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Tori And Dean Take The Kids To Yo Gabba Gabba

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Tori And Dean Take The Kids To Yo Gabba Gabba

Hey! Don't stick your tung out at us! LOL!

Tori Spelling and her hubby Dean McDermott treated their oldest children to a Yo Gabba Gabba.

6-week-old Hattie McDermott didn't get a chance to see the show, but it's for the best. We've heard that Tori really embarrassed her family when she jumped ON STAGE impromptu performance! That's right Tori boogied while her little ones — 4-year-old son, Liam and daughter Stella — looked on disinterested. LOL!

Tori, there's no shame in liking Yo Gabba Gabba, just don't drag your kids along as an excuse!!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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Tori Spelling Dresses Up Her Newborn Like A Stuffed Turkey

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This picture is just TOO much! We're dying over here!!

Tori Spelling tweeted this photo of her newborn daughter Hattie dressed up like a stuffed turkey that's ready to be served at the Thanksgiving table.

Sure, it may seem a little cruel, but it's also sooo unbelievably cute and silly! What a great idea.

Tori and her fam have been getting in the holiday spirit by spending the day cooking and baking in preparation for Turkey Day.

This must be her favorite time of year. And who doesn't love T-Giving, right???

Tori later wrote on her website ediTORIal:

"Ok, this one isn’t edible, but if you have a baby at home, here’s a fun Thanksgiving craft project you can make for what will be very memorable holiday photos. Your older kids will love helping to make this for their baby bro or sis – Stella loved gluing the faux veggies on the faux platter."

LOLs! What a fun family project. Very, very cute. Although, when Hattie grows up and sees this, she may not be too happy about it…

[Image via ToriSpelling.com.]

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Which Celebrity Boobs Were Accidentally Tweeted???

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tori spelling dean mcdermott twitter picture boobs

Dean McDermott tweeted this pic of his son, having fun with stickers, unknowingly exposing who we all guess is Tori Spelling and her boobs!

Question of the Day! Why are her tittays exposed with the child present??

Ohhh man… he's gonna be in the dog house for a LOOOONNNG time after this one!


[Image via Lockerz.]

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Tori Spelling And Liam Walk Around With Giant Candy Canes

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Ho Ho Ho! It's the most wonderful time of the year for Tori Spelling and her son Liam.

Tori, hubby Dean McDermott and their kids, Liam, Stella, and baby girl Hattie were spotted leaving a Do-It-Center with two giant candy canes and other Xmas decorations.

Dean was on baby duty as he was responsible for holding (and burping) Hattie while Tori did all the shopping. Smart girl!

Later, they picked up lunch and stopped by a bakery for a cake. Yum!

We're sure they had a fun day out around town. Hattie will surely enjoy her first Christmas this year!

[Image via Ability Films.]

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Tori And Dean Already Ready To Have Baby #4??

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It may look like the McDermott family is complete in the (above) picture, but think again.

After JUST giving birth to her third child, Hattie, about a month ago, it seems that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott already have baby #4 on the mind.

Tori says:

"Hattie needs a partner in crime. That's the reason, seriously.

Poor Stella, she's such a second child. I'm always worried about that. I don't want there to be any labels, I don't want Stella to ever feel like a middle child. I always read about middle children. She just totally falls into that because whatever Liam says, she goes 'Okay.' She gives him everything, he gives her nothing. It works like that."

Are they trying to outdo the Duggars or something?? LOL, just kidding. We kid, we kid. We think it's great they want a big family. We're sure Liam, Stella AND Hattie will be grateful to have another little brother or sister running around. How is Tori not completely exhausted all the time??

If you want to see more of Tori and Dean and they're cute little babies, check out the new season of their show Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, which premieres November 29.

[Image via Us Weekly.]

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Tori Spelling's Son Told Her She Has Big Butt

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Tori Spelling's Son Told Her She Has Big Butt


Kids say the darnedest rudest things! Celebrity's children don't car how famous they are, hey tell it like it is!

Apparently Tori Spelling's son isn't fond of her… rear! In a recent blog post Tori wrote:

"As I was changing the other evening, Liam shrieked, covered his eyes, and said:

'Oh no! I do NOT need to see that! Get that out of my face. That huge thing sitting on top of your legs. Your butt is ginormous!'"

Um… RUDE!! Give her a break kid, she JUST gave birth.

Like a good mom Tori wasn't offended, she got worried her son was too old for her to be changing in front of him. She wrote:

"Changing in front of my kids always seemed so natural and normal. After all they are just toddlers, and I did make them from this body. But, for the first time I think I blushed and quickly covered up. Is this it? At four years old, is Liam now too old for me to be changing in front of him?"

Hmm… that's a innersting question!

What do U thing? Tweet us UR thoughts HERE!

[Image via WENN.]

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Meet Tori Spelling's New Daughter!

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She looks adorable.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are introducing their new daughter to the world in this week's Us Weekly.

Their third child and second daughter, Hattie Margaret, was born on October 10, six days before Tori was scheduled to have a C-section. When she realized she was going into labor early, Dean immediately rushed her to the hospital.

She talks about the experience:

"My water broke in the middle of the night! I held his hand, and I thought I was going to crush it — I felt every bump and turn! I was, like, 'Oh, God, go slower!'"

The pair wanted to wait until the baby was born to find out the sex. They were certainly surprised when they discovered they were having a girl!

"[We were] 110% sure we were having a boy. When the doctor held her up, he said, 'You guys were all wrong.' It was the biggest shock.

I never thought girls would run this household. We outnumber the boys!"

With son Liam, 4, and daughter Stella, 3, Hattie was unplanned. But it looks like she was just what the doctor ordered for the married couple. Tori says:

"The baby wasn't planned, but it obviously happened for a reason. Knowing we were bringing a third life into the world just enhanced our relationship. The moment I had her, I looked at Dean and fell in love with him all over again."

Wow, she really must be a miracle baby.

Congrats again to Tori and Dean!

[Image via Us Weekly.]

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