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Money Troubs?

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pamestatesale1__opt1.jpg pamestatesale2__opt1.jpg

Pulling a page from the Tori Spelling playbook….

Pamela Anderson is having a mayjah estate sale.

She's selling everything!

Makes us wonder.

What kind of bills does Pammy need to pay?

On second thought: We think we know the culprits behind this little scheme!

Pambo's upcoming E! reality show is produced by World of Wonder, the same production company that works on Tori Spelling's reality show.

And, yup, season one of her show featured an estate sale.

We got a great pair of pink hot pants at Tori's sale!

Maybe we can buy some pasties for our moob's at Pam's sale????

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She Passed The Test????

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Canadian-born Pamela Anderson, the ultimate California girl, is now a U.S. Citizen.

The retired actress and soon-to-be reality TV star confirmed the news on her blog.

“Being a citizen excites me not just because I can vote, but because I can crack the whip on Capitol Hill to defend animals,” she says.

God bless America.

Pam's breasts are now a national treasure!

[Image via WENN.]

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Stars Without Makeup

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Pamela Anderson, out and about in Malibu earlier this week.

Pambo looks best….

  • She's looking haggard either way! (65%)
  • With her usually tranny makeup! (25%)
  • Natural, like this! (9%)

Total Votes: 122,192

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[Image via WENN.]

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She's A Liar

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Even though she had previously denied it…..

Time to add another reality tv show to the list!

Turns out, there's a new "celeb" itching like crabs in her panties to be the latest reality TV whore.

The most recent addition?

None other than former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson.

Her new unscripted show is set to air on E! and is currently titled Pamela. Such a clever name!

Unlike other shows, like Living Lohan and Denise Richards's sure-to-be stinker, Pam's will NOT feature her children.

Thank goodness!

The series will be shot in a documentary style and will be produced by the wonderful people at World of Wonder Productions, makers of What Perez Sez.

In a statement, Randy Barbato, managing director of World of Wonder stated, "Pamela will be an artistically rich and visually stunning series. The series will offer an unprecedented look inside the life of one of today's most iconic superstars in the style of a uniquely shot documentary film."

Will U watch Pam's new show?

And, can they show sex and drugs on E!???????

[Image via WENN.]

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New Couple Alert????

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Sources reveal to PerezHilton.com that Pamela Anderson and Criss Angel looked "very cozy" as they caught Elton John's concert at the Coliseum on Saturday night.

They're perfect together!

Gross and grosser.

Also seen at that show: the adorable Cruz Beckham breakdancing on stage to Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting.

[Photos via Getty Images.]

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The Return of Pambo

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Pamela Anderson's website, PamelaAnderson.com, mysteriously disappeared over a month ago. It's dead.

But, in its place is a new site, which just launched.

PamelaChannel.com claims to be the new "official" web portal of the former Baywatch star.

And, the site has a new journal entry from the Buxom blonde.

Pambo writes:

"February 22, 2008:

Valentines day! best day ever- in Paris- performing at Crazy horse- dream come true- in a tribute to a wonderful lady- Ms Brigitte Bardot- the Harley Davidson song! I loved it!

Even better- Ms Bardot asked me to represent her in her annual press conference at her foundation"s headquarter by Eiffle Tower- in her and my plea to ban the seal hunt in Canada (coming again soon)- It was an amazing crowd-full of sympathy- I saw tears (even papperazzi) when I played footage of the baby seals being beaten and sometimes skinned alive in this barbaric-cash bonus for the fisheries.

Brigitte Bardot called me on speaker phone at press conference expressing her gratitude for all the work I do for animals- she called me her "daughter" , "a continuation of her" I almost fell over-. -I've always loved her- she is truly my favorite -beyond her beauty- she has done so much for animals- and has taken her beauty and attention to whole other level- your heart never ends– and beauty continues when your heart is sweet…She is still Gorgeous! …She is an inspiration- and I thank her again and again for everything she's done–and i will continue and encourage others to continue the fight for animals everywhere."

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Save The Whales Seals

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Pamela Anderson is shaking her titties tonight at the Crazy Horse strip club in Paris, but before that, she took some time out to fight for animal rights.

The former Baywatch babe visited the Brigitte Bardot foundation for animal rights to support its fight against baby seal hunting.

Anderson displays the on-line petition, aimed at the Canadian government, her native country.

For more info on what U can do to help the seals, click here!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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