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Celebrity Cookbook From The Beekman Boys!

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Beekman Cookbook

So awesome!

The famous Beekman Boys have come up with a super cool idea for a cookbook, which is going to be released in bookstores October 4th… but you can order it NOW online!

So what makes it "super cool" ?

Well, for starters the duo has been loved for a long time by people like Gwyneth Paltrow, Tori Spelling, Sonja Morgan, Rachel Ray, Rosie O'Donnell and Martha Stewart.

Then, they had the idea to build note cards INTO the book itself, so people can add their own recipes and pass it down through the generations!

The Beekmans even gave Kim Kardashian one as a wedding present!

"We met up with Kim and her husband Kris in New York City at her post wedding party and gave her a copy of 'The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook' say's Brent, "Kris works up an appetite playing basketball and food is the surest way to keep a man" ads Josh, "Dina Manzo, Sonja Morgan and I were swapping recipe's, along with Kim, we had to be the most glamorous collection of Housewives anywhere."

Mixing healthy recipes with fruits and veggies, old time family favorites, and adding their own modern flair, this cookbook sounds ridiculously great!

We can't wait to read it!

[Image via WENN.]

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A Look At Tori Spelling's Baby Shower!

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Tori Spelling invited Life & Style magazine to her crafts-inspired baby shower where celeb pals such as Denise Richards, Brooke Charvet, and Lisa Rinna celebrated with the pregnant momma.

Tori and friends had fun making crafts, provided by Michaels, while overlooking Malibu beach, adding, "It’s fun sharing this experience with your girlfriends."

Tori and husband Dean McDermott won't the know sex of the baby until he or she is born, but her "gut says boy, and we have a boy's name that we're pretty set on." As for a fourth? Tori says:

"Whatever we have, we’ll go for the opposite on the fourth one. If we are able to have another child, that would be amazing!"

Looks like it was a perfect day for a baby shower. Hope you got a lot of fun goodies for the little one!

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Tori Spelling Wants More Kids, Afraid She Won't Be Able To Get Preggers Again

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Now that Tori Spelling's third pregnancy is coming to a close, she's thinking about the future and whether or not she wants to have more kids.

Even though she'd like to keep the possibility open, she's afraid that a fourth pregnancy will be tough on her body.

She reveals:

"I have mixed emotions. Now that it’s so far along, I’m over the hump … I’m excited to be there, to meet the baby, to not feel this way anymore, but I’m also a little sad. We think we want more kids, but you never know what the possibility of that is … and it’s such an amazing experience that women are so privileged to be able to go through.

When we found out [we were expecting again], we were like, 'Wahoo! Maybe we’ll have another one!' And then shortly after that I got so sick and I was like, 'I’m definitely not having another one!' Now, here at the end, I’m like, 'I think I could go for another one!' We’ll see how the birth goes."

In the meantime, Tori's concentrating on what to name the new baby! She and hubby Dean McDermott have been busy going over potential names - but only if it's a boy! She says:

"We have a name picked out if it’s a boy. We’ve been thinking of both names, and the name that we have picked out if it’s a boy is actually a name that we were going to use before we knew what Stella was, and would have used if she had been a boy."

LOLz! Uh-oh, you better get crackin' on that girl's name! The baby is coming closer than you think, Tori!

[Image via WENN.]

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What Not To Wear

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tori spelling and dean deliver in style

Hey all you fashionista mamas to be!

This is a public service announcement from Ellie & Melissa, The Baby Planners – get your gown for D-day, now!

No, you don’t need to book your stylist for this one, simply head to shopbyog.com for a fun and fabulous selection of labor and delivery gowns.

These hip delivery threads will help you feel fine when push comes to… push! Just ask Tori Spelling!

And Dads, don’t feel too left out. We’re big fans of DaddyScrubs.com – these hospital scrubs will let everyone know exactly who’s the daddy. Suit up, Jay-Z!

More tips like this? Questions? Keep coming back to Perezitos and follow @thebabyplanners on twitter.

[image via Oxygen]

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Tori Spelling's 'Familymoon' Weekend

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Tori Spelling The Kids' 'Familymoon' Weekend

With only 5 weeks left until baby #3 is due for Tori Spelling she is spending as much time with Stella and Liam as possible.

This week she took them on a “FamilyMoon” to a local hotel for 2 days.

She said:

“With 5 weeks remaining until baby #3 is due, and Daddy [Dean McDermott] away on business, I decided to take the kids on a staycation to spend some mommy and babes QT together. We chose a local hotel and set off for a 2 day FamilyMoon!”

Aw, that’s super nice Tor! But wait,do the kids really enjoy staying in a local hotel? Cause this seems like more of a treat for mommy.

The reality star claims her kids love it!

According to Tori Liam said:

"Mama, I love hotels. All I need is a comfy bed, room service, and scary movies."

Ha! He may only be 5-years-old — but this little guy totes get it!

See more pics of the “familymoon” below!

[image via Tori Spelling]

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Tori Spelling Feels "Guilty" Being A Working Mom

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Now, that's just unnecessary.

Mother of two, with another on the way, Tori Spelling says she feels "guilty" about being a working mom.

She's worried that juggling parenthood and a career will actually hurt her kids in the long run. She says:

"I'm scared of screwing up my kids. I thought that once we were out of the baby stage, parenting would be a breeze. You just feel at every turn like, 'Whoa, am I making the right decisions, setting the right boundaries?'

There are days when I struggle with wanting to be a full-time, stay-at-home mother, and feeling guilty about that because I work. One parent at school recently said, 'Oh you never go to anything.' That hit me really hard."

Gurl, please. Millions of mothers struggle with taking care of kids and working at the same time. It's a sacrifice, but as long as you show your children love, everything will turn out fine. Just by seeing how you interact with them, we think you're a great mom!

[Image via WENN.]

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Tori Spelling: I Screw Up As A Mommy Every Day

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Tori Spelling: I Screw Up As A Mommy Every Day

At least we LOVE the costumes!

Tori Spelling's two adorable children Liam (4) and Stella (3) are decked out in old Hollywood costumes for the Halloween inspired feature in Parenting’s October issue.

The pregnant actress, author, reality star and (of course) mom opens up about how motherhood has made her more confident, how it’s helped heal her troubled relationship with mom Candy Spelling, and the one thing she hopes her children don’t inherit from her.

"There’s something I did when I was young that I hope my kids won’t do. I held everything in emotionally. I was scared to cry, or if people asked me what was wrong, I’d say “nothing,”

shared the now confident Tori. She admits she wasn't confident till she was older, and hopes it's not the same for her kids:

When I think of what my greatest wish for my kids is, it’s for them to know who they are, and be proud and confident, before 30.

Guuurl, you've got nothing to worry about! With a strong mother like Tori, we have nothing but high hopes for all three of her children!

[image via John Russo for Parenting magazine]

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