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New Peaches!

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Check out the just-released video for her song Show Stopper (above)!

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An Epic Evening! Watch It!!!!

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Check out some amazing footage from our first-ever "One Night In… London" event (above)!

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One Night In… London!

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perez_hilton_2_15_wenn29131.jpg perez_hilton_one_night_only.jpg img_1591.jpg img_0676.jpg img_1399.jpg img_1433.jpg perez_hilton_one_night_onl3y.jpg img_1064.jpg perez_hilton_one_night_o43nly.jpg perez_hilton_one_night_only1.jpg img_1447.jpg perez_hilton_one_night_only3.jpg img_0752.jpg img_0570.jpg img_1707.jpg perez_hilton_2_12_wenn29131.jpg z2010perezlondonwebgraphic.jpg

We are still recovering from our whirlwind travels this past weekend but a big smile scrawls across our face when we start to think back about our "One Night In… London" event.

Such a special evening!

And so many people to thanks!

First and foremost, a huge debt of thanks to all of the amazing performers, Kelis, Peaches, Diana Vickers, The Hoosiers, The Capital Children's Choir, all of their management, labels, the DJs (Basshunter, Stuart Bevan) and everyone else who helped make our first-ever event in London such a huge success!

Thank you THANK YOU thank you to everyone who showed up! You truly are Perezcious and we loved getting the opportunity to hang, dance, and get to meet so many of you!

Major thanks and appreciation to all of our amazing sponsors, who helped make this truly special event free for everyone to attend! Big hugs to Best Buy, Movida, Kuno Tierra, Bloww, Red Bull, and everyone at AEG and the amazing venue we held the event at, the IndigO2, for all their support.

And, finally, thanks to our longterm partners and friends at BMF Media, especially Bruce, Jenn and Ed, for helping us pull it all off.

We are going to have to do this again in the UK!!!

[Perez's jacket by Steelo and custom shoes by Keds. Images by WENN and GTVOne.]

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One Night In… London!

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We've been trying to get Peaches to play at one of our events forever. And it's finally happening!


If you've been reading our website for a while, you'll know that we are obsessed with Peaches! Just check out her category to see all the posts, dating back years and years!

We've loved the electro pop punk princess since even before we began blogging!

So we are honored and beyond excited to have her perform at our first ever One Night In… London event tomorrow night.

It's going to be such a special evening!

In addition to Peaches, also performing will be Kelis, Diana Vickers, The Hoosiers, and the Capital Children's Choir!

Thank you in advance to everyone who helped make this all possible, from the artists to the managers, the labels, the venue, everyone and anyone who has contributed to what is going to be such a magical evening!!!!


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M.I.A. Takes A Dig At FailTina!

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Finally! We can agree with her on something!

The still bat-shit crazy and all-so-nonconformist M.I.A. was surpisingly lucid when she recently discussed collaborating with CloneTina Aguilera on her new album, Bionic, and was equally as disappointed as us when the diva chose to mimic the Sri Lankan rapper's style instead of be herself!

She says:

Elastic Love was the first track I recorded actually - even before I started working on my own album. It’s the one I made in-between taking time out and having a baby and starting mine. Born Free was the first song I wrote for my album and that’s so weird now. I look back at the time and I wrote such a nice cute song for Christina - then the next song I wrote was Born Free. Other people were involved who I respect like Peaches and it was like a sea of women coming together to write this new thing. Christina had also had a baby, you know, so it was kind of an interesting situation.

I really thought I was going to be able to go in there and get her vocals on to the next level and she didn’t want to do it. She was like ‘You might think that’s great because it’s not what you do, but to me I’m really bored of it. It’s interesting getting to work with people who can do things vocally that you can't… but yeah I only heard the song for the first time when everyone else did.”

Ouch - it sounds like the final product really UNDERWHELMED her!

We think that her sentiments are SHOCKINGLY on the same page as pretty much everyone - how unusual from her! Usually she'd be going against the norm just to be controversial!


[Image via AP Images.]

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New Peaches!!!

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We love, adore, worship, respect and can't get enough of her!

Check out the world premiere of Peaches's music video for her song Billionaire, above - exclusively on PerezHilton.com!

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