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Fired Over A Boob Job!?

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An employee of Conde Nast's Brides magazine was let go after an incident regarding her new rack.

According to the big tittayed employee, was having a conversation in her office, closed the door, unbuttoned her door and showed off her sports bra. The axed lady argues "It was within the confines of my office, behind closed doors. There was no nudity involved. They were personal friends who I had known for years."

Before long, word spread throughout the office and eventually to Human Resources.

Once it reached HR she says they "told me they were going to investigate and that they would get back to me." And they did. Two days later she was fired with no severance or unemployment benefits.

She reveals: "They said that based on additional information, which they did not share, that it was inappropriate and I was fired," she said. "I was in complete and utter shock."

We would be too! Especially if they didn't give up the "additional information".

The ex-employee has already hired Daniel Mareck, a lawyer at Little & Robinson and is considering suing Conde Nast.

Mareck says the mag's actions were "unbelieveable when you consider the kind of images that are in Condé Nast magazines."

He does have a point there.

Daniel also points out that his client "showed someone her sports bra-covered breasts, and it was so offensive she was fired."

Conde Nast legal team has yet to comment.

What do U think? Was Conde Nast right for firing her???

[Image via WENN.]

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