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Look out grillz, there's a new mouthware trend on the rise! Faith Hill made an appearance at the Grammys tonight wearing a chic J Mendel dress, but all e… Read more…

23 comments to “Faith Hill Braces Herself For The Grammys”

  1. Blue_Moon_Girl says – reply to this


    The fuck?! This woman looks nothing like Faith Hill. What happened?!?! I am so confused.

  2. 2

    omg what the fuck? lolol I'm so sorry to laugh though. But wtf is up with her weight too?

    why did she go invisilign?

  3. ASIANS CAN READ MINDS! says – reply to this


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  4. Monroe says – reply to this


    What happened to nicole kidman hair? I think she should fired her hairdresser!

  5. 5

    WTF just wtf whats with the braces is she reliving 13

  6. 6

    She was totally wasted. Hope it's not meth…

  7. 7

    WTF? Was she wearing veneers all this time?

  8. dani says – reply to this


    both her and tim lost a lot of weight. i think their shows at vegas are wearing the both of them down cause they looked strained and burnt out big time.

  9. Deb says – reply to this


    I love Faith Hill and her music.

  10. Bee says – reply to this


    Could have got Invisalign or lingual braces. She's obviously doing it for the attention

  11. Mkroon says – reply to this


    She looked sick. Mouth drooping to one side, I thought maybe she had a stroke or something.

  12. Jane says – reply to this


    Drugs…look at her, she is ON DRUGS! Her teeth were perfect, why the hell would she get braces, shes drawing attention from her face, caked with 12 pounds of makeup, she is drastically thinner. So so sad :(

  13. 13

    She was also wearing them at the CMA awards. She said she had braces as a child, but never wore her retainer after. So she had to have braces again because her teeth went back to the way they were. She does look way too thin, but she will always be the gorgeous Faith Hill to me.

  14. mariposa says – reply to this


    um why does she have braces? She looked like she had straight teeth before:

    and I agree with Pollopicu, why not use Invisilign? you have the money…she doesn't look like her normal self, I wonder whats going on.

  15. 15

    For a successful singer that has a lot of money her teeth are ugly. Like sorta drug or smoke person.

  16. Ella says – reply to this


    Re: safetyfalse – No, if she had been wearing veneers "all this time" she couldn't go back to having normal teeth, because teeth have to be shaved down dramatically before veneers are fitted.

  17. Ella says – reply to this


    She looks really awful. She's clearly done something to her face. Her eyes are narrow and her brows more diagonal. She looks like LeAnn Rimes. She used to be so beautiful! Why, Faith? Why?!?

  18. bigdawg says – reply to this


    I think she is absolutely gorgeous, but sadly I thought the same — oh Faith.. a little too thin..what's up? She lost that pretty fullness in her face and dimples. I looked back at pictures of her and her teeth were beautiful? Didn't think they could spread out that much later in life. She is likely following too strict of a diet with Tim/hubby.

  19. vanillab says – reply to this


    Re: Mkroon – Ignorance will get you no where. She is correcting an overbite, which cannot be attained with invisalign.

  20. 20

    What the hell did faith do to her face. It's not just the braces. She was a beautiful woman…wth???

  21. 21

    She is way too thin. I'm surprised she waited so long to get braces again. She was kind of out of the public eye for a bit, so I wonder why she didn't get them then? Tim and her need to gain back a little weight. They look gaunt and frail.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    'There You'll Be' is still one of the most beautiful songs out there.

  23. 23

    She needs to eat. She is so skinny that she looks so wrinkly.