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Kris Humphries Gave Woman Herpes! (Says New Lawsuit)

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Kris Humphries, no stranger to the courtroom, has just been hit with a new lawsuit.

And this one's a doozy! It claims he gave a lady herpes!

Kayla Goldberg says she got the virus after she spent a night with the Hump back in August 2010, pre-Kim, after they met at the Newsroom Cafe in El Lay.

She claims that they knocked boots several times that night and sometimes without a condom.


A week after their rendezvous, Kayla says she was diagnosed with herpes with symptoms including fever, body aches and painful lesions.

So now, she's suing Kris for sexual battery because, according to her, he failed to inform her he had the herp.

Humphries is obvi denying the claims saying that he's been tested recently and doesn't have the STD and he's now actually considering counter-suing her for defamation.

Nothing like a herpes rumor to throw salt in your game!

If she's lying like he claims, then now her name is in the news and everyone knows she has herpes.

Way to go.

In the meantime though, if Kris DOES have those nasty crotch craters, what does that say for Kim? Oooh, gurl, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself (and Kanye). Kris really is just the gift that keeps on giving, isn't he??

[Image via PNP/WENN.]

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California STDs Are Rising!

| Filed under: HealthSexSTDScary!

California STDs rise


Everybody quit having unprotected sex!

There! We solved it!

(If only it were that easy…)

According to a new study, STDs are on the rise in California!

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Serial Infector May Have Given Thousands Hepatitis C

| Filed under: Legal MattersHealthSickSTD

David Kwiatkowski, a former lab technician, has been given the title "serial infector" after possibly exposing thousands of people to his hepatitis C.

He worked at different hospitals in eight states where he would steal syringes full of anesthetic, inject himself, then refill the syringe with saline and put it back on the shelf.

So he would get high and then cover his tracks, which would leave infected needles in the hospital.

That's disgusting.

Luckily this man has been caught and is now in jail, facing some serious charges.

The state Department of Health and Human Services and its Division of Public Health Services are now testing people who might have been exposed to see if they were infected.

We hope those who were infected find out soon and get the help they need.

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Watch Out For Super Gonorrhea!

| Filed under: DrugsMedicineSexSTD


Uh oh.

Look out all you fornicators, there's a new strain of gonorrhea that's resistant to antibiotics.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is warning doctors around the world that there is a new deadly strain of gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea normally only has one treatment, cephalosporin antibiotics, but this strain isn't affected.

A scientist in the WHO's STD department said:

"This organism has basically been developing resistance against every medication we've thrown at it. In a couple of years it will have become resistant to every treatment option we have available now."

About 106 million people a year get "the clap."

Right now, scientists are scrambling to find a different treatment, but what happens when we're just out of treatment options?

Someone needs to invent nanobots, and quick.

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One Direction Got Chlamydia From Koala Pee?!

| Filed under: Icky Icky PooMusic MinuteSilly!STD

Well… they might have.

Pop sensation One Direction is currently touring Australia and New Zealand.

While there they visited a zoo and got the chance to cuddle with a cute koala!

But the 3-year-old Koala played a prank on the boys and took a pee right on them!

Normally this would be just a funny, gross inconvenience — until the boys learned that 80% of koalas have chlamydia!!


The boys actually stood a chance to contract the disease when the koala peed on them!

Good thing koala chlamydia is different from human chlamydia. Although there's always the chance the koala could have the rare strain that humans can contract.

Check out the video (above) to hear how it all went down.

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You (Possibly) Are Riddled With STDs!!!

| Filed under: TV NewsHealthSexSTD


MTV wants everyone to know (as do we) that April is STD Awareness Month!!

Didn't know that??

Well now you do and make sure everyone else does.

Because guess what… one in two sexually active youngins WILL GET AN STD by age 25!!!

And even if you're not sexually active (which is totally cool too) you still have to be careful. Use any truck stop restrooms recently? Getting tested might still be smart.

Have a promiscuous friend? Go with them so they don't feel bad! Make a day of it!

Feel uncomfortable about going to get tested? It's painless, usually very cheap (sometimes free) and it's not awkward because you're trying to stay healthy! (And people will know you have sex which makes you super cool.)

For more info U can click HERE!

Remember: GYT! Get Yourself Tested!

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Mutated Gonorrhea Resistent To Treatment Is Discovered In Japan

| Filed under: HealthSexSTD

Japan Gonorrhea

Not only is Japan's technology more advanced than ours, but their STD's are too!

Swedish scientists say they have found a new strain of gonorrhea in Japan that has "mutated to become resistant to current treatments."

The discovery is pretty frightening, but scientists are still assessing whether it has become widespread, explaining:

"While it is still too early to assess if this new strain has become widespread, the history of newly emergent resistance in the bacterium suggests that it may spread rapidly unless new drugs and effective treatment programs are developed."

So far, experts are blaming promiscuity amongst Japan's youth since 16-24-year-olds have accounted for almost half of the infections, which can go unnoticed for several months.

Infections in men can reduce their fertility, while in women the infection can spread to the womb and ovaries and increase the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease.

This is just another reminder of how SCARY unprotected sex really is, so we'd like to take this time to remind everyone — don't be a fool and wrap your tool!

[Image via AP Images.]

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