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One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Indulges In Some Front Row PDA With Girlfriend At Fashion Week

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louis tomlinson and girlfriend topshop unique fashion show london fashion week louis tomlinson eleanor calder topshop unique front row(1)

One Direction has finally made it to the top! Or the front row, at least…

1D's Louis Tomlinson was spotted canoodling with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder FRONT ROW at Topshop Unique's A/W 2013 fashion show during London Fashion Week on Sunday.

He looked quite dapper in his dark pants, white tee, and Topman jacket with leather lapels. Meanwhile, Eleanor looked equally chic in her grey jumpsuit that featured sheer sides and sleeves.

Even though Louis seemed to be in a happy mood watching the show and cuddling up to his GF, Eleanor was less than impressed with being in the spotlight.

Hmm, guess she's going to have to get used to it. After all, her honey is in the hottest boy band right now!

To see more pics of their front row PDA sesh, look (below)!

And yes, that is Kate Bosworth sitting next to them!

[Image via Karl Piper/Lia Toby/WENN.]

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20 comments to “One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Indulges In Some Front Row PDA With Girlfriend At Fashion Week”

  1. 1DH8R says – reply to this


    He looks more feminine that she does, definitely stuck in the closet.

  2. Brooklynn says – reply to this


    You know what I don't understand? Why do people click on a website about someone they hate? That really doesn't make sense to me. Do you hate them that much to show your spending enough time to comment about them. Clearly you have nothing better to do then spend time hating THEM, the people you apparently HATE… Oh well i still don't understand, and i never will… LOVE YOU LOUIS! XD

  3. Stef says – reply to this


    Are you sure that isn't his sister? They look exactly the same

  4. 4

    I thought he was the gay one….

  5. david says – reply to this


    these 1D guys all look so gay. and i am gay myself. just sayin'.

  6. david says – reply to this


    dude looks like a lady.

  7. haylee says – reply to this


    I still think Louis' in the closet along with Harry. i mean come on it's been a while since anything about Louis and Eleanor have been around now there in a very PUBLC place. Have you seen the video of El and Lou and there taking pics then Lou takes El's hand and leaves without looking back her or telling her they were going. You would think being in a relationship for what A YEAR he would look at her at least once. BUT WITH HARRY HE GRABS HIS WAIST AND THEY TRY TO TOUCH EACHOTHER WHEN THERE NOT EVEN NEXT TO EACHOTHER. YOU ARE BLIND TO WHAT YOU HEAR, LISTEN TO WHAT YOU SEE ~ LS

  8. Rio says – reply to this


    Oh c´mon! that guy is sooo GAY! really you just have to laugh

  9. Jane says – reply to this


    Oh he's feminine because he wears a tuxedo jacket. He is gay because he has a girlfriend. He is DEFINITELY stuck in the closet with Harry, even though he denies it in EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW and he NEVER shows any sign of being gay with Harry. tThere is a thing called photoshop. Every picture of "Larry" is either photoshop or a "taken at the right moment picture". Every thing isn't what it looks like on the internet. Don't you think they would have been holding hands in interviews or showing some kind of affection other than friendship? THINK PEOPLE.

  10. Stacy says – reply to this


    Re: Jane – Thank you

  11. Mary Ann says – reply to this


    Are you kidding? Eleanor loves that spotlight and is almost always on the lookout for a camera. Louis's hand looks more manly then ever when on her knobby knee.

  12. Harry loves LOUIS says – reply to this


    Re: Jane – You're actually a fucking idiot. He has never ONCE NOT ONCE said "we are not in a relationship. we are not gay". NOT FUCKING ONCE! And no, they aren't Photoshopped, they're all real and it's ALL THE TIME. They're in love. No signs of being gay with Harry? Are you fucking for real? THEY'VE POINT BLANK SAID THEY WERE DATING, YOU BRAIN-DEAD TWIT! You need to just accept it and deal with it.

  13. sam says – reply to this


    OMG thatz so cute: )

  14. Directioner4Ever says – reply to this


    I love them so much. As long as Louis and the lads are happy, that's all that should matter.

  15. Haley says – reply to this


    When have they ever once siad they were dating? You know i never recall them saying that. Im a HUGE directioner…i have seen EVERY interveiw of them and they both have said they are sick and tires of the "Larry" situration. Need help? Heres a link to the video… you people should watch this. Just an option.

  16. Gabby says – reply to this


    If they havent said they were gay then then dont you think that means something? You said it yourself. The said they arent in a relationship and they arent gay. Your comback backfired my friend.

  17. Anonymous Directioner says – reply to this


    if you cant see the love between those two boys you're mentally disabled or in denial. there is so much evidence, its kind of ridiculous. they are constantly outted by family friends, and THEMSELVES. elounor is obviously fake. they dont even hold hands like a normal couple. everything they do is stiff. you cant even say louis doesnt like PDA. he was kid who starred in plays at his school, he likes attention. and he did have a gf , hannah who he had no problem kissing and hugging publicly. but then he met harry who he cant seem to keep his hands off of in public. i mean come on open your eyes and mind.

  18. lovatic says – reply to this


    i honestly thought he was a female when I first saw him…… maybe it is his eyes

  19. Kaylee says – reply to this


    Okay, don't get me wrong. Im a HUGE directioner, but i think i know why so many people don't like One Direction. Now it might be they just don't like their music, but i think it's the fan base that makes people mad. If someone says ONE little thing about 1D they go CRAZY! Random person: "i just don't care for their music". Directioner: "OMG HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT? YOU DONT KNOW THEM LIKE I DO! YOU NEED TO STOP BREATHING AND JUMP OFF A CLIF. I NEVER WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICE AGAIN. YOUR A TERRIBLE PERSON OMFG"! When i hear that im just like this -_- STAHP.And this is why we can't have nice things.

  20. jfsdlka says – reply to this


    well I love how they look!! and JUST AS AN FYI HE IS NOT GAY… I already talked to my friends (we who are gay) and we agreed that the gay on is HARRY come have you known louis? he loves boobs since he was in school so shut up… now harry he is really gay, just because a guy is feminine does not make him gay… ok? there is a lot of guys like that that ARE NOT gay… SO SHUT THE FUCK UP