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French Bank Offers Sexist Luxury Handbag Insurance!

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How rude, err, thoughtful of them!

French bank Société Générale is offering women a pink and gold Pour Elle, or For Her, card that will insure their purses for up to $250.

It will also give cardholders access to a hotline for two electrician, locksmith or handyman calls each year, since these are perceived by the bank as things that women need.

Lys-Aelia Hart, a Paris-based assistant art buyer explained her feelings on the card:

"It's a little cheeky to promote both at the same time as 'female crises' that could arise. In my eyes, many men don't know how to deal with a serious electrical issue - on the contrary, they'd probably get killed."

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. However, a SocGen spokeswoman said five percent of cardholders are men, and stated:

"We don't think it's a discriminatory approach. Those who choose these cards are those who wish to adhere to their femininity."

It’s a great idea since handbags can be pretty outrageously priced, but the direct marketing to women is where they went wrong. Guys need this stuff too!

Would U buy the handbag insurance???

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