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Ewwww, Tori! No!

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Stop lying to us and yourself, Tori Spelling!!! You have a serious problem!

Tori was spotted in Malibu spending the day with her hubby Dean and her kids, Stella and Liam.

We hope Stella had some extra padding in her diaper because her mommy's arms look like they are about to snap off carrying her!

Though she has denied and denied that she is anorexic, we just don't believe a word of it after seeing these pictures!

This is disturbing! She looks like one of those skeletons you hang on the front door at Halloween!

And her tittays! She's so thin, we're waiting to see her face plant from the weight of those things.

BB, get some help! This isn't funny! You're not looking healthy!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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Tori (Rightfully) Worries Dean Will Cheat!

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That's what you get for being a homewrecker, bb!

Tori Spelling recently admitted to being a paranoid freak who fears that every time the phone rings, there will be a woman on the other end of line calling to tell her that her hubby, Dean McDermott cheated on her.

She admits that given their "history", it's not an unlikely scenario:

“We’re a loving couple, but were human and definitely not perfect. Given our history I often get worried that Dean is going to cheat on me. If the phone rings and it’s a girl’s voice I have to ask if he’s having an affair…Dean has never been anything but devoted, and he tells me over and over again that he would never do that. Deep down I believe him. But I can’t stop myself. For some reason I’m compelled to accuse him of cheating.”

That compulsion is called GUILT, sweetie. It happened once, it could happen again.

To be on the safe side, maybe you shouldn't let him audition for any Lifetime movies. That's where it all seems to start for D-listers like yourself!

[Image via WENN.]

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Tori Spelling Shows Off Her Bikini Bod

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Witness her attempt to prove to the world she isn't too skinny.

Are U buying it?

Yeah, we didn't think so! But she is getting there!

Jack Skeleton Tori Spelling showed off her bikini bod while on vacation in Turks and Caicos with hubby Dean. According to Life & Style, Tori has gained about 5 or 6 pounds in the last few weeks, which has given her the confidence to be photographed in a bathing suit. She even reportedly ate red velvet cake on her birthday, which Dean so sweetly had delivered on the beach.

Aw! He is helping her widen her ass! Good for you!

Progress, but we imagine you should eat another piece of cake and continue doing so until you gain another five pounds. Then we think you'll look just about normal.

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Candy & Tori Spend Mother's Day Together

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Yesterday was a big day for Tori Spelling.

After years and years, she finally had to reconcile with her mother to keep her reality show afloat played nice with her mother for the sake of the family.

Yesterday, Tori was seen bringing her little ones to the Four Seasons Hotel so that they could all spend the afternoon with Candy Spelling for Mother's Day.

Expect to see this episode the next time there are sweeps. It'll be the one following Tori and Dean renewing their vows.

Hope you'll had a nice day!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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Tori And Dean Get Married…Again!

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First Heidi and Seal did it, then Nick and Mariah, and now Tori and Dean are getting on the bandwagon.

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott are proving to the world that their marriage is not on the rocks by remarrying each other in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

Over the past couple of weeks, Tori has gone on various talk shows dispelling rumors that she and her husband are having problems by saying:

"There is no divorce in our future, at all…We're committed to each other, we're committed to this family."

The couple celebrated their second wedding with their two children, Liam and Stella, and close friends and family.

And probably a huge TV production crew!

[Image via WENN.]

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Just Another Way To Cash In! Tori And Dean Renewing Their Vows

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Although their have been several rumors of a split, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are proving everyone wrong and renewing their vows.

The big event will come on the heels of their four-year anniversary on Friday.

But we're sure it'll be documented for their reality show and every tabloid that wants a picture.

Ah, true love!

[Image via WENN.]

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