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Star Jones News Archive

Jon Stewart BASHES Sarah Palin's Today Show Appearance

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LOL! Oh geez.

Much like Star Jones, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart isn't happy with Sarah Palin's appearance on the Today show.

Not that we're surprised, but the comedian devoted an entire segment to pick apart her performance as a guest host and it is HIGHlarious!

Although Stewart called Sarah

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Star Jones Is Pissed At Sarah Palin

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Star Sarah

Star Jones is NOT happy with Sarah Palin and her co-hosting duties.

Apparently Star was watching the whole time Sarah Palin kept saying "lamestream media" (clever!!!!!!!!!!!) and was LIVID that she's be so disrespectful to all the people around her.

And the fact that she was a part of the "lamestream" media the whole time by co-hosting to begin with… and that Matt Lauer didn't go after her for it.

Here's what an insider saw:

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Star Jones Doesn't Have Beef With The View Ladies … Anymore

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Star Jones dropped by her old stomping grounds in early February and when the subject changed to her departure, that stirred up a heap of BUZZ!

The former View gurl said she wasn't surprised by the tone of the questions, stating that she "was on The View for nine years" so she knows the deal!

In particular, some thought Babs was going below the belt when she fired questions at Star, but Jones has brushed it all off, saying the following after Walters visited her American Heart Association event:

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Star Jones Will Turn Her Book Into TV Film

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Looks like Satan's Sisters is coming to the small screen!

Sources say that Star Jones will be adapting her book for a VH1 tele-flick. The book focuses on five women hosting a talk show and one writes a tell all book about it.

Sounds so familiar, no? Talk about taking your work with you! LOL!

However, Star insists that the book isn't a View basher and as we've previously reported, Star seems to have put all the bitterness towards he show behind her, since she visited with the ladies yesterday.

Think U'll watch Star's Satan Sisters get the movie treatment?

[Image via WENN.]

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Star Jones Returns To The View To Set The Record Straight On Her Exit!

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Talk about AWKWARD!

As everyone knows, Star Jones' firing from The View six years ago was less than amicable, with the co-host of the talk series announcing on-air that she was axed from the show, which prompted Barbara Walters to kick her off prematurely and later reveal on-air that she and the other ladies were forced to lie about her weight loss from gastric bypass surgery!

Well, for the first time since 2006, Star returned to the show to raise awareness for American Heart Month, and although the reunion seemed amicable between all of the gals, there was definitely some unfinished business that needed to be addressed, and boy, no one disappointed!

Ch-ch-check out some clips from the interview (above)!

Eek! Definitely a nail-biter, right?

Well, unpleasantries aside, they all did seem genuinely happy to have Star back, and it seems as though she has come a long way!

Phew! Here's hoping she'll able to come back more regularly now!

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Star Jones To Return To The View! (But Will Barbara Walters Be There?)

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If she's not, it will be a VERY bold and telling move on her part!

It's been nearly six years since Star Jones announced live on The View that she was leaving the show for good, without giving anyone any warning of her departure, least of all Barbara Walters. But bygones seem to be bygones as the big news today is that Star is returning to the show in February.

The former co-host is set to join the ladies to promote the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women campaign, which aims to raise awareness about heart disease in women. As both Star and Barbara both underwent open heart surgery two years ago, it's an issue they both feel strongly about. Perhaps this is the thread that pulled these two back together!

We say, leave the past in the past … but if these two can make nice, anything is possible! Maybe they'll have Rosie O'Donnell on the show and make it a trifecta!

Too much?

[Image via WENN.]

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Star Jones Claims She Has A TV Show In The Works

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Star Jones dropped some BIG news on The Wendy Williams Show.

Her novel, Satan Sisters, a book that Wendy herself is a biggg fan of…

…will become a TV show!

At least that's what it seems like.

Jones didn't give out much more information, probably because things are still in the works.

From what we heard about the book (drugs, sex, talk show hosts, parties) it definitely seems like it would make a great TV show.

Have U read her book? Do U think it would make a good TV show?

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