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Lindsay Knows She's Bad For Business

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Finally! The girl admits it!

In a recent interview, Lindsay Lohan admits her name can tarnish things.

La Loca states the obvious by saying: "I’m the first to say that in certain situations, my name will cheapen things because that’s what people have made of it."

Emanuel Ungaro would agree with that statement. But seriously Linds, you haven't exactly done anything to add value to your name either.

She also spouts some crap about how much she loves fashion and "designing":

"Fashion is something that’s so expressive in so many ways – within film, within music, within daily life. It expresses how you feel that day and the character you’re playing. I really appreciate and respect it. It’s something that’s not only a hobby of mine, but it makes me feel good. It’s really therapeutic for me, actually – the designs."

Oh, Lindsay. How can any of that crap you "design" make you feel good? Especially when you're ripping off other people's designs!

[Image via Will Alexander/WENN.]

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