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Calista Flockhart's Face Staying So Young Thanks To Plastic Surgery?!?

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calista flockhart faces sbs watermark


Calista Flockhart's 50th birthday isn't too far away. But one look at her face and you would never EVER know just how old she really is!

The Ally McBeal actress still looks as youthful as ever! But some new shots have surfaced that have people wondering if Harrison Ford's wifey is getting some surgical help in order to keep her girlish look!

Ch-ch-check out the shots below of Ms. Flockhart strolling around Beverly Hills. We still think she looks great, but there's some extra puffiness that we don't normally see on this skinny-minnie!

Compare that to the shot above of her a few days ago at the Paranoia premiere.

Something seems a little…off, to us!

Some have even accused Calista of using fillers in order to outdo gravity and keep her face wrinke-free!

What do YOU think??

Has Calista Flockhart had some work done on her face???

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Has Calista Flockhart had some work done on her face???

  • Uh-uh! That's au naturel! (24%)
  • Fo sho! Ain't nobody looks that good at that age! (76%)

Total Votes: 4,175

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[Images via The Media Circuit/AKM-GSI and Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

Justin Timberlake Says *NSYNC Is Better Than One Direction! But How Will YOU Vote?

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nsync vs one direction

Can't we all just get along!?!

Justin Timberlake was recently asked the uncomfortable question of boy band superiority between his own legendary fab five, *NSYNC, and the newer, younger megastars — One Direction.

Obviously proud but honest, Justin replied:

"I have not seen them on stage, but I'd be willing to say that we're better than them."

You hear that??

Twas the sound of a whip meeting a bell!

Justin continued to respond with more cordial words, however, by explaining:

North West's Photo Debut! Who Does She Look Like More: Kim Or Kanye?

| Filed under: Baby BlabberKanye WestYOU Decide!Kim Kardashian

nori kim kanye

Kanye West proudly showed a photo of baby North West on Kris Jenner's talk show Friday morning — the first ever seen!

As precious as she is, we're torn.

Who does she cater to more in the looks department??

Kim or Yeezy? Who gave her the most genes? You tell us…

Who Does North West Look Like More?

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Who Does North West Look Like More?

  • Kanye (53%)
  • Kim (47%)

Total Votes: 43,633

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[Image via WENN.]

One Direction's London Looks: Which Boy Is The Prettiest At Their This Is Us Premiere?

| Filed under: AnglophiliaFilm FlickersFashion SmashionYOU Decide!One Direction

one direction this is us london premiere group shot style

Delectable, they are!!

One Direction is a team of personalities. But they're also SUPAH stylish!

Which one killed it the most at their London premiere of This Is Us??

Check out the pics below for close-up shots, as well as full shots (you're welcome) and you tell us…

Which 1D Boy Won With Style At The Premiere?

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Which 1D Boy Won With Style At The Premiere?

  • Louis (19%)
  • Niall (17%)
  • Liam (22%)
  • Zayn (20%)
  • Harry (22%)

Total Votes: 9,915

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[Image via WENN.]

Ryan Gosling VS Joe Manganiello! Who Will Be The Next Batman??

| Filed under: Film FlickersYOU Decide!Ryan GoslingChristian BaleHenry CavillJosh BrolinComic BooksJoe ManganielloComic-Con

joe manganiello ryan gosling batman

Ever since the biggest superhero crossover of all time Superman VS Batman was announced at Comic-Con, everyone has been wondering who will be the new Batman now that Christian Bale is officially done.

Well, we hear the list is short, but it makes up for it by having some BIG names!

Ryan Gosling is certainly pretty enough to face off with Henry Cavill, and Joe Manganiello has the muscles.

We'd totes be happy with either one! Especially if the fight is mostly naked mud wrestling!

But according to rumors, the frontrunner is

Has Kim Kardashian Really Not Had Any "Work" Done?

| Filed under: KnifestylesYOU Decide!Kim KardashianPerezTV

Plastic surgery, yay or nay?

Battle Of The Disney Babes! Whose New Music Do You Love More: Miley Cyrus' Or Selena Gomez's?

| Filed under: Music MinuteDisneyMiley CyrusYOU Decide!Selena Gomez

selena gomez slow down miley cyrus we cant stop poll

Summer 2013 is here!!

And we have one VERY important, VERY urgent question:

…which Disney princess will own the charts??

Miley Cyrus has released her partylicious, trancey We Can't Stop, and Selena Gomez has served her sweet and sexy Slow Down.

But which one do U love more?? Tell us!!

Whose New Music Do You Love More?

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Whose New Music Do You Love More?

  • Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop' (52%)
  • Selena Gomez's 'Slow Down' (48%)

Total Votes: 26,196

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Need a few minutes to decide? No worries. We've got BOTH tracks ready for you to play (and then repeat) …AFTER THE JUMP!!!