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Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn Miss The Hole At The Met Gala

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met gala 2013 tigerwoodslindseyvonn redcarpet getty

Oops! Someone forgot to tell them it was all about the punk tonight!

Tiger Woods took ski bunny girlfriend Lindsey Vonn to the Met Gala, but unlike the golf field, these pastures use a whole other kind of fertilizer.

They didn't get the punk theme memo, but we have to applaud them for crossing over into a different industry and showing their love of publicity support.

Lindsay's white Tory Burch gown looks so pretty on her skin, just like the snow she works through. If only it had been fitted better in the bust!

Tiger was fairly predictable in his tux, but we didn't expect him to show up rocking ripped pants, a mohawk and studs either.

What do U think of the couple's red carpet debut???

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Elin Sells Her Jewelry

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Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren is doing everything she can to erase the adulterous golfer from her life and apparently that includes selling the jewelry he gave her!


A source told the National Enquirer: "It's the ultimate act of revenge. It's her way of saying, 'Now do you get the message? It's over!'"

Can't say we blame her.

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Elin Nordegren To Make Bank Off Endorsements

| Filed under: Tiger Woods


It looks like Tiger Woods' soon-to-be ex, Elin Nordegren, may be making more than the $100 million shes already getting from the divorce.

A top sports marketing firm is apparently trying to get Elin to accept one of the endorsement offers they're throwing her way, whether it be her acting as a spokesperson or even a TV personality.

According to a source, "they are trying to get her to be a personality, get her endorsement deals, get her a talk show, really anything they can try and come up with that she will want to go for."

And Elin's response to the offers are "so far she hasn't said no and seems to be mildly interested."

We're thinking a TV personality might be pushing it a little too far but we could definitely see her doing some endorsements.

Maybe some nice golfing gear ads. HA, we kid.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Buy Tiger Woods Over Priced Shirt

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And we're not talking a little overpriced, we're talking A LOT.

Rue La La is trying to sell an autographed shirt that Tiger Woods once wore for a whopping $16,000!!!

The online retailer is trying to make it look like the shirt is a steal since it was originally priced at $17,999.


We're dying to know how they came up with those numbers for a shirt worn by a man who cheated on his wife numerous times.

[Image via Rue La La.]

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Are Celebrities Magazine Covers Coming To An End???

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Ad campaigns were first, could magazine covers be next?

It seems that the world is growing tired of the celebrity faces that grace the front cover of magazines because magazine editors are saying "the tried-and-true formula of going to a movie star first is no longer working".

Glamour editor Cindi Leive explains:

"I think what you’re seeing in the magazine world is a certain amount of fatigue with the same old, same old faces. One reason we had a nice sale with Taylor Swift was that you hadn’t seen her on a million magazine covers before and there was actually the hope that ‘Oh my God! I might actually learn something new.’ I think taking risks is serving people well right now."

But magazine guru Samir Husni says with some celebs, there's nothing new to learn. He argues:

"What else do you really want to know about Angelina Jolie? With a lot of these celebrities, there’s nothing left to show unless they actually take their clothes off. We’ve covered them from every shape, every corner. We’ve shown them with their kids, and with their boyfriends and with their girlfriends, so that’s why you’re starting to see semi-naked soccer players and a semi-naked Tiger Woods. That’s what it takes to survive in a digital age."

He makes a good point. Some celeb articles feel like the same interview as before just reworded!

Elle's creative director Joe Zee suggests finding something new to feature, adding "It’s about commerce. At some point, you have to go and find something new."

So what is that "something new"? We don't even think they know!

So until they figure it out, you'll just have to suffer with the same ol' celebrity saying the same ol' things.

Are U tired of seeing celebrities on magazine covers???

[Image courtesy of Vogue.]

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Le Tigre's Still Taking Jabs At Tiger

| Filed under: Fashion SmashionTiger Woods


Le Tigre is still riding the Tiger Woods bandwagon and using it to their full advantage.

The sport brand has put up new billboards that try and make a funny with one of their many Tiger puns.

How convenient that these new ads come out right before his return to the game!

Enjoy it while the jokes are still somewhat funny.

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More Models Claim Terry Richardson Is A Perv

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Terry Richardson is quickly becoming the Tiger Woods of the fashion industry.

After two women broke their silence of the photographer's creepy shenanigans, more models have come forward with allegations that echo those before them.

One model recalls how Terry behaved while on set of a photo shoot:

"I was a model in the late 90s in London, and I was booked on a Terry Richardson job for Arena Homme Plus. The shoot was at an amusement park, and I would estimate that there were 30 models in total […] and we were told that all of us would be given an opportunity to shoot a cover try. Being familiar with Mr. Richardson's…..peccadillos, many of the models were eager to please; pleasing in this instance consisted primarily of pulling down pants, pulling up skirts, losing blouses, and a bit of finger sucking thrown in for good measure.

It seemed painfully clear to me that the phantom lure of a cover try was sufficient reason for a handful of young women with waning career prospects to humiliate themselves in front of each other while Terry Richardson giggled, panted, said "That's hot," and pushed them further.

During lunch, I approached him and asked him if he had any moral quandaries about exploiting the sad dreams of models who hadn't yet made it and probably never would. I asked him if he realized that they were enacting what they believed were his expectations and fantasies in order to gain his favor and hence gain a cover or a future booking. "I don't really think about that stuff," he told me. "I guess you're smarter than me."

Another 19-year-old model, now 21, says she did what she thought was an "artful nude" shoot because she needed the money:

He first asked me to play with myself, and just made really creepy demands. He said it wasn't pornish because he was shooting still shots, and when I said that I felt like he was seeing if I was just dumb, he handed me the camera and said, "Fine you should [shoot] me playing with myself."
I mean his assistants were like, "Do you think all these celebrities would take pictures with him if it was porn?"

Then he said to take pictures of him touching me. Eventually, he had me go down on him and took pictures of him coming on my face, which I had never done before, and when I went to the bathroom to clean up I could hear him and an assistant joking about it which is when I decided to never tell anyone.

What's probably the most disgusting part of the whole thing is that according to one fashion insider agencies know very well what Richardson has been doing the whole time.


[Image via Getty Images.]

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