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Sh-Sh-Sh-Shapewear With Tyra

| Filed under: Fashion SmashionTyra BanksAndre Leon Talley

Tyra Banks is back with more fa-fa-fa-fashion tips and this time she's talking about every girl's (and boy's) best friend: SHAPEWEAR.

The video features some classic TyTy craziness and some great info on how to avoid the dreaded manatee shape!

What's that you ask? Watch the clip (above) to find out!

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Tyra's A Repeat Suspender Offender

| Filed under: Fashion SmashionTyra BanksLarry King


Tyra Banks is seriously having a moment with suspenders and we wish she wasn't.

For the second time in less than a week the ANTM creator stepped out in New York City wearing the trouser keeper uppers.

In fact, this is almost the exact same look she wore to the CW upfront presentation last week.

That's way too much dreckitude for our liking.

How about we leave the suspenders to Larry King, OK TyTy???

[Image via Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures.]

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Tyra Banks To Revamp America’s Next Top Model

| Filed under: TV NewsModelsTyra BanksAmerica's Next Top Model


Say goodbye to the old style of America’s Next Top Model as Tyra Banks is switching things up.

Last week during the CW's upfront presentation to advertisers, Miz Banks announced she’ll only do new and different cycles of her hit show.

She said:

"We will never have another normal cycle of 'America's Next Top Model' again.”

That’s not a bad idea, considering they’ve already had 16 past cycles of the show, a bit of variety will help.

Some ideas…. how about an entirely plus size season? Or an entirely gay/bi cast? Or a Momma’s only club to show models juggling their careers while also being moms?

If all else fails, what about an all male cast? Or even a co-ed one? Hawt!

[Image via WENN.]

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Upfront With Tyra & Her Twins

| Filed under: Fashion SmashionTyra Banks


Sometimes we really have to question Tyra's sense of style.

The ANTM head judge was in New York on Thursday for the CW's upfront presentation and showed up wearing this.

Sure it's better than those onesies she used to wear, but suspenders?

Not feeling it TyTy, but your boobs look fab!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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ANTM All-Star Cast Revealed, Former Contestant Speaks Out

| Filed under: ModelsTyra BanksAmerica's Next Top ModelReality TV


Last month we told you Tyra Banks was putting together a special edition of America's Next Top Model for Cycle 17, an All Stars special!

And now we know the 14 girls from the past who will be making a return, and yes, Bre and Allison are back!

However, Jade (pictured above) declined to return, taking to Twitter to voice her opinionated thoughts:

“I declined #ANTM cycle 17 immensely because my contract was completely Bogus and one sided!

To be Honest #ANTM is all about making "their money" and they do not care about us period!

These girl's just signed there Rights and Life away! Best of Luck to them cause they sure are going to need it!”

Bitter much? Or just smarter than the rest?

Check out the complete list of the models for this current cycle after the jump!

As for Jade, what do U think of her comments? Share your thoughts with us here.

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Models Continue To Rake In The Dough


Forbes has released their list of the world's top ten earning female models.

Compared to last year's list the top 3 haven't changed, but the amount of ca$$$h has and by a lot!

So who's gettin' paper for being ridiculously good looking?

Gisele Bundchen $45 million
Heidi Klum $20 million
Kate Moss $13.5 million
Adriana Lima $8 million
Alessandra Ambrosio $5 million
Daria Werbowy $4.5 million
Lara Stone $4.5 million
Carolyn Murphy $4.3 million
Natalia Vodianova $4 million
Candice Swanepoel $3 million

We're kinda surprised that Tyra not Banks or Naomi Campbell didn't make the list, but mostly Naomi.

[Image via Lia Toby/WENN.]

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Coming This Fall: America's Next Top Model All-Stars!

| Filed under: ModelsTyra BanksAmerica's Next Top ModelReality TV


Despite the craptastic ratings, the CW has picked up another season of America's Next Top Model with a twist.

For the 17th cycle, Tyra's bringing back models of ANTM past for an all-star edition.

We really hope Jade's super ego and Bre "you stole my granola bar" Scullark return. There would be so much dramz!

Oh and nosebleed loving Allison Harvard too, because she was totes robbed of the title in cycle 12.

Will U watch???

[Image via Getty Images.]

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