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Enjoy The View Of Joy Behar & Star Jones Reuniting After Five Years

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Um, awkward!

Five years ago, Star Jones took her leave from The View after a lot of shiz went down between her and Rosie and Barbra. Eh, but that's all in the past right?…Right?

Well, it was enough in the past that Star felt comfortable enough to stop by Joy Behar's show last night to talk about Celebrity Apprentice, which they did get to, AFTER they talk about her getting fired from The View.

Watch in the video (above) as the ladies rehash what went on between Star and ABC way back when!


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LaToya Strongly Dislikes Star Jones Too

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Good lord, is there anyone on that show that DOESN'T hate her?

Star Jones, who is currently starring on The Celebrity Apprentice, has already been in the middle of a nasty, public feud with co-stars Lisa Rinna and NeNe Leakes, and now, LaToya Jackson has also come forward to reveal that she's had a difficult time with the former co-host of The View, as well!

She explains:

"I think everybody has a hard time with Star. I really do. Ok, I don't want to say anything really bad. Ok, she's mean…because I always say, if I had lost that much weight I would have been so happy and pleased with myself. It's something inside that's hurting her to react that way to everyone…just put a smile on your face sometimes!"

Wow! She went pretty light on her, considering what the other ladies on the reality competition had to say!

But still!

We think if THIS many people are coming forward to speak out against your behavior, you need to take a serious look at yourself and wonder what exactly you're doing, and how you're treating people around you, that's making them all so upset!

We hope that she considers this her wake-up call!

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Star Jones Loves Bacon

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Star Jones Loves Bacon

Who doesn’t?!

Star Jones recently admitted to LOVING bacon.

Said Star:

“Bacon is my favorite thing on Earth. I’m the one who once said, ‘If I can never eat bacon again, I would rather stay fat!’”

She continued:

“Now I choose turkey bacon! I’ll treat myself, but it’s two slices, not six. I finally look the way I feel!”

Turkey bacon is slightly better than regular bacon, but it’s still important to regulate how much of it you eat. Keep it up, Star!

[Image via WENN.]

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NeNe Rips On Star Jones On Ellen!

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Woo! Claws are out!

As a member of the Real Housewives franchise, NeNe Leakes knows a thing or two about stirring the drama-pot to drum up publicity. So, when she stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres show this afternoon, she knew EXACTLY what to say about her new role on Celebrity Apprentice and her highly-publicized feud with Star Jones.

Look out, Rosie! NeNe may have you beat!

Check out the video (above) to hear NeNe dish all about "bossy Star" and hold NOTHING back when it comes to her dislike of her!


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The Star Vs Lisa Feud Gets Uglier! Star's Lawyering Up!

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Whoops! See the damage tweets can do!

By now, we're sure you are all aware that Lisa Rinna and Star Jones despise each other. Poor Lisa was the latest one booted from this season of Celebrity Apprentice and she holds a massive grudge against Star over it. According to Lisa, Star sabotaged her chances of continuing with the show because she wasn't given credit where her credit was due. So, in retaliation, she posted some awful things on Twitter about Star and reportedly sent her some scathing emails.

As you can imagine, Star's not taking this lying down!

Source report that Star is "taking this very seriously" and has hired several lawyers to look into dragging her feud with Lisa to court. A rep for Star explained further:

"Star declined to make the cause of concern public as to not take away from her purpose of doing the show, which is charity."

Since Lisa doesn't have the same outlook on the situation, Star sent her lawyers to NBC's legal department, which has since warned Rinna to stop her catty comments.

But will this stick? Can Lisa's fury be contained? She's lost a primo chance of getting a lot of media attention, so we're guessing…no.

[Image via WENN.]

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Star Jones Speaks On Feud With NeNe and Lisa Rinna

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star jones speaks

Star Jones seems to ALWAYS be involved in some sort of drama!

During a recent interview, Star spoke up about some of her issues with her peers.

Here's what Star had to say about NeNe Leakes' comments to the press saying that Jones is jealous that they're on the "same level" despite drastic differences in education:

"No no no. We're not on the same level. Lets make that clear. We're on the same show. This is the thing that everyone needs to understand. I didn't cast the show, Mr Trump and Mark Burnett and NBC cast the show. They cast the show based on what they thought would generate good ratings. This was not a show about friendship. It was a show about whether or not people from different backgrounds, experiences and level of stardom could co-exist for a team and then turn it in for an individual competition. I was very clear on my role in this show. In all honesty, I would never compare myself to another African-American woman. I would never tear down another African-American woman in order to elevate myself. Cream rises to the top and water seeks its own level."

And here's Star on how she made amends with her former View frenemy Rosie O'Donnell:

I would do anything in the world with Rosie! Rosie is one of the most magnificent talents that daytime television has ever seen, and I hated when we were having controversy and how much do I love that we decided to fix that. That's what grown women do when there's a controversy. You get together alone without a camera and you say, 'I had this problem with you,' and we fix it. And that's my girl and when you really want to have a long standing relationship. She's an amazingly-talented person, and I'd be honored to work with her doing anything, God knows.

We're glad to hear that, and we're sure Rosie would be too!

Now, all Star needs to do is work things out with NeNe and Lisa Rinna, and she'll be ALL set…

Do U think Star Jones will also make amends with NeNe and Lisa? Or will those feuds continue?

[Image via WENN.]

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Celebrity Apprentice Drama! Lisa Rinna Vs. Star Jones

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lisa rinna vs star jones

Looks like things are NOT cool between Celebrity Apprentice contestants Lisa Rinna and Star Jones.

Lisa feels betrayed by Star who "pushed to get Lisa chosen as team leader, primarily because she thought she'd blow it and get fired."

Here's what a contestant had to say about Lisa and Star's relationship:

"Since the show wrapped, there's been no love lost between Star and Lisa. Things got so ugly between them that NBC legal had to get involved."

Yikes! Here's more from a friend of Lisa's about her relationship with Star Jones:

"Lisa feels betrayed by Star and Dionne Warwick and has never in her life been exposed to such a negative environment. She comes from a place of love and refuses to fight dirty even if that means she would not win. To be honest, she's happy it's all over and has moved on."

"At least she left with her class and dignity in place."

Dramarama! It must have gotten SERIOUSLY ugly if NBC legal got involved. We can only imagine what went on behind the scenes…

Who do U side with? Team Rinna or Team Jones?

[Images via WENN.]

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