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Vintage Perez News Archive

Just BE!

| Filed under: Personally PerezYouTubePerezTVVintage Perez

A friendly reminder from Perez Hilton…

Way back in April of 2008!

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This Is So Cringe AND Hilarious!! Me In 2000!!!

| Filed under: Personally PerezYouTubePerezTVVintage Perez

We just found a bunch of our old acting scenes from NYU!

Can you name what movies these are from?

Rewatching these was such a trip!

Some scenes we had to watch with our hands covering our face - embarrassed. And others we genuinely LOVED!

Which one was Ur fave? The last is ours By a mile!

Watch this TBT video above! Enjoy! SHARE!

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1992: This Is Us At Age 14! HS Video Project!

| Filed under: Personally PerezPerezTVVintage Perez

This TBT video goes back to freshman year of high school!

Our creative writing teacher gave us an assignment to create some kind of representation of who were were. It was very open-ended. We decided to make a movie!

This was a decade before we even had a computer. We edited it by going back and forth between the old camcorder and the VHS machine.

Fascinating in hindsight to see all the things we included in this - and the songs we chose!

Life!!! We love ours and the journey! ​

Watch! Enjoy! Share!

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Is Perez Believable As A Straight Dude? Baby Perez In A Movie!

| Filed under: Personally PerezYouTubePerezTVVintage Perez

This was our favorite student film we ever did!!! Help Wanted by Josh Silfen is one of our favorite genres of movies - the romcom! And Perez is the lead!

It's sweet, sincere and funny!

Rewatching this short from 2000 today brought such a permasmile to our face! And a sense of accomplishment!

We're so thankful for all the experiences along our journey and hope that much more acting is in the future!

Watch! Enjoy! SHARE

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My Shameful Past As A Pro-Lifer!

| Filed under: Personally PerezYouTubePerezTVVintage Perez

Belen Jesuit Prep Graduation: 1996!

We're in this video a few times!

Fast forward to 2:52:00 to see us get our diploma and be reminded that we were brainwashed into being in the 'Respect Life' club!

Product of our all-boys Jesuit school in Miami!

So happy we allowed our brain to evolve!!

Crazy TBT / FBF!!

Watch! Enjoy!

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Perez On Reality TV In 2004!! Flab To Fab!

| Filed under: Personally PerezYouTubePerezTVVintage Perez

Before there was a Perez there was a Mario and he sure brought the drama!!!

Flab To Fab was a fitness reality show that we applied for at age 26 and got!

Tired of being overweight, we wanted help!

And we got a rock star team to help transform us. Nutritionist, chef, trainers, stylist.

Did we succeed? Watch to find out!!

Major TBT!

P.S. Momma Perez makes a cameo!

Enjoy! SHARE!

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Perez at 24: Acting In A Gay Film! (2002 WeHo Realness)

| Filed under: Gay Gay GayPersonally PerezFilm FlickersYouTubePerezTVVintage PerezLGBT

So many treasures in our old videos that we just had digitized!

This gay movie from 2002 that Perez starred in is such a gas!! A time capsule in many ways! A short film about gay dating. In a world before Grindr!

We got so sentimental looking back at our old clothes!!

This is so fun!

The film is called Dating Up and it was written and directed by Stephen Kung.

Watch! Enjoy! Share!

And CLICK HERE to Vote on our tour demand page to see our podcast live! We need to know what cities to go!

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