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This is everything! She set the bar pretty high with her March cover, but now Beyoncé's Vogue spread has blown us away! In the Patrick Demarchelier-l… Read more…

13 comments to “Queen Beyoncé Rules The World Pages Of Vogue

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    They photoshopped about 3 inches off her thighs.
    Shameless, really, what the asswipes in advertising will do to influence women and dictate what is "acceptable" in appearance.
    Brainwashing bullshit!
    We are not fucking puppets!
    And the fact Beyonce is apparently "cool" with this degrading and COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY demeaning of a woman's natural shape makes me despise her even more.

  3. mlington says – reply to this


    what queen? she doesnt hs worldwide ipact perez… please

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    Girls, ladies, women:
    Come ON! Fight against this bullshit! DO something about this!
    Compain to the companies! Write to the magazines! Write to the advertisers!
    Write to the record producers and the public relation agencies who help put together this crap!
    Write to the performers themselves!

    I mean, seriously. Take a walk in your local mall and LOOK at just how fucking anorexic and malnourished the mannequins in the storefronts appear! They get skinnier every year, and we are doing SWEET FUCK ALL about it!
    Don't be apathetic!
    Don't let another generation of this go by without standing up for yourself and your body!
    It's designed to make us WEAK! It's designed to keep us in control!
    (A small, frightened woman, afraid to keep up her strength and be healthy simply because she wants to be skinny like these photoshopped bitches is easier to control! She is easier to manipulate! Keep a woman focussed on her weight, and it's easier to let other BS slide right by her! It's why young women's grades start dropping at puberty; they are completely BOMBARDED & DISTRACTED by the need to appear "perfect" !!!)

    Come on! MAKE IT STOP!
    Or in another generation, we will all need to look like prepubescents just to get some arrogant, self-entitled ignorant man to even GLANCE at us!
    WE are the only ones who can fight it!
    Fucking hell!!!

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    Hey, perez, no matter how many times a day you post about Beyonce/Jay z, they will never be your friends, so give it up already.

  6. 6

    Bah ha ha! She doesn't look anything like this! What a joke!

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    Re: Brainiac – Great posts. I'm sick of the apathy as well. The really sad part is that the biggest misogynists out there are women. Women like Beyonce.

  8. happyrockafellah says – reply to this


    PHOTOSHOPPPPPPPPPP! this monkey is queer and so is her ON THE DOWN LOW ”husband”!!! beyonce wants to be white!! her flop superbowl performance was the final nail. can't wait for her flop tour!!!! :-)

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    Well…on a lighter note lol She looks good. Love the hair and make up. That red dress is so pretty.

  10. 10

    Photoshop aside, she looks beautiful. I love this style on her. She really has a stunning face.

  11. SAMSASH says – reply to this


    Its so hilarious how perez is trying to make the bore that is beyonce way more than what she is……..Darling beyonce wasn't and will never be queen…….there is only one queen bitch………and you know who that is

  12. barb says – reply to this


    You do realize that this picture is not accurate…did you not see her at the Superbowl?…At the SB she had to have at least two sets of spanks on and elastic stockings to boot.That's why she did all that prancing around, it was the only way she could move. I'm so tired of looking at pictures of this woman, talk about overkill.

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    Heck, I have not a copy of Vogue in years, it weighs so darn much with ads that I can barely lift it. Anyway most of the fashion seems to be geared to folks in NYC and a few other select places on the East Coast. I live in a suburb of LA and we are much more casual here. Sure I will wear a nice outfit to go to nice restaurant, but it is not going to be a dress.