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Beyoncé Isn't Destined To Be Invited To Kelly Rowland's Wedding!?! Oh NO! See What She Said HERE!!!

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Kelly Rowland wants a small wedding

Oh say it ain't so!

Recently engaged Miz Kelly Rowland has revealed exactly what kind of wedding she wants with her fiancé Tim Witherspoon — a small one.

One that even her Destiny's Child sister Beyoncé won't be invited to!


The X Factor judge said that her ideal wedding is one where there are only three people present!

She said:

Kelly Rowland wants a SMALL weddingKelly Rowland wants a SMALL weddingKelly Rowland wants a SMALL weddingKelly Rowland wants a SMALL weddingKelly Rowland wants a SMALL wedding

EXCLUSIVE! Simon Cowell Dishes On & Demi Lovato's Exit & X Factor's Future! Watch HERE!

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We love it when this honest Brit comes out to play!

Simon Cowell was in a great mood chatting with us on the red carpet at last night's X Factor finale part one!

In addition to talking about his favorite moments this season and what he expects to see next year, the daddy-to-be also spoke candidly about the sad departure of the ultra-adorbzies Demi Lovato!

You'll never guess how long he's already known she was on the way out!

Ch-ch-check out the whole AH-Mazing response in the EXCLUSIVE! interview (above)!

And don't forget to tune into X Factor tonight — a winner will finally get crowned!

Simon CowellSimon CowellSimon CowellSimon CowellSimon Cowell

EXCLUSIVE! Demi Lovato Talks Glee, Dream Duets & Touring On The X Factor Red Carpet!

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So sadsies this is one of her last X Factor red carpet interviews ever!!!


We made sure to snag Demi Lovato post-show last night to ask all about what's next for her fabooshly successful career!

REMEMBER: It was just announced that she's leaving the musical competition series after tonight's finale to pursue other AH-mazing opportunities! Hmm, but what could they be?!

Want to find out if Demz character will return on the upcoming season of Glee?!

Or who she's dying to duet with on her next album???

Ch-ch-check out the (above) EXCLUSIVE clip for all the inside scoop on everything future Demi!

Demi LovatoDemi LovatoDemi LovatoDemi LovatoDemi Lovato

X Factor Suffers Lowest Rated Regular Wednesday Night Show! Which Show Stole Its Viewers?

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simon cowell reaction demi lovato

Simon Cowell, if you're reading this, you may need to brace yourself with a lot of Diet Pepsi!

We practically had a heart attack after it was reported that Demi Lovato would be leaving X Factor, and now it comes out that last night's performance finale was the lowest rated regular Wednesday episode in its entire run!

If we were Simon, we'd pop out of our tightly fitted tee shirt with RAGE…just like the Hulk!

SRSLY this is not a good week for Simon, Paulina Rubio, and Kelly Rowland!

X Factor only earned a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which was still a little more than their pre-Thanksgiving episode, but that was listed as a "special."

While the show is losing Demi so she can focus on her music, it lost the rating's battle to

Simon Cowell Admits He Knew Demi Lovato Would Leave X Factor After This Season

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We're totes gonna miss their adorable, sassy relationship!

While the world was just being clued in this week of Demi Lovato's announcement to leave X Factor, there was one man who always had an inkling the starlet would be well on her way.

We guess Dems couldn't stay at X Factor forever and Simon Cowell knew that she would depart for greener pastures!

Following Demi's public announcement of her decision, her feloow X Factor judge admitted to the press

Miley Cyrus Could Be X Factor's Newest Judge, If Simon Cowell Has Anything To Do With It!

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demi lovato leaving xfactor miley

Miley Cyrus came into 2013 like a Wrecking Ball

But could she be riding it out with just as much star-powered momentum?!

Simon Cowell thinks so - and that's why he wants Mileybird's celeb power to shine as a judge on X Factor for its upcoming season.

With the official departure of Demi Lovato as of today, the Brit is most definitly looking, and he's got his eye on the prize twerk:

Simon Cowell wants Miley Cyrus to be the new judge on X Factor!Simon Cowell wants Miley Cyrus to be the new judge on X Factor!Simon Cowell wants Miley Cyrus to be the new judge on X Factor!Simon Cowell wants Miley Cyrus to be the new judge on X Factor!Simon Cowell wants Miley Cyrus to be the new judge on X Factor!

Demi Lovato Is Leaving X Factor After This Season! Find Out Why HERE!

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demi lovato x factor

Say it isn't so, DemDem!

We're not ready to not see Demi Lovato every week on TV, but this is the kind of horrible life we're all going to have to get used to.

While she's in her second AH-Mazing season of X Factor, it has been nearly confirmed that this will be her last!

An insider has revealed why she plans to part ways: