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Reid Peppard's Taxidermy Accessories

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ratbowtie_e.jpg londoncaughtbracelet_e.jpg pigeonwingheadpiece_e.jpg smallratandmousecufflinks_e.jpg smallratholdingcrystal_e.jpg

You know how much we LOVE quirky fashion and we're pretty sure this takes that cake! Or should we say…cheese?

Reid Peppard, who designs under RP/Encore creates some very inneresting and dead accessories for both men and women.

We could go into detail about what her collection consists of, but we think the pictures speak for themselves.

And for those of you dialing PETA, you can put the phone down. Reid notes on her website that:

"Every effort has been taken to see that the creatures used in RP/Encore are victims of road kill, pest control, or natural death. The only exception to this rule is the occasional "feeder rat" (a rat that is bred and killed for the sole purpose of feeding snakes), and every action is taken to ensure that the remnants of these creatures is not put to waste, but is ground and fed to other animals."

At least it's humane. Right?

What do U think of Reid Peppard???

[Images via RP/Encore.]

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