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Ke$ha Rawks The Red White & Blue For V

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Look who managed to clean up nicely!!!

Ke$ha is on the summer cover of V Magazine looking very Americana Chic in stars & stripes.

Inside the mag, K gets straight to business in sharing her observations on how she’s perceived, what it was like to grow up between El Lay & Tennessee, making it in the biz, & being a relatable role model (for realz).

Here are some HIGHlights:

On how she’s perceived:

“I do feel like there are the pop stars of the world and then I’m like their dirty little sister, running around with sh*t on my face in combat boots because I can’t walk in heels,”

On her upbringing:

“My very first memory is when we lived in Van Nuys, running around barefoot. Shortly thereafter we moved to Tennessee, which was a lot of hiking and rope-swinging. I always coveted a Trans-Am, which is now my ride of choice. Everything I sing, I write, love it or hate it, it all comes from me.”

On trying to make it in the biz:

“I met with this one big writer and he thought he was hot sh*t. He had me driving all over town—and I didn’t have gas money. The last time I met up with him, he said, ‘I have a great song title, but you can’t have it because you’re not signed.’ Then he asked me to leave his house. It was such a weird, twisted thing for a grown man to do to a young, desperate artist! It made me want to get successful to show that whether or not people recognize the power that is in you yet, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It’s not even about signing with a big label. With the Internet, the entire music business is changing. If anyone tries to tell you that you can’t do what you want to, I think you should give them the finger and do it anyway.”

On being a relatable fashionista:

“It’s tough for kids to emulate someone with twenty fashion people on staff,”

On being a working-class role model:

“I try to include my fans in my message. I do feel like there is an element of what I’m doing that is about where I come from, which is working-class. I was never the cool kid, I was never hot in high school. I was never popular. You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to be rich and you can still be successful.”

On the paps:

“When paparazzi showed up at my house, it was really mind-boggling. I’ve found ways to do exactly what I want, but in the privacy of my own sanctuaries. My friends and I are all really private. We get fucking crazy, but you’re not going to see me stumbling out of nightclubs.”

On her music evolution:

“The first record was all me living in L.A., trying to pay my rent, have a really good time, and look good on nothing. But ever since then I’ve seen how many people my music can reach, and I’ve realized that I have somewhat of a social responsibility to make sure everything I say is positive. The underlying theme of this next record is warrior, with the positive message being that everyone has a warrior inside. Some people will be shocked. Some will also be excited to know that I don’t just do silly white-girl rap. I’m from the South, I have a lot of soul. But trust me—it’s not going to be some avant-garde jazz record. I innately write pop songs. That’s just what I do.”

On having the last laugh:

“[My image is] all spur-of-the-moment, crazy ideas. If people get me or people don’t get me, I really can’t worry. Somebody said to me, ‘I didn’t know if you were some wild party girl or if you were in on the joke, but I get it now. I’m way in charge.”

Positive, soulful & in-charge!!! Just the way we LIKE it.

Check out the rest of Ke$ha’s red white & blue shoot (below)!!!

[Images courtesy of V magazine.]

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