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Bitch Meet Whore

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As you may recall….

Earlier this month, former hit-singer Jessica Simpson tried to trash boyfriend Tony Romo's true love, vegetarian Carrie Underwood, by wearing a tshirt that reads "Real Girls Eat Meat."

We're sure Papa Joe didn't approved that tee!

He at least has half the brain to realize it's going to anger a lot of people, especially vegetarians.

Now, the latest celeb to lash out against Simpson is none other than Pamela Anderson.

Pam was doing a recent radio interview in Australia when she had the opportunity to bash Jess, and she took it.

She says of Jessica, "I think she is a bitch and whore. Actually, I don't know if she was talking about food or men."

Pam adds that she's proud of not eating any meat, adding, “I think it's healthy, good for your body and good for the environment."

Poor Jess. No one likes you anymore! Not even Pam.

You know you're Z-List when D-Listers are talking smack about you!

[Image via WENN.]

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Tara Reid Must Have Been Busy

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Big Brother Australia must be desperate…for ratings.

In fact, they're so desperate they've gotten Pamela Anderson to be the latest special house guest on BB.


The former Baywatch beauty has resorted to making "guest appearances" on foreign reality television.

Because you know the people in the U.S. and Canada could really care less to see her. Especially when she snubs her native country.

Pam is set to enter the house on July 9th

She is being described by some as "an uber special VIP guest."

Anderson, who turns 41 next week, is apparently taking a break from filming her own "reality" series to appear on BB.

A statement from Big Brother says, "Pamela has been in my sights for quite some months and I'm delighted to announce her involvement in my show. The reaction from the housemates will be worth watching."

It looks like Tara Reid must have been busy, so our poor Aussies have gotten stuck with Pam.

She's definitely an improvement from Terror!

[Image via WENN.]

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We saw this one coming!

Rolling Stone magazine reports that Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are a couple. Again.

Tommy told the mag, “Pamela and the kids have moved in with me. It’s awesome, man. It’s definitely working. You can tell on the kids’ faces — they’re happy when we’re together. We’ve only given it a try 800 times — 801, here we go.”

How long do y'all give them this time around?

Call us cynics but…

This sounds like a lame publicity stunt for Pambo's new E! reality show!

[Image via WENN.]

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She Has No Manners

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It's nice to see washed-up, old people can still get jobs!

Pamela Anderson was hired to appear at Canada's club Opera in Montreal this past weekend.

According to her agreement, Pam was to get paid $100,000.

Talk about a bad investment!

In return, she was supposed to walk the red carpet, give about 5 minutes of interview time to each journalist and co-host a swimsuit contest.

Not bad at all for $100k.

Oh, and she even requested her own special room that had to be filled with flowers for her to do interviews in.

But PamPam didn't keep up her end of the bargain.

And according to the Canadian press, the total diva wannabe was a complete snob to the media!

Anderson was hardly on the red carpet and barely spoke to the media from her homeland, walking for just a few seconds and ignoring the press folks who had been waiting for her over an hour.

As for her room filled with flowers, she didn't even bother to step foot inside!

Oh, and she didn't even co-host the competition like she was supposed to!!

Instead, she spent most of her time on leather couch, at moments holding a small Canadian flag.

We hope they have some really good lawyers in Canada, because someone needs to sue Anderson for not keeping to her end of the contract!

Next time, hire Perez. We'll speak to the media for an hour if you pay us the $100k.

We'll even do cartwheels! (We don't know how, but we'll learn!)

[Image via WENN.]

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There's No Keeping Them Apart

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Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee went shopping for houseplants together in Malibu on Wednesday.

Yeah, cuz that's EXACTLY the kind of activity you do with your ex-husband!

Maybe their kids have a real affection for pretty foliage?

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Like Moths To A Flame

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These two always end up back together!

Pamela Anderson spent her Memorial Day getting skin cancer at her Malibu pad.

The former Playmate was joined by ex-husband Tommy Lee for a BBQ with their kids.

Oh, and a camera crew was there to document it all for Anderson's upcoming E! reality show.

Let's hope it doesn't suck as bad as Denise Richards' new show!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Money Troubs?

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pamestatesale1__opt1.jpg pamestatesale2__opt1.jpg

Pulling a page from the Tori Spelling playbook….

Pamela Anderson is having a mayjah estate sale.

She's selling everything!

Makes us wonder.

What kind of bills does Pammy need to pay?

On second thought: We think we know the culprits behind this little scheme!

Pambo's upcoming E! reality show is produced by World of Wonder, the same production company that works on Tori Spelling's reality show.

And, yup, season one of her show featured an estate sale.

We got a great pair of pink hot pants at Tori's sale!

Maybe we can buy some pasties for our moob's at Pam's sale????

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