologize if she feels she was just being honest.

Though, be careful Pam, Jess might come after you with another one of those "witty" t-shirts.

Oh, the drama!

[Image via WENN.]

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