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Getting Your Boxing Wraps Right!

| Filed under: Exclusives!Q&A

Alex Brenes pic

If you're a boxer, you know how important it is to wrap your hands right!

This FitPerezcious Reader needs to know if there's an easier or more appropriate method to doing just that:

Okay so - I am taking a boxing class at the moment, and my wraps are digging in between my fingers! Its killing me and i feel like its causing pain. Can you recommend any great wraps?

Here's what our resident badass and boxing expert, Alex Brenes, has to say:

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Q&A: How To Get My Anxious Dog To The Vet

| Filed under: Q&APetsDogDr. Patrick Mahaney


Looks like a case of SEVERE white coat syndrome!

The veterinarian can be a dog's friend or a dog's enemy in their mind.

And this Teddyhilton.com reader's pooch DOES NOT LIKE THE VET!

She writes:

I am a huge fan of yours! and I love your tips!

I had a question regarding my dog, she is 12, turning 13 this year. And I am constantly worried about her health and I try giving her as much exercise as I can but it is time for her vet check up and ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO TAKE HER.

My dog has extreme anxiety ever since she was a puppy and she even gets seizures when she gets so anxious. We got her tested to see if she had epilepsy or a tumor and everything came up clear. So when it comes to take her to the vet she goes insane and even bit the vet, and the vet hates us because he cant cut her nails and do the proper procedures needed.

How can I take her to the vet without having to medicate her and her anxiety levels to go up and cause a seizure?

As always, Dr. Patrick is here to save the day for this pups anxiety!

He writes:

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The Health Benefits Of Boxing

| Filed under: Exclusives!Q&AFitnessBoxing


We all know boxing is a GREAT workout for anybody looking to burn calories, but what else is it good for? That's exactly what FitPerez reader Tom wants to know and wrote Alex Brenes to ask:

Hey Alex,

Other than fitness, what other effects will taking boxing classes have on my health?

According to Alex:

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Knee Pain Won't Go Away!

| Filed under: Exclusives!Q&AFitnessCourtney Barber

Courtney Barber

Anyone who regularly exercises is no stranger to aches and pains.

But what if those pains don't go away?

That's exactly what was happening to this FitPerezcious Reader, who said:

"I'm currently training for my first half-marathon- I'm running it in a month. However, my knee has been hurting ever since a long run two weeks ago. I've been icing it every day, and doing low impact exercises other than running since then, but it's still hurting! Is there anything else I can do before shelling out the big bucks on a physiotherapist?"

Good thing Courtney Barber is here to help answer that question!

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QuickFit Tip Of The Day

| Filed under: Q&AFitnessAdviceCourtney Barber


Envious of those pageant perfect stomachs? Try this move to sculpt your very own Miss USA midsection! Lying flat on your back with your knees bent, pop a small medicine ball (or soccer ball) between your knees. Keeping your back flat and abs tight, slowly curl the ball towards your bellybutton (so your bottom comes off the floor slightly) and lower back to the starting position. Repeat for 3 sets of 15.

- Fitness & Lifestyle Expert Courtney Barber

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What Is BMI??

| Filed under: Exclusives!Q&AFitnessCourtney Barber

Courtney Barber

When it comes to health and fitness, a lot of terms get thrown around!

No matter how common, maybe you've missed the definition or importance of some of them — and that's okay!

We're here to help!

Take this FitPerezcious Reader's question for instance:

I was wondering what does BMI stand for and why is it so helpful?

Valid question! To answer in depth, we have Courtney Barber ready to go!

She says:

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Dr. Oz Explains: Weight Gain Locations!

| Filed under: Q&AFitnessHealthDr. Oz

Dr Oz QA

Ever wonder why you gain weight in certain areas of your body before the rest?? It can surely be frustrating to see other people losing weight where you want to lose it!

This FitPerezcious Reader needs to know just what she can do about it:

I need your help badly! I've been trying to lose weight for the summer, and whenever I do gain weight, I gain it in my face. I don't understand because I see girls who are bigger than me but their face is thin and they don't have a double chin. But I'm 5'6 , 135 pounds, and all my weight goes to my chin and face, please give me some tips. Thank you sooo much!

Dr. Oz, being one of the raddest Doctors we know, steps in to explain:

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