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Tori Spelling Will Spill Hers & Dean’s Sex Secrets On A New Docudrama! Says She Can’t Give Him Enough Sex!

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tori spelling dean mcdermott talk sex cheating lifetime tv show bgo

This is so sad, and juicy!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have been going through an ugly time in their marriage after Dean admitted to cheating on his wife.

Well, they’re trying to patch things up in front of the whole world on their new Lifetime docudrama True Tori starting April 22nd.

A sneak peek of the six-episode series revealed just how bad Dean’s infidelities were, when he explains

Tori Spelling Flashes Her Wedding Ring In Public! Things Must Be Good With Dean McDermott Then?!

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tori spelling wedding ring back on what does it mean

First Tori Spelling was spotted hiding her ring-less finger, then she put it back on for a family new year photo and it looks like Tori's wedding ring is staying on for good this time??

Could it mean the former 90210 actress is slowly forgiving Dean McDermott for his straying ways?

Tori was dining out when she was spotted in Sherman Oaks with

Tori Spelling steps out with her wedding ring!Tori Spelling steps out with her wedding ring!Tori Spelling steps out with her wedding ring!

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Spotted Together For The 1st Time Since Rehab Announcement After Cheating Scandal! Are They On The Mend?!

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tori dean spotted rehab coffee

Well this is making a caffeinated statement!

Tori Spelling was seen out with her hubby Dean McDermott for the first time since he voluntary entered rehab in late January to address "health and personal issues."

The Chopped Canada host was spotted grabbing coffee for himself and Tori while spending the day together Monday - after SHE visited him in his El Lay area rehab center!

Guess she's officially standing by her man during these hard times

Although the two weren't photographed side by side, you can safely assume this outing was an attempt to reconnect after Dean reportedly admitted to cheating on Tori with five other women over the course of two years!

The former 90210 queen still hasn't spoken out about the scandal that's currently rocking her family - but this reunion is telling us she's prepared to save her marriage!

We're hoping the best for this couple and their kids!

[Image via Interstar/National Photo Group.]

Tori and Dean spotted together for the first time since rehab announcementTori and Dean spotted together for the first time since rehab announcement

Tori Spelling May Never Forgive Dean McDermott After His SHOCKING Sex Rehab Confessions, Including A Major Infidelity Deal Breaker!

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tori spelling dean mcdermott admits banging 5 women

We didn't think this sad situation could get any worse!

Unfortunately for Tori Spelling, it seems the blows just keep coming with her marriage to Dean McDermott.

After he checked into rehab allegedly to deal with issues involving his cheating on Tori, some information has reportedly come out that might ruin this marriage.

While he's been in rehab, he's apparently been forced to admit that he's not only cheated on Tori, but he's cheated on her with five other women in the last two years! Most of the incidents supposedly occurred while he was traveling.

But that's not even the worst part because we hear he also admitted:

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermottTori Spelling and Dean McDermottTori Spelling and Dean McDermottTori Spelling and Dean McDermottTori Spelling and Dean McDermott

Dean McDermott Takes A Break From Rehab For A Stroll — Does He Look Sorry For Cheating To You?

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dean mcdermott rehab npg

It looks like Dean McDermott is doing EVERYTHING he can to win back his family!

After Tori Spelling's hubby allegedly cheated on her with men and women, the Chopped Canada star seems to really be trying to turn it all around!

Dean was spotted looking seriously contemplative outside his El Lay rehab on a stroll with his fellow rehabbers.

Intensive therapy certainly helps, but sometimes there is nothing like some fresh air to work through "health and personal issues" to become "the husband and father [his] family deserves."

Though, whether or not Tori will be able to forgive him has yet to be determined.

[Image via National Photo Group.]

Tori Spelling Took "Drastic" Moves To Save Her Marriage To Dean McDermott Amidst Cheating Scandal!

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Tori Spelling must be experiencing a roller coaster of emotions while dealing with the cheating scandal involving her husband Dean McDermott!

And now, a new source is revealing as soon as the unfaithful allegations surfaced, Miz Spelling scrambled to save her relationship:

Dean McDermott Called "Biggest Mooch" After Using Staffers To Create His Cookbook & Stiffing Their Bill!

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dean cookbook money

Show them the MONEY, srsly!

Tori Spelling's hubby Dean McDermott has been a bad boy lately…

Not only is he being accused of cheating with multiple partners on his wife of seven years AND just checked into rehab for undisclosed issues, but he's also apparently stiffed the people who created his new cookbook!


Dean was doing well hosting the foodie competition show, Chopped Canada, so Harlequin publishing company decided to make a cookbook deal with him!

The Gourmet Dad was born, and Dean was reportedly given an advance of more than $250,000, partly to cover his expenses to make the book!

Sources have revealed the 47-year-old did not pay the following staffers that helped him every step of the way:

Dean McDermottDean McDermottDean McDermottDean McDermottDean McDermott