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Tommy Lee Is Getting Sued!

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We were going to write that the guys was "suing the pants off him," but that would've been too easy! LOL!

Anyway, a new lawsuit is being brought up against Tommy Lee by his former assistant for defamation and failure to pay overtime. The famed ex of Pamela Anderson and Motely Crue drummer apparently treat the guy pretty terribly during the almost six years that they worked together and now, the guys is coming forward.

The plantiff, Michael Sullivan, had his lawyer explain in documentation:

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This Is Not A Joke: Pamela Anderson To Play Virgin Mary For Christmas TV Show

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 Pamela Anderson To Play Virgin Mary For Christmas TV Show

Oh, Canada.

Pamela Anderson is set to play baby Jesus' Virgin mother in A Russell Peters Christmas Special!!

Yes, the actress known for her role in Baywatch, her home video Tommy Lee, and

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Tommy Lee's Coming To SyFy

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Don't judge just yet! This actually might be interesting!

Tommy Lee is developing a reality show for Syfy called Culture Shock with Tommy Lee.

The premise is that Tommy will travel with an investigative team who will try to unlock the mysterious secrets of some previously unknown "secret societies". Of the show, Tommy says:

“This is the first show that I’ve been a part of that will blow our minds and reveal things that will explain almost all our questions. I’m very excited to be partnering with Syfy on this show. It’s going to be an amazing experience for all involved.”

We're intrigued! It sounds like Ghost Hunters…Rock N' Roll edition!!!

Best of luck with it, Tom!

Think U would tune in for this?

[Image via WENN.]

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Don't Expect A Pam & Tommy Reunion Sex Tape

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It's been over a decade since Pam Anderson divorced Tommy Lee, yet people are still waiting for the infamous couple to rekindle their rocky romance. As they have done many times!

You can all keep waiting! You are wasting your time as Pam has recently insisted that there is "no way" she will ever get back with Tommy, at least in any romantic context.

She explains:

"You can't get heartbroken any more over all the disappointments or how he is as a father or anything like that. He doesn't think he's doing anything wrong. I do tell him the truth, but it's been 10 years of suffering over him so I'm over it…Whatever it is, it is - as long as my kids are happy and we're happy and we're safe, let him run around the world. I support him."

When asked point blank if she would get back together with him, she said: "No. No way. I have no interest at all."

And adult video stores across the nation let out a sigh of sadness!

[Image via WENN.]

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Frankenstein And His Bride

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Nick and Vanessa threw a Haunted Mansion themed party at Lachey's house on Friday night for their fellow D-listers!

How generous!

Among the guests in attendance were Tommy Lee, Wilmer Valderrama and Nick's brother, Drew.

Sounds like we didn't miss much!

[Image via Christine Chang.]

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Tommy Lee Injured!

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He's too old to be pulling this shiz!

Tommy Lee will not be on his drum set for several Crue Fest 2 shows as he is suffering from severe burns.

Just like a pre-teen on 4th of July, Lee burnt his left hand while playing with a set of sparklers!!

The genius, while his thumb and forefinger where wrapped in bandages, explained his absence at Saturday's show in Detroit.

"First of all, I suck. I was having fun and I burned myself," said Lee, who proceeded to hand the crowd a bottle of Jagermeister and thumped on a drum with his right hand during the encore for Girls, Girls, Girls.

Jager will not appease the audience, but it will make them nauseous!

Bassist Nikki Sixx commented:

"Accidents do happen and, yes, frustration does happen to everybody, including Tommy, who would rather play drums (even with a damaged hand) than just about anything in the whole world. But following doctor's orders for a few shows is what we have to (do) right now (or cancel shows). We all wanna say we're sorry Tommy has to sit out a couple shows, but we hope to have him back up on the drums ASAP."

He's a wreck Get well!

[Image via WENN.]

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