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Weston Coppola Cage News Archive

Weston Cage And Wife Charged With Domestic Violence After Fourth Of July Meltdown!

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Weston Cage Being Investigated For Possible Domestic Violence

He just can't seem to get his shit together, can he?

Police were called early to home of Nicolas Cage's troubled son, Weston, around 7:30am, after they received reports that a person was heard screaming for help. Both he and his new wife, Nikki, were then taken into custody for further questioning, for fear of a possible domestic violence incident!

Luckily, no arrests have been made so far, and we sincerely hope that this was nothing but an unfortunate misunderstanding.

What a great way to start of fourth of July! Yeesh!


Both Weston and his wife, Nikki Williams, have been booked on felony domestic violence charges by authorities.

Witnesses claim that the new bride went absolutely ballastic, and cut the famous actor's son with a broken bottle before punching him and then threatening to jump off a balcony. Apparently, Weston was violent himself, and both are facing the charges.

Good lord. These two clearly need quite a bit of help, and hopefully, this will force them to receive it.

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Restraining Order Issued Against Weston Cage

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You might not know who Kevin Villegas is, but you know what he did. He's the guy who beat the hell out of Weston Cage, Nicolas Cage's son, a few weeks back when Weston lost his cool. Now, Kevin is filing a restraining order against Weston, claiming he is the victim of harassment.

Can't say we blame the guy, but from what we've seen, its not like he can't take care of himself. Still, we applaud anyone who vies for a non-violent measures.

Kevin was granted the restraining order after he explained to the judge that

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Weston Cage's Parents At War!

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Oh good. This is what he needs - more stress.

Weston Cage, the son of Nicolas Cage and Christina Fulton, is still recovering from his meltdown last week. It's probably a good thing he's still resting, since he's going to need a lot of energy to deal with his parents tearing each other to shreds. Yesterday, the pair were in court trying to Christina's $13 million lawsuit against Nic for not giving her a house like he supposedly promised.

They managed to stay civil during the proceedings, but outside the courthouse, both Nic and Christina mouthed off about the other and their relationship to their son. On Christina's part, she revealed she is taking legal steps to get a conservatorship for Weston by the end of this week. When Nic was told this information, he replied:

"I hope Ms. Fulton will come to her senses one day and get some help…Weston is a man. I have complete faith he will weather this well."

Point to Nic for attempting to stay classy with his comments!

We'll see how this conservatorship pans out as the week goes on, but as for the lawsuit, Christina revealed that it was settled "to the satisfaction of both parties." Wow! You agreed on something! Fancy that!

[Image via WENN.]

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Weston Cage Bans His Mother From Visiting Him In The Hospital!

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Uh-oh! Should have kept those lips zipped!

After Weston Cage's mother, Christina Fulton, ran her mouth off to the press yesterday about father Nicolas Cage being to blame for their son's troubles - and subsequent hospitalization after being assaulted on the street by his personal trainer - she's been banned from visiting him!

According to sources, Weston was furious that his mom went to the media to blame the entire situation on his dad, and he hasn't even been speaking to her for quite a while. Therefore, he's asked hospital staff to turn her away!

Such a sad situation.

As we said before, we think the last thing anyone needs to be doing is pointing the finger of blame. They need to focus on getting their son the help that he needs.

[Image via WENN.]

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The Many Colorful Looks Of Nicolas Cage's Son

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CLICK HERE for a photo gallery of Weston Coppola Cage!

CLICK HERE for a photo gallery of Weston Coppola Cage!

CLICK HERE for a photo gallery of Weston Coppola Cage!

CLICK HERE for a photo gallery of Weston Coppola Cage!

CLICK HERE for a photo gallery of Weston Coppola Cage!

CLICK HERE for a photo gallery of Weston Coppola Cage!

CLICK HERE for a photo gallery of Weston Coppola Cage!

[Image via WENN.]

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The Personal Trainer Who Beat Up Weston Was Actually…

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Weston Beating Culprit

Weston's high school wresting coach, and he had been hired to protect him.

Kevin Villegas is the name of the man being referred to as Nic Cage's son's personal trainer, and he was probably chosen to protect him because he actually has some martial arts expertise.

The beating was brutal and unfair, and Weston is currently being evaluated for brain trauma after requiring multiple stitches.

Onlookers described the scene as horrific, and someone even caught it on camera:

“He deliberately provoked Weston. And he wouldn’t stop even though people were telling him to. He (Villegas) could have easily subdued Weston. Weston was defenseless.“

Ugh, this is so terrible. It's being reported that Weston took upwards of 13 punches to the face, and could do nothing about it. All from the man hired to protect him.

Our thoughts go out to you, Weston! Feel better!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Weston Cage's Mother Blames Nic For Son's Behavior

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Yesterday, Nicolas Cage's son, Weston, was taken to a local L.A. hospital after he got into a nasty brawl with his personal trainer in public and was deemed "ill."

Nic reportedly was with his son in the afternoon, but in the evening, Weston was joined by his mother, Christina Fulton. Christina was spotted leaving the hospital looking fairly distraught and worn from the day's activities, but before she went home for the night, she lashed out at the waiting reporters, insisting that if it wasn't for Nic, her son wouldn't be in the hospital at all. She explained that Nic has been a terrible influence on her child and asserts that Nic is to blame for the whole sad situation.

Like father, like son? Perhaps, but considering that Weston may be suffering from mental illness, we're thinking no. That's not the sort of thing a father can instill in his child. Alcoholism maybe, but not this. But this isn't about blame. This is about Weston getting better - and we really hope he does.

[Image via WENN.]

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