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Kids React To Walkman Portable Cassette Players! Check Out Their Hilarious Reactions Here!

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Kids reacting to a Walkman is hilarious but do they really not know what one is? Realllllly?

When it comes to TheFineBros and their "[Whoever] React" videos, the kids ALWAYS have our favorite reactions.

So what happens when these kids are given an old Walkman? They are flabbergasted. They have no idea what it is.

Tindergarten: The Tinder App For 6-Year-Olds Who Want To Avoid Cooties! So What If It's Fake! Is It A Good Idea??

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tindergarten tinder kids app love cooties

Dating apps aren't just for people 100 years old! They're also for the young crowd, those who don't want to have to get cootie shots!

You know, like 6-year-olds!

Tindergarten is an app that can help the little ones find adorable little boyfriends or girlfriends with or without cooties. Plus you can just stay away from the icky icky ones!

Their motto leaves us speechless:

Parents Letting Reddit Name Their Baby — And It Might Actually End Well!

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reddit baby name parents

It takes a bold set of parents to try something as risky as this!

The good news is that it sounds like they've got their bases covered should the internet try and name their little girl anything too ridiculous… and it's working!

A man and his wife have decided to let Reddit help name their daughter, which is due on April 2nd! The naming project — basically a poll — has a few safety nets in place.

Here's what the father said:

An Hour Of Code Aims At Teaching Computer Science To Our Young Minds!

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Plus, we think we spotted our adorable IM5 boys in there somewhere, along with Ashton Kutcher, Shakira, and MORE!!

It's amazing to us that not very many schools teach any kind of real computer science before kids move on to upper levels of schooling! We're talking coding and the creative side of things, not just how to type and use computers!

With how much the world is moving towards being completely linked by technology, and the amount of jobs out there in the industry, this is something schools should be incorporating at breakneck speeds!

So watch the PSA above and listen to the arguments and then help schools in YOUR area become one with the Hour of Code!!

You can totes find out more HERE!! What a great cause!

Chris Pratt Skyped While Shooting GOTG So His 14-Month-Old Son Wouldn't Forget Him!

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chris pratt jack anna faris skype guardians

Awwwwwww! Technology to the rescue!!

Chris Pratt is a new father — or rather, still feels like a new father, because he had to leave his very young baby boy at home to go work on a huge movie in London for the past 5 months!

That's a looooong time when your little one is in prime-time for building bonds with you!

So to make sure that his adorbz 14-month-old son, Jack, didn't forget his face and who his dada was, Chris used the power and technology of Skype to make sure they stayed connected! And when Chris finally got home from shooting Guardians of the Galaxy, well, we'll let Chris tell you what happened:

Lindsay Lohan Tells The World Her Brother Is Online Dating — But She Might Be Too!

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lindsay lohan michael jr online dating tinder

Wait a second here… if Lindsay Lohan has found her brother's Tinder profile, which is a dating app, wouldn't that mean that she herself has a profile??

If she took the picture herself, maybe so!

This may be as a joke between siblings — but it still revealed to a WHOLE lot of people that her younger brother Michael Jr. has started online dating!

Here's what she said along with the pic (above):

Miley Cyrus Says Billy Ray Doesn’t Know How To Use Google!

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miley cyrus says billy ray doesnt know how to use google

We can teach him! Just type “Miley Cyrus twerking” and that’s all the Google you’ll ever need. LOLz!

Then again, when your daughter dances as seksily as Miley, maybe it’s better this way.

The singer was recently talking about her dad Billy Ray Cyrus and revealed that he’s far from technically savvy. She said: