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Patrick Swayze News Archive

Want Your Own Life-Sized Patrick Swayze?!

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Well, unfortunately, there's someone else out there who wanted it more, so no dice!

Check out (above) one of the creepiest things we've ever seen, a life sized wax figure of Patrick Swayze dressed as his character from the 1989 flick Road House.

Created by Logan Fleming, this terrifying piece of art, which "sports his famous flowing 1980s hair style, khaki pants, and short sleeve black polo shirt" was recently auctioned off for an unknown final selling price.

Oh, and he didn't come with shoes.

Yeah. If this doesn't deserve the first serious 'WTF?!' of the day, then we'd be frightened to know what does!

Not the best way to honor his memory.

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Remembering Patrick Swayze

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It's hard to believe, but a year ago today, the world lost a wonderful man, actor and humanitarian. Patrick Swayze was a lot of things to a lot of people, but to his wife, Lisa Niemi, he was simply the love of her life.

On the anniversary of his passing, Lisa is remembering her husband in her own way - by launching a new awareness program as the new spokeswoman for Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Lisa's campaign, called Be a Hero in the Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer: Know it. Fight it. End it, will feature videos and messages of hope from Lisa in hopes of finding a cure and reaching out to those who are suffering.

But Lisa also has plans to commemorate the day in a more personal way. Lisa told sources that she is looking into picking out the "most beautiful tree ever" and planting it in an "extraordinary spot" at the couples ranch just North of Los Angeles. She confesses she spends a lot of time at the ranch these days and admits that she still feels Patrick's presence. She says:

"I do sense his presence, and I like that. Just because he's gone now doesn't mean that love doesn't go on."

Very sweet.

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Ghost To Be Remade!

| Filed under: Demi MooreFilm FlickersWhoopi GoldbergPatrick Swayze


In Japan!

Hit 1990 film Ghost starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg is being remade in Japan.

Director Taro Otani will be taking on the project and Swayze and Moore's roles will be occupied by Song Seung and Nanako Matushima respectively with the story taking place in Japan. They will start shooting in June and a fall release is planned.


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Patrick Swayze's Widow Speaks About Their Marriage

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Patrick Swayze and his wife Lisa Niemi were married for 34 years, but not everyday was filled with happiness.

Their relationship hit a crossroads when Patrick began drinking around 2006 - and she eventually left him.

"For me the worst thing about him was the drinking," said Lisa. "He had a different personality when he drank that much. He was the nicest man on the planet unless he'd had a drink."

And she was so worried to leave, that Lisa escaped in the middle of the night.

"People or animals could have got hurt when he was like that. It's not good to be around anyone like that," she continued. "He'd shoot the tyres off the car. I didn't want to take any chances."

Swayze did everything to heal his addiction. The actor went to rehab and even saw a psychic, but it wasn't until Niemi left that he quit drinking.

"We told each other we loved each other over and over again," she said regarding his attempts at recovery. "I never left the room without telling him. It still didn't feel like enough."

They had such a long-lasting marriage. Stay strong, bb.

[Image via WENN.]

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Swayze's Widow Sells Ranch

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Must be tough, but we understand.

Lisa Niemi, who was married to the late Patrick Swayze, plans to sell the California ranch where he spent his final days.

According to the National Enquirer, Niemi can't stand to live on the property any longer, since it holds too many fond and frightening memories. A source suggests:

“The ranch holds a lot of good memories for Lisa of her life with Patrick, but she is having a hard time continuing to live in the house where he died."

Along with bidding farewell to the ranch, the source also claims that Lisa has been seeing a psychic to ease the pain:

“Lisa is so lost without Patrick, she has consulted a psychic. She wants to know he is at peace or if there is any way to get a message to him or if she can hear anything Patrick has to say to her. She has flown the psychic to California and also talks to her frequently on the phone. She seems to feel better after their sessions.”

We don't know how much we believe that, but we could see Lisa wanting to move out of the ranch onto the next chapter of her life. We're sure it will be a difficult transition, but we know she is a strong lady. Patrick would want her to be happy.

[Image via WENN.]

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Lady GaGa Rules Facebook!

| Filed under: Michael JacksonPatrick SwayzeLady GaGa


Not surprising!

Facebook released a list of the most commonly used words and themes in users' status updates for 2009 and our precious Lady GaGa was mentioned so much that she got her own category!

"She was virtually unmentioned until November of 2008 and spiked in mentions of her name in September 2009," said Facebook data scientist Lars Backstrom.

Facebook data scientist? How do you get that job?

Other big mentions for 2009 were the deaths of Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze and Billy Mays, the H1N1 virus and the Farmville application.

We think GaGa will keep it up in 2010!

[Image via WENN.]

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Patrick Swayze's Ashes To Be Spread Over New Mexico Ranch By His Wife

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Patrick Swayze's widow Lisa Niemi is preparing to spread her husband's ashes over their New Mexico ranch and grant his last wishes.

During a small ceremony, sometime before Christmas with Patrick's mother and brother present, Lisa plans to spread the ashes over an area where Patrick would often sit and watch his horses.

An insider reveals that this will be difficult for Lisa to do, but she wants to honor his final request. The insider says:

"Part of her was afraid that by dispersing his ashes, she'll lose that bond. The idea of saying a final good-bye was eating her up inside.

Lisa knows that Patrick absolutely would not want his remains 'in a jar on a shelf somewhere,' as he put it. He wanted to be in the place that he loved the most — outdoors on his ranch."

So sad.

[Image via Judy Eddy / WENN.]

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