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Fan Pet Of The Day

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Today's Fan Pet of the Day is…


TeddyHilton.com reader Emily sent us a pic of her doggy dog and said:

"Meet Bailey! She is a 6 year old labradoodle from Toronto who loves to run around like a puppy but sometimes age catches up with her like this and she lays with her tongue wagging for a few minutes :p She is a cousin breed to Teddy…maybe they are related! Bailey and I read Teddyhilton.com every day and she loves all of the animal pictures xo"

Awww! What a cutie pooch! A total Teddy cousin!

Bailey sounds like a real sweetie pooch! Love that you two read the site together!

Nothing like some human/pooch shared internet time! Just watch out for those cute cat vids… dogs tend to disagree on the cuteness of cats. LOLz!

Think UR pet should be The Fan Pet Of The Day? Email us a pic to teddyhiltonphotos@gmail.com!!!

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Virgin Australia Offers Frequent Flyer Points… For PETS!!

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Virgin Australia

It seems like more and more places are becoming pet friendly.

Airlines are no different!

Especially in the days of the internet, where one bad review can go viral, airlines have def been stepping up the pet accommodations.

Virgin Australia is taking things a step further and is now offering frequent flyer points for pets!!

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Meet Tailly — A Wearable Cat Tail That Wags To The Beat Of Your Heart

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We always know when Teddy Hilton is excited because his furry little tail starts wagging like crazy!

And now, if this insanity catches on, we will know when regular humans are excited as well, because their tails will start wagging.

Creepy Cool, right?

Introducing the Tailly, as it is so creatively named, a wearable fuzzy cat tail that works by using sensors

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The Cutest Puppy Ever Just Woke Up Confused!

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That is literally, we know we say it a lot but this time we mean it, the CUTEST PUPPY EVER!

Just look at that little guy!!

Awww he's sooo friggin' adorbz it hurts.

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Teddy's Favorite Celebrites!

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We've asked Teddy for his top celebs in Hollywood, and he was more than happy to dish!

We'll give you a hint…LOTS OF HAIR is required!!!! That, or it has to be a particularly GLORIOUS celeb! Ha!

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Teddy's Favorite Celebrities!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Teddy's Favorite Celebrities!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Teddy's Favorite Celebrities!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Teddy's Favorite Celebrities!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Teddy's Favorite Celebrities!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Teddy's Favorite Celebrities!"

[Image via WENN.]

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Steven Tyler And His Tiniest, Cutest Little Doggy

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Who says tiny little purse puppies are only for socialites and old rich ladies?

Steven Tyler is a friggin rock star and he has the tiniest, cutsiest little puppy dog EVER!

Steven was spotted leaving the Trump Soho Hotel in Manhattan recently and he had his little puppy with him.

We have to say it again, that is the cutest little dog EVER!

He looks like he's carrying a little stuffed animal around with him!

We wanna meet that little dog!

Play date with Teddy, perhaps?

[Image via WENN.]

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It's Good To Be Home!

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There's nothing that can replace the smile of your mom!

And your dog!!

We were happy in NYC! Happy in LA!

Happy all around!!!


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